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Chris Brown's Judge:

No One's Done

a Better Job

11/18/2010 7:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If probation is a report card, Chris Brown just got an A+.

111810_chris_brown_video_2During a progress report hearing in the Rihanna beating case, the judge said she was blown away by Chris' work ethic, commenting, "No one has ever done a better or more consistent job than you have."

Brown -- who pled guilty to felony assault back in June of 2009 -- only has seven domestic violence sessions left  ... and he's completed 581 hours of community service ... which still leaves 819 hours.


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Good for him. This is what I have to say on this. What he did was wrong. He made a horrible life altering decision. HOWEVER; SHE had a part in this that everyone seems to dismiss because she was a 'battered' woman. In my mind she should have at least taken responsibility for her OWN actions. I personally have been in situations where I have provoked my other half into a horrible fight and fist were flying. IT was both of our faults.I took responsibility for my own actions. THIS wouldn't have been such an issue if they weren't famous huh. i wish him the best. As far as music goes... She is waaay overrated and get over yourself already! WE have.

1402 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Maybe he temporarily set his ****iness aside & realized that people weren't going to buy his albums unless he did something right. I still think he's a punk...

1402 days ago


Thanks for the compliment on my earlier post. To say that he has redeemed himself from having made a "mistake" is nonsense. He goes on tv saying he's "sorry about what transpired, but can't remember that it happened? He lives it up in public clubbing and jetskiing two weeks later. He reads an apology off of a teleprompter, for the sake of his career. He calls "what happened" a mistake and some of you call that redemption. Naked photos of Rihanna were posted after this happened. There's no proof that I'm aware of that he leaked those photos but it is very suspicious.

People need to keep in mind that it is not as if he punched her in the face one time. That of course itself would be terrible, but what he did was way worse. He punched her in the face repeatedly, choked, bit, slammed her head, etc. He continued to beat her even as she curled up in a ball. He prevented her from calling for help. When she said she was going to the cops, that is when he said he would kill her. Read the police do***ent. Does it occur to anyone on here that he might have followed through with that threat if someone else had not called the cops first? It's just good that the whole world can see in pictures and text what really happened. For all the non-thinking Chris Brown fan types out there, it would probably take someone they love (mother, sister, daughter) or even themselves to be victimized like this (by a much bigger man) for a light bulb to go on in their heads, that maybe it is not ok.

1402 days ago

Moe Green    

Once an idiot, always an idiot.

1402 days ago



1402 days ago


people are there congratullating him for something he is forced to do HE ONLY DO IT NOT TO GO TO JAIL AND GET SHANKED AND PENETRATED CAUSE HES A BITCH WHO BEAT WOMENS

REALLY? At least if you are going to sit there and bash someone ... do a spell check!

1402 days ago

PVG can be earned.

1402 days ago


furthermore... for those that trash talk you are probably the first ones to beat the crap outta your girlfriend/boyfriend whatever the case may be. The fact is you are not even remotely famous and no one will ever find out. What a joke. People make mistakes. People are really big behind their computer screens huh! pfft. Stupid is as Stupid Does.

people are there congratullating him for something he is forced to do HE ONLY DO IT NOT TO GO TO JAIL AND GET SHANKED AND PENETRATED CAUSE HES A BITCH WHO BEAT WOMENS


1402 days ago


How big of Rihanna to take such a beating all in the name of the other girlfriend! What a champ! Now let that be a lesson to you women! You have no right to ask questions about your man's sexual adventures! For if you knew, you might not hurt as much! Then, the fun would be OVER!

1402 days ago


Wow, even the Kangaroo COurt Judge is happy, this dude must really be working hard to put it all beihind him. Bravo!

1402 days ago

No Surprise    

Damn Chris, was that B**ch worth all this? Not Rhianna is a Hot Witch on a Stick. I had love for her at one time, but I think she got the devil in her lately.

1402 days ago


BAD JUDGEMENT is using your cell phone in a place you shouldn't. A MISTAKE is when you thought your 1pm appointment was at 11. The words mistake and bad judgement are not applicable to what Chris Brown did.

Yes all of us have made mistakes, especially in our youth. And most of us have used bad judgement on occasion. But hardly any of us have ever beaten someone to a bloody mess, particularly a woman.

1402 days ago


He is still and will always be a man who lost his temper and inflicted a serious beating on another human being, female or not.

1402 days ago


Mistakes made, lessons learned, glad to hear he is making a real effort

1402 days ago


good for him...hope he's learned his lesson but i wouldnt want to serve up my daughter, sister or friend to find out if its for real or not.

1402 days ago
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