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Randy Jackson Goes Nuts Over Michael's Album

11/18/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson went on a tear on Twitter Wednesday night, swearing some of the songs on Sony's upcoming Michael Jackson album are fake.


Jackson tweeted, "Some of the songs are him, and some aren't.  I would be [sic] my life on that ... I know this may seem harsh, but this is the truth, as I know it..."

Pretty much every expert who has analyzed the tracks says the voice is MJ's, but Randy is undeterred.

And he gets conspiratorial:  "But what's worse then [sic] harsh is that my brother isn't here, and ll these people are more concerned about making money off his death...They could care less about why and how he died, or maybe they already know."

Randy also claims co-executor John McClain "didn't care about the quality or how complete the vocals were."


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Randy, Jermaine and LaToya worked as children, performing, and Joe saved their money so that when they became adults they had money. They continue to receive royalties for their music, their DVD's, television appearances, etc. Randy helped compose music with Michael. So now if you don't see them out always hustling its because while you were jumping rope they were working. Notice how none of them ever needed to sue their parents for having taken their money like so many other child stars did? Give Joe some credit. Randy just gave a sick child $60......,000. of his own money for treatment. Maybe they can afford to retire now.

Posted at 7:52 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by cheryl

Yes. You are right. And really, none of anyone´s business! People are just too rude. Saw one here calling Randy Jackson, a man in his fourties, "son" - you might as well have said "boy". Nuff said.
This thread infuriates me. People´s comments infuriate me.
I´d better stay away. >-(

1403 days ago


Please go read Randy's tweets without the TMZ angle. He also states (as does Karen Faye) that Branca and McClain did not attend Michael's burial. THAT concerns me. Karen Faye also tweets that Michael wanted indeed to sever all ties with Sony.

Randy's reflection makes sense. Breaking news is simply not good, regardless of how much of it is Michael. Does that mean they just can't put together even one album with high quality Michael Jackson music? What did they pay 250 mill. dollars for?

Let me add: Randy is not an attention seeker. Jermaine and Joe are the true attention seekers of the family. Janet shines on her own, and you rarely hear of Rebbie and Marlon. Tito plays a modest gig from time to time, just being himself, for which I respect him. I don't know what Jackie is about.

I miss Michael. I wish he had gone about his comeback another way - just one concert for starters, to feel the waters, with just a few spectacular numbers. He would have survived that, and then built up his confidence for more - and no one, if that was what happened, would have been able to push him over the edge.

1403 days ago

Lady Carolyn    

What is this all the Jackson klan what to jump on the my brother thing so they get into the spotlight for minute of fame too. All of them need to stop play my brothe thing and get a life of their own. See they are not famous like Micheal was and they just riding the gravy train of their dead brother. That is sad.

1403 days ago


It was John McClain who first realized that tracks weren't Michael. He heard it from the beginning.

1403 days ago


he is one angry Jackson. he is frustrated for being left out. he complained about everything. he trashed Oprah while his own kids were on the show. he wants to controle his brother's estate and nobody cares about him. he is so frustrated that no wonder he has heart problem. he needs to cool off otherwise he will be next to join his brother on the other side.

1403 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

The Jackson family is pretending to be upset and palnting lies in th emedia to not show the real issue. Mother Jackson asked for more money so what the lawyers did was release abulms, let music be played on radio staions so that money can come in. Do you hear her still complaining now?

1403 days ago


Tried to post this immediately after R's tweets, but "We are experiencing technical difficulties... [SIC] (lol)", so couldn't post (although could access and refresh the page to read added comments, just fine)

*** Let's see about... now ***


What? I posted a link directly to his tweet while he was still there, in the article before this one, not an hour ago.

I JUST came here DIRECTLY from Randy's last tweet -- "Thank You. Goodnight." -- literally not two whole seconds ago, yet your article seems to imply that he finished tweeting, yet you had posted NINE MINUTES BEFORE he made his closing statement, let alone post this as if you put this article up YESTERDAY.

"Wednesday night" Ok. Yes...accurate, but still had more then an hour before the day was even over - more then 3 if you're on the west

Randy Jackson's Twitter - 11/17/10

Oh, and little TMZ spinner 'Blondie' - [sic], much? - TOO much of a challenge to copy/paste direct quotes, apparently.

"Went on a tear...[SIC]... ", did he. Hardly. Though, you're attempt to "report" his demeanor as such, seems to come off a bit like offended FOR Sony...maybe? Just sayin' .. spins being what they are an' all ;o)

**sigh** Missed a *few* classes, eh: ... "all" is spelled with an A before the two l's.

Really. Who's your daddy.




Now, what...

Harvey had which ever idiot change the pic since last night - to one much worse for good measure........

But, left the rest the same?... as *that* part was [sic] written [sic] IS just [sic]+ misspelling... is just fine.

**lol**... m'k.

1403 days ago


Where is the FBI?

1403 days ago


Please go read Randy's tweets without the TMZ angle. He also states (as does Karen Faye) that Branca and McClain did not attend Michael's burial. THAT concerns me. Karen Faye also tweets that Michael wanted indeed to sever all ties with Sony.

Posted at 8:02 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by aston


Hi aston

As far as Branca not attending the funeral, I believe it was because his Mother had passed away. If I am incorrect about this please let me know.

I understand also that various people have stated that Michael wanted to sever all ties with Sony BUT, if that was the case then why was it Sony who was paying for the time spent in the recording studio when Michael was in Ireland???

1403 days ago


Hi Mimi,

I don't know anything about Branca's mother passing, but that would of course be a very legitimate reason for not attending MJ's funeral. I don't know about who paid for the rec0rding time in Ireland either - that studio belonged to the landlord, did it not? - but I don't doubt Karen Faye's statement. So maybe either Sony did not pay, or Michael had no choice.

1403 days ago


Some say it was Mottola that Michael despised, some say it was Sony. It is all so confusing and seems there is no clear cut answer for anything regarding Michael. Sigh..

Even Randy's Tweets left me confused.

1403 days ago


I'm going to guess that your following post is sparked from Randy's "We are Family" (parroting Janet at the awards, nearly word-for-word)......

Rabid fans were trying so HARD to manipulate everyone to embrace the Jackson leeches & talk show hosts Oprah, etc. Barbara Walters says she was "close to the Jacksons".
MJ trusted Princess Diana too. We all know what happened to the Bashir love.
Katherine made the kids Jehovah Witnesses quickly. After all, the bitch was selling bibles door to door the day her cash cow, uh, son died. She made sure that Oprah knew she was a humble, smart, uniting, healing, pious caring mother who was "shocked" by his death.
She already pressured Prince to kiss the leeching sons of Randy & Jermaine. Oprah with fake enthusiasm, bowed down to Jermajesty & Prince was like "is this how the Jacksons receive special treatment?"

Posted at 7:15 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by aq


MOF I think this is a fine place to interject THIS bit of insight into "We are Family" member "Saint KJ"...from the next to last page of the "Katherine's Secret Contract" thread right here at Good 'ol TMZ...

Read on, folks....


My apologies for not posting this reply sooner. I finally had the opportunity to review the contract between Vintage Pop Media Music, LLC (Howard Mann) and Katherine Jackson. Herein are my impressions and interpretations of the “Performance Agreement” signed and dated by each party on February 3, 2010.

Let me tell you upfront there are a multitude of problems with this contract. Some areas are in point of fact contradictory. We could literally go line-for-line highlighting issues. For those of you not wanting to weigh into a long post, the bottom line is the estate will challenge Howard Mann and Henry Vaccaro over their claim to rights of the memorabilia in their possession (my guess is in the new year) and the estate will win as the law does not support the Mann/Vaccaro assertions. The courts will then rule by entering into the aforementioned contract Howard Mann and Katherine Jackson contravened the estate’s position. This obviously hurried agreement is about greed and a way for the parties involved to make a quick buck before the estate comes and shuts them down.

Understand this contract was not drafted by an attorney. The choice of language and wording and construction are a dead giveaway. (That fact does not make the agreement between the parties any less valid, for now, however it is telling.) In Section WAIVERS, Part 36, Katherine Jackson attests “I have sought the advice of council in this matter or herein waive my rights thereto.” If the latter portion of her declaration is true and Katherine Jackson chose to “waive my rights [to council] thereto” she is gravely misguided. If Katherine Jackson “sought the advice of council” it certainly was not legal council. I PROMISE you there is NO WAY that Adam Streisand (Katherine Jackson’s council of record) would have allowed her to enter into such an agreement. Mr. Streisand is a highly competent attorney and Katherine Jackson would be wise to avail herself of his council. Frankly, due to her actions I will not be the least bit surprised if Mr. Streisand files to remove himself as Katherine Jackson’s council of record come the new year.

One chief reason the courts will nullify this agreement when the estate takes legal action against Vintage Pop Media Music, LLC and Howard Mann (and they absolutely will - bet on it) is because Katherine Jackson entered into said agreement asserting authority she does not legally have. Under Section GRANT OF RIGHTS, Parts 9 and 10, Katherine Jackson grants Vintage Pop Media Music, LLC the exclusive right to “(9) use, commercialize and exploit for the purposes of profiting, the name, likeness, images, materials, and any intangible assets not governed herein in conjunction and in combination with the programming and related assets contemplated herein. (10) KJ hereby waives any inherent rights to privacy and grants VPM the exclusive right to produce, promote, market, sell, trade and generally commercialize the content it records, without limitation thereto, providing payments are made as laid out herein.” This is a problem and the courts will jump on it. Whomever drafted this agreement attempted to be clever in their wording but they missed their mark in a BIG way. (If you have more questions about this aspect of the contract just ask and I will expound further.) In sum, Katherine Jackson does NOT legally have the authority to commercialize and exploit Michael Jackson’s name or likeness, et cetera for profit.


Vintage Pop Media Music, LLC, agrees to pay Katherine Jackson 25% of the net profits derived from the “exploitation efforts” (their words) of VPM and guarantees Katherine Jackson a minimum payment of $10,000.00 each month. In addition to her monthly share of the profits Katherine Jackson will be compensated at the rate of $5,000.00 per day for making any media or promotional appearances to promote the VPM endeavor (plus travel, security and other expenses at their [VPM’s] discretion.) For example in June 2010 Katherine Jackson returned to Gary, IN to commemorate the one year anniversary of Mr. Jackson’s death. For this appearance she was paid $5,000.00 for each day she was there, plus travel expenses and 25% of the profits generated by the Gary, IN event or $10,000.00 whichever amount was greater; For her Oprah interview about her book, Katherine Jackson was paid an additional $5,000.00 by VPM. You get the idea.

In the agreement Katherine Jackson and Mr. Jackson’s minor children are collectively referred to as “The KJ Party.” Not only does Katherine Jackson agree that she will make herself available to promote the VPM projects, she commits the children as well. Under SPECIFIC TERMS, Parts 13 and 14, Katherine agrees “The KJ Party will appear in person to promote the program as required” and upon the mutual consent of VPM and Katherine Jackson, “The KJ Party will conduct further interviews, promotional materials and marketing related efforts, including but not limited to television appearances, radio interviews, magazine interviews and any news media association or affiliation as required.” I know many of you will read this and be understandably appalled at the idea of the children in the media spotlight given Mr. Jackson’s longstanding distain for the media and his well-do***ented desire that his children be afforded their privacy. It is a valid concern. However, what is more disturbing is NOWHERE in this contract are the children financially compensated for their time, efforts, or participation in the VPM project(s). Katherine Jackson is compensated and receives 25% of the profits, but the children, either collectively or individually, do not receive a dime.

Regardless of any personal feelings you may have on the subject of Mr. Jackson’s children (I know from reading your posts opinions are wide and varied) this contract irrefutably shows Katherine Jackson is not above using Mr. Jackson’s children for the purposes of promoting and generating profits for “her” business ventures.


The PDF posted by TMZ contains two copies of the “Performance Agreement” one witnessed, the other not. One of you noted in your post the contract is dated February 2009. You are correct, and the copyright on the bottom of each page also says 2009. I believe this is in fact a typo and NOT a “renewal” of an agreement originally drawn 2009. I really cannot emphasize enough how poorly this do***ent is put together. For all the problems in this do***ent THIS is actually the least of them. What I did notice was the seal. Magnify your version of the PDF and look closely at the sworn affirmation on the last page (page 12 of the TMZ PDF.) The contract unquestionably states it was executed under seal on the 3rd day of February. Now look at the seal which is clearly dated 25th day of February.

I will check back tomorrow if there are any follow up questions.

Be well all,

Mjuls, Esq.

**DISCLAIMER: The information expressed is not intended to substitute for professional legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. You should accept legal advice only from a licensed legal professional with whom you have an attorney-client relationship.

As a matter of record I state I am in no way affiliated with the Estate of Michael Jackson.

Posted at 12:55 PM on Nov 15, 2010 by mjuls


The same KJ that, wasn't it Randy, that said he was so angry at KJ for the O interview as he was left out of notification that it was going to take place? That if he had known he would have stopped it? Weren't we to assume that he was offended FOR "his brother. May he rest in peace."

Yet, in his tweet last night, it's now ALL on Oprah that this took place?? Don't get me wrong.. can't stand O, but but................. really?

"We are Family", alright. As hugely NASTY as Sony/Branca is, they are equally matched by the "We are Family" Jackson's.

MJ didn't stand a chance ANY which way around, from word go.

GET PPB outta there, SOMEbody... and restrict, and supervise visitation from ANY J Clan member, once you do.

Thank you, MUCH.

G'Day, everyone.

1403 days ago


for MARK : u r a real idiot! let MJ alone, u bastard!

1403 days ago

Carlos Barrera    

He goes nuts??? Is that the best you can conclude of his words? Really? You are evil TMZ. The man is speaking the truth! He wants justice! and you mock about it??? F**** U TMZ!!!

1403 days ago
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