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Mel to Oksana: You're Busted over Baby Pics

11/19/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video screen grabs of baby Lucia, shot three days after the confrontation between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- screen grabs that Mel believes prove Oksana is a liar and perjurer.

Mel Gibson Daughter Lucia Photos
Oksana claims in her declaration, during the January 6 showdown, Mel struck her twice, and the second blow grazed Lucia, drawing blood and creating a small abrasion on her chin.

Oksana submitted a photo in the custody case (below) purporting to show Lucia's injury.


But TMZ has obtained screen grabs from a video Oksana sent Mel on January 9 (see top) ... three days after the incident ... which Mel's lawyers claim in court documents show absolutely no evidence of an abrasion.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Mel's lawyers claim Oksana doctored the photo to prove a phantom injury.

And, as TMZ first reported, the day after the confrontation, Oksana took Lucia to her pediatrician, and made no mention of an injury, nor did the pediatrician see one.


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If moron is boring and passe, how about CRETIN?

Posted at 1:20 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by realist"

Works for me - Thanks!

1435 days ago

Shuffle Demon    


Posted at 1:19 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by hellnurse
Larry can't anwser his Phone...Oksana demonstarated her skill of taking the battery out of Larry's Iphone. Like she did to her's that night... now Oksana is showing Larry how glue and tape, and sparkles work...

1435 days ago

Byron Green    

To jls (i don't capitalize replies to morons) you say it was sort of humerous to you?
What Planet are you from your are just as sick as the TROLL who is using the Baby to try and get monnnieee.
This bitch was blowing Mel for Months after this incident why did she not bring it up when this happened knock knock jls is your head as empty as the TROLL'S ! DUH

1435 days ago

Fidel's niece    


Go READ DR Nussbaum's SWORN Statement
TMZ posted a story a week ago.

You are EMBARASING yourself.

1435 days ago


@ Denise

While she assumes the position of caretaker for her child she is idenitfied to the court as herself and her person if she is engaged under direct threat oh physical attack. She voids out her responisibilty and position of herself and her person while she directly places the child in line of exact contact with which she would assume to be protecting from.

By direct action she places the custody of the child on the father as she places the child within his reach, demonstrated by her admission of contact made of her child instead of herself. She allows herself and her person to be maindated into his custody and establishes herself as a trespasser by voiding her obligation to the child living in the house she has entered.

I welcome any corrections.

Posted at 1:31 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by Denise"

Not being a smat-ass here but what does this mean in plain english?

1435 days ago


I am sharing these posts via facebook. If they want a pr war , I guess we should give them one.

1435 days ago


BY MEL'S own admission under oath, he slapped her. He slapped her so hard it jarred loose her veneers. That's hard, I have 20k forth in my own mouth. They literally bond them ON. It would take a large blow to do this.

I'm surprised she didn't drop the baby she was holding at the time he slapped her. He never even considered that. It would have been reactionary and appropriate by most people.

Is it likely the baby had a scratch or injury from it? VERY likely! Perhaps from the porcelain veneer that came out of her mouth. Sharp on several edges-I've held my own in my hand when my dentist showed me all of them before he installed them.

None of you could know any of this. It's not likely you have veneers!

Posted at 1:09 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by JLS"

YIKES -- scary if you are a lawyer....when and where did Mel admitted that he "slapped her so hard" are making crap up

If he did slap her that hard where is the inflammed or swollen lips---

why are you so pro-oksamoronic? maybe she can move in with you and you can be her 43rd lawyer

1435 days ago


Not being a smat-ass here but what does this mean in plain english?

Posted at 1:36 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by Bubba
It means she used the baby as a weapon and or shield

1435 days ago

Fidel's niece    


A New version of I-Phone is
coming out soon -
with PLYERS attached to it
for a quick and
easy battery removal.

"The Ok$ana" phone.

1435 days ago


The baby is very cute. Her eyes look like she is Asian though don't they?

1435 days ago


This is the baby acne photo I believe we've all seen before. Dr. Nussbaum examined her on 1/7 and noted to sign of injury.

Ox will never dig herself out of the mess she has gotten herself into. She is not an honest nor truthful person. This is what greed, lies and bad decisions has gotten her. Pathetic actually.

1435 days ago


Gotta agree with the other poster having this childs pictures all over this post like this is beyond disgusting TMZ.

Now I dunno about you but it's irrelevant to me if the baby has/had a mark or not the SIMPLE fact Mel admitted to hitting Oksana while holding the baby defeats anything he will argue.

Not that I have any experience in hitting a woman holding a child but common sense tells me it's very easy to unintentionally hit the child,The fact that a mark or bruise is left is irrelevant you knowingly ENDANGERED the child when making a conscious decision to hit the woman holding said child.

If a woman is histerical and shaking a child anyone with a brain knows you don't hit/slap them you restrain the woman and explain to her while restraining her that she is harming the child and you will call the police if she don't stop.

This whole defense if you wanna call it that is nothing more then ridiculous no one in their right mind would react to that sitiuation by hitting or slapping the woman. And if you think that it's appropriate conduct to do so I really feel bad for your children. The child easily could have died by the woman reacting to being hit perhaps she dropped the baby and the childs skull hits the floor and is cracked or seriously damaged or maybe the woman lunges away from the hit and the babys head hits the wall when she does.

I mean there way to many scenarios where hitting a woman holding a child could kill or serious harm the child that anyone with common sense would never attempt it.

1435 days ago


When I look at this photo from a professional view point
I see, the same shade of red around the babies upper lip and around her mouth. It is as if someone put an agent to irritate the skin, as the rest of the face is clear. If this is the case the woman is dangerous.

1435 days ago

little aussie reader    

He slapped her so hard it jarred loose her veneers. That's hard, I have 20k forth in my own mouth.

Posted at 1:09 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by JLS

Back from dinner. Ready to go.

JLS I'm sorry to hear that either

a) your oral hygiene wasn't what it should have been


b) you did so many drugs your teeth were worn down to the nubs


c) you had itty bitty baby rats teeth

my commiserations.

1435 days ago

karen lee    

I have had my four FRONT TEETH veneered for twenty years. SEVERAL TIMES, I accidentally struck the FRONT (right) by drinking a coke using a COKE BOTTLE instead of a straw. That taught me to always DRINK WITH A STRAW -- if you want to keep your veneers IN PLACE.

Another time, I was eating a fresh piece of crusty FRENCH BREAD --- and I chewed WITH THE FRONT TEETH OF MY MOUTH ... and my veneer cracked. Easily. For THIS experience, I learned NOT TO BITE FOOD (like apples, crusty hard breads, hard candy, etc) ... WITH MY FRONT TEETH. I have to bite DOWN using my side teeth and molars.

Another time, as I WAS DRIVING

1435 days ago
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