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Mark Ballas: Why Democrats Are Voting for Bristol ...

11/17/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Ballas claims he and Bristol Palin aren't just backed by Republicans -- and last night dude explained that all sorts of Democrats have pledged their support for the "Dancing" duo because of four specific reasons.



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Way to go Mark Ballas. I do not know who was asking the questions but they re D...S... Liberals get real, Bristol is relateable and has definitely the most improved. Mark named dancers in the past who have stayed in who were by far not the best dancers. Get a life Democrats, this is the way the show is every season not just when Sarah Palin's daughter is on. For the record, I am not a tea partier, for the record!!!!!

1393 days ago


The Repubes will be stuffing the ballot boxes just like for Mama Griz. Trailer trash and mindless xenophobes have put their weight behind the most vapid self-promoter to ever come down the pike. Go back to Alaska and care for your baby.

1393 days ago


For the idiots saying to keep politics out of this, how do you think Bristol got on the show? Of course it's all about the politics, or else they would just pull any old piece of trailer trash from Alaska and put them front and center.

1393 days ago


It was refreshing tonight to see Bristol and Mark meet Mr. Karma. Mark bought into the "Bristol the pistol" rhetoric and I hope the smack upside his head was a resounding one! Week after week of being in LAST PLACE they both knew they should of been home watching the show. I still can not believe he put that bigun' in a gorilla suit. Fun is fun, but that was just plain unattractive!! I was so happy she was out, I danced the pasodoble with my daughter as I cheered ridiculously loud. Only then did I realize how happy I was for the demise of the baby media whore. She got paid anyway. $250G's will buy a lot of Pampers. Unless they using bear skin in Wasilla. LOL!

1392 days ago


Here's one for Mark Ballas at least he's got some brains. Listen,the more the Palin haters holler and beller, the better the Tea Party looks to a lot of people, they aren't for either Rep or Dems, just people in general, wanting a better America. Mark said it right, Bristol did improve for not being a professional or into show biz, she did an excellent job. And of course, politics must've come into play, after all she's the daughter of someone so many of the bloggers are so afraid of. Why else would you be so insulting?? HA !!! makes me laugh to see such stupidity and such arrogance But,cry to see such hatred.

1390 days ago


Mark is not smart. At the end of the video he made it sound like Drew Lachey winning was a scam.

1324 days ago
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