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Kate Middleton

The High Cost of Royal Divorce

11/17/2010 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince William can't protect the royal fortune with a simple prenup -- those docs aren't legally totally binding in the U.K. -- which means if Willy ever divorces Kate Middleton ... she could own half of the kingdom.

Here's the deal -- we're not insinuating the marriage is doomed ... but if things go awry, money could be a HUGE issue ... due to the fact that Will's grandma is reportedly worth around $450 million.

We've spoken with multiple legal experts who specialize in U.K. family law -- who tell us prenups have been considered virtually worthless, due to the fact that English law was based upon the idea that a married couple should be together for life and their property should be shared.

Translation -- from the second a couple is married, they're each entitled to half of the couple's wealth ... unless a judge decides the traditional 50/50 arrangement is unfair. 

Now there is a catch -- The Supreme Court of the U.K. recently made a landmark decision honoring a multi-million dollar prenup ... and the ruling could change the laws regarding divorce agreements forever.

So what does that mean for William??? The experts tell us he'll probably get a prenup anyway -- just to be safe ... but whether the marriage survives or not, being in the Royal family definitely pays off.


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All the best to a beautiful couple. Dianna would be proud.

1438 days ago


leave them alone,they are made to be together,she deserves to be a princess.

1437 days ago

Sue Donohue    

I don't believe the queen is worth $450 million. As she is the queen all her belongings are inherited and I think they actually belong to England. They are not personal items eg: various crowns, jewellery, painting, antiques etc.. They are relics that have been passed down from king to queen to king etc... I think !!

1437 days ago


It is very unfair for Harry, what is left for him?
As well as being a bad luck item due to the previous owner ended divorced, if you want to share part of something belonging to your mother is only fair to think of your brother.
The ring is big enough to be split in two and reshaped to something different and unique
They were enough rocks to share between the two

1435 days ago


Except that the British royal family counts as an exception to a great many laws. If it were to come down to it, I'm pretty sure that Parliament would intervene to keep the Crown Jewels and available titled holdings out of the hands of a divorce settlement. Not to mention that William is unlikely to be in control of most of the assets for a very long time, by which time she'll be queen anyway.

1435 days ago


what a lot of morons here. The vast wealth of the Queen belongs to The Crown, and stays with The Crown. It's completely untouchable. She has private wealth, but it's not on the Brunei or Saudi level of billions. And it's "Her Majesty", not "her royal highness". (O'Canada is a pompous idiot) If Kate Middleton ever does become Queen, it will be as William's Consort, not Queen Catherine VI. My guess is that the monarchy will be gone before William ever gets a chance, anyway. Great Britain will become a republic.... folks just don't warm up to the idea of Charles and Camilla on the throne.

1435 days ago

john kelly    

Don't do it.....Look what happened to Paul McCartney

1432 days ago


God, can Harvey be any more stupid? Hate to tell you this, but Pre-Nups were legalized last year by the UK government. TMZ-FAIL!!

1284 days ago


what a horrible post. Why would you think they would divorce. Ppl should let them tend to their business and stay out of their life.

769 days ago
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