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FBI's Cam Newton Probe Expands to Auburn Booster

11/17/2010 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The FBI investigation into the cash for Cam Newton scandal now involves a guy who gave more than $1 million to Auburn University ... and was recently arrested in a bribery sting.

Cam Newton Scandal Investigation
According to sources connected to the probe ... FBI agents looking into the Newton recruiting controversy are also asking about Milton McGregor -- a dog track owner arrested last month for allegedly bribing Alabama politicians to vote pro gambling.

We're told agents asked someone connected to the Newton case if he was familiar with McGregor or the bribery scandal.

It's unclear what, if any, direct connection McGregor has to Newton. Back in 2008, McGregor did donate a million bucks toward construction of a new arena at Auburn.

McGregor did not return a call for comment.

UPDATE 4:00PM PST: Milton McGregor's attorney tells TMZ his client has "never had any contact – direct or indirect – with Cam Newton, Cecil Newton, Cam’s father; Kenny Rogers or anyone purporting to represent Cam Newton."  He also says McGregor has never compensated student athletes at Auburn or any other school.

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Turn out the lights, the party's over.

1401 days ago

Jim McDade    

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” - Mark Twain

TMZ and others are running with unsubstantiated rumors and innuendo, but Cam will be cleared to play and it is clear that no NCAA rules have been violated.

1401 days ago

Bama Mom    

First of all, I was raised in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama and have been a Bama fan my entire life. You have to be from the South to understand our "Football Religion". With that said, I have spent my entire life watching Auburn try to "one-up" Bama. They are NEVER out to win a championship, Heisman, or anything else. Their only purpose is to beat ALABAMA. Cam Newton is a da*n good ball player, but he is a role model to all the young kids who look up to him and want to play college ball like him. He has to be a better example for the kids. Taking money is not the ETHICAL thing to do, neither is taking laptops, turning in papers that are not yours. Also, anyone who wants to stand up and say Cecil Newton didn't do it cause he is a preacher. I call BULL****, preacher or not. They do make mistakes!!! ROLL TIDE ROLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

1401 days ago


Well were do I begin, first of all WAR EAGLE!!!! you know Auburn is always gonna get dragged through the mud doesn't matter what College team wants to run there mouth, it's just funny how it all comes about when Auburn only has a good season, if this were all true then why not bring it up last year, oh no just wait till there having a wonderful, season and then slander the crap out of the Univerisity and there star player, it is also funny how it all starts to die down, and then some stupid idiot wants to talk about stealing, cheating and taking money, oh please has anthing been proven, NO, so until there is something throwed out on the table that shows any evidence, then keep your mouth shut.

1401 days ago


"You could be a winner too!"

1401 days ago


TMZ here is your background on Jody Wright (graduate assistant at Alabama) being investigated as original source of Cam Newton leak. He was in same position at MSU during the recruitment of Newton. http://bit.ly/c5loP4

1401 days ago


You actually believe Auburn fans wouldn't say anything if Alabama were the party in question? Especially to this magnitude? Rofl, You're living in a Parallel universe or in complete denial about the whole situation. Maybe a little of both. I'll explain the theory of Chaotic Inflation to you Aubies at Knowledge 101 tomorrow morning.

1401 days ago


TMZ is a JOKE! This is NOT real news - this is simply a light weight bulletin board. The Cam Newton deal is real simple. IF his father solicited AND received money, he is dirty and Cam and Auburn have problems. IF not, the father should sue the pants off the mental midgets who are jumping to speculative conclusions. So, either put finger prints and taped calls on the table or let's move on. The guy has enormous talent. LOTS of agendas from lots of places!

1401 days ago


It seems to me that TMZhas not convinced me or anyone else out there that they have one shread of evidnce here but still they report somthing so incredible that we think WOW but yeah right the FBI leaked this story that involves a criminal investigation into Milton McGreggor's activities which because he donated money to the new arena,then he must be involved with he CAM story...YEAh don't you think that would have come up when the story first broke..not to bright!! TRY AGAIN.

1401 days ago


#2 they are getting paid. a free college education that many are too stupid to take advantage of

1401 days ago


This would explain why the FBI has been involved since they were already taping McGregor's phone lines for other reasons. I too had already heard this but with all that has come out thus far, it does not surprise me at all. As a Bama fan, I honestly feel bad for the AU fans and the other 97 members of the AU football team who will suffer.

1401 days ago


Just so you know...TMZ was the fist to put the article out about Tiger Woods...so it isn't always BS.

1401 days ago

Reality Check    

It has been interesting to watch the Auburn loyalists delve deeper and deeper into denial as this story has unfolded. They simple refuse to even entertain the idea that there could be a major bombshell here. The bottom line is, if the FBI is involved in this investigation, it IS a serious issue and they will overturn every rock to get to the bottom of it. Probably not good if you're an Auburn fan. If it walks like a duck, and it squawks like a duck, it's a duck... More important, the entire matter is a black eye for the SEC and college athletics.

1401 days ago

hog smoker    

I predict that AU is going to get the death penalty!!!

1401 days ago


I hope Cam's not guilty. I'm planning on taking my kids to sit in his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas! He's my Hero. I heard that when Cam was a little boy, he made his mother eat all her vegetables. Go Cam Go!

1401 days ago
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