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'Today' Show

Opened Lindsay's Eyes

About Dina

11/17/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan now thinks her mom is part of the reason she's in the state she's in, and Lindsay's wake-up call was Dina Lohan's appearance on the "Today" show.

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ Lindsay told her mom not to go on "Today" last week.  When Dina defied her and yakked with Matt Lauer, Lindsay was "furious."

Our sources say ever since the interview Lindsay has been wary of her mom and is beginning to understand her antics are part of the reason she has so many problems.  The flip side, sources say, is that Lindsay is beginning to realize Dina's demonization of Michael is not a true picture -- that both parents share the blame.

Lindsay, we're told, is impressed with her dad's seeming sincerity in reaching out.



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Tom Jones    

Too bad it has taken Lindsay so long to have a moment of clarity about her A-hole mom. Let's hope it extends to her A-hole dad as well and develops into a larger realization that they are both toxic piles of S h it. Maybe then she can get clear of them and their toxic leech behaviors.

1434 days ago


I hope Lindsay can overcome the problems she's been having. I don't understand why so many want to see her end up an overdose victim.

1434 days ago


She's a bad seed

1434 days ago


OMG... She finialy gets it? How many times has she been told by people? Her father is a nut job, but truly cares for her, all while her mom loves her but uses her for her own fame and money. Well atleast now her eyes is open and she can go forward and heal.

1434 days ago


GOOD...I wish more kids saw through the parent that belittled the other. HEAR THAT KATHY MILLER KAUFMAN! I think that she needs family counseling and her mother nixing it should be a red flag for Lindsay

1434 days ago


John-If anyone's a chickensh*t it's YOU! Talking trash aobut Lindsay just to make yourself feel like a big man, Im not going to where you live because it would be a waste of my time, i'd much rather send one of my friends in high places to torture you instead(since your idol is probably Osama Bin Laden, getting them to do it would be a cakewalk), so if you don't want to be in excruciating and seemingly never-ending pain, I would strongly suggest you GTFO while you still have the chance! If you don't, then you'll be wishing you were NEVER born! Oh I can just see the look on your ugly face when you're being tortured!

1434 days ago

LA Native    

Threatening torture online is not a real bright idea, darkrage. By the name you use, and your constant childish profanity ridden name calling you show us that you are an irresponsible child, nothing more. Grow up.

1434 days ago


@darkrage -

you are correct, I am not a real man. I'm a woman, duh! Geez...really? Is it that hard to figure out.

@La Native

You can tell he's just a 12 year old on his Mommy's computer based on his butchering of the English language, his horrible spelling, and the way he calls people names like an immature child not getting his way. Either that, or he has Little Man's syndrome who can act like a bigger man because he's behind a keyboard and no one can tell that he's 5'2".

1434 days ago


I'm hoping Darkmange DOESN'T go away or stop ranting.... it's the best facet of this site lately. I am disappointed though, that it hasn't hemorrhaged much poison toward me today... I must not be trying hard enough. Here, I'll turn it up a little:

Hey Darkmange - menstruate much? Lindsay does.... and her fluids are worth more than gold - or cocaine. Ask Clam Ronson - she'll confirm.

1434 days ago


@darkrage..... you know the funny thing is my friend ... I do know what I am talking about.

1434 days ago


LA Native-I'm not the one trashing Lindsay every chance I get, you're prbobaly just some loser wannabe good-for-nothing gang-banger who will likely be dead soon. ilovegossip-you're a woman eh? Then i'm guessing your not much of one, you're just a stupid b*tch who dosen't know jacksh*t! Broheem-You're just completely brain dead, there's really no other possible explanation.

1434 days ago


@ Delmar --- what the hell are you talking about? You said: "I think it is highly irresponsible to claim to know a family's dynamic based on public impressions of them in articles or interviews. I do think Dina should go to therapy..."

One minute you go on and on about how you know so much about Michael, Lindsay and Dina and the next minutre you say it is highly irresponsible to claim to know a family's ...bla bla bla. What drug are you taking? I mean ... really?

I think you need to take a real long break from this website and get a life. You go on and on like an insider and beleive me brother, you do not have a clue.

1434 days ago


Ernie-If ANYONE should take a break from this site, it's YOU! You act like you're all-knowing and never wrong, whne you couldn't be further form the truth, why the hell are you on a gossip site like TMZ in the first place? Seriously you might as well posting already as you're only embarassing yourself.

1434 days ago


Hooray! The girl may stand a chance in life if she can break free of Dina Denial. Not a big fan of Michael's either but Dina has tried her best to ruin Lindsay's relationship with him, which is wrong. They ALL need to go to counseling (to quote Michael) in order to learn how to interrelate in a much more respectful manner.

1434 days ago


Good deal. She'll be back on track. Stay strong LiLo

1434 days ago
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