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Emergency at 'Dancing' Over Powder Substance

11/20/2010 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE #2 8:27 PM PT -- A rep for ABC tells TMZ the substance was determined to be talcum powder by the LAFD and adds, "Measures were taken to secure the area and ensure the safety of personnel."

UPDATE #1 8:20 PM PT --
 A rep for the FBI tells TMZ ... "The L.A.P.D., L.A. City and FBI Hazardous Materials officials responded to a report of a threatening letter containing white powder received at CBS Studios in Los Angeles."

The rep continues, "Initial field screening was negative for hazardous substances but will be transported to a regional lab for further testing. A joint investigation is continuing."

Cops and other emergency responders raced to CBS Television City studio late Friday after a white powder substance was discovered by a member of the "Dancing with the Stars" staff ... and sources tell us Bristol Palin may have been the intended target.


Law enforcement sources tell us a powder substance was discovered by a member of the "Dancing" staff ... and sources connected to the show tell us a section of the studio containing "Dancing" offices was evacuated.

1119_hazmat_tmz_2Multiple sources connected to the situation tell us the powder was contained in a piece of fan mail addressed to Bristol Palin.


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I only hope she wins, so this show will end. Just like Howard Stern trying to get everyone to vote for that Sanju kid with the mohawk on American Idol. He clearly was NOT the best singer, but if you could get enough people to vote for him, and he won, the show would be so non-credible that no one would watch. Hope you win fatty so this lame show will be gone.

1403 days ago

Jill Jones    

Obviously, there is a big problem in the voting system for DWTS!!!! The Tea Bag people have let it be known that, they will do everything to get Palin to win. What is wrong with this statement?? I had an idea that the program was rigged after the Soap star beat out the BEST male dancer. But, this is ridiculous! And, what is this she is not being treated like Chelsey Clinton, or the Bush girls?? She is Not a Presidental relative. Only a wannabe for now. God Help us if they are elected. PEOPLE,WISE up.

1403 days ago


Deb 12:07
Bet you run around bible thumping & that your a Christian and pray etc.

Sad to see just in your comment that you like Palin are a religious hypocrite. Christians my a rse. God has no room for the hatred you, Palin and so many spew. You should be ashamed and I truly hope you have no kids, as they learn what they live and they will live a sad life.

1403 days ago

linda krausen    

Just a bunch of low lifes what do you expect?

1403 days ago


There are 3 things in life that will always cause trouble with people.

Sex...Religion....& Politics

The show is called "Dancing With the Star"..."STARS!"
And people in or associated with politics are not stars, and have no place in a show like this...This is becoming a mess because people have very strong views about politics...It needs to stop.
This seasons show did not need this drama...Shame on ABC!!

1403 days ago


What does politic has to do with it. Both sides are stupid. the host is a liberal. So you conservative get over it. On Bristol her fans voted for her. Brandy and Max fans should have voted for them. Max should not fight with the judge and Brandy should be a little more humble. Jennifer Grey was in the bottom when she fought with Derek. She learn her lesson. On the conservative from Laura Bush was involved with a fatal accident does that make her a murderer. Many folks that was not very good dancers were in the top. Jerry Rice, Kelly Osboune and many more. Bristol should not start stuff that Max does not like her, she and Max should dealt with that privately. the dumb person that sending stupid stuff by mail should be arrested. Folks it is Thanksgivings. Be thankful for your health and family. Pray for our leaders and the troops. Sarah Palin say some nutty things should a daughter pay for mother sins. Also how many kids are not award by they parents fame. People get over.

1403 days ago


This was domestic terrorism. The government should start an investigation and shut down on all organizations with a history of anti-Palin rhetoric, starting with MSNBC.

1403 days ago

vote her off    

why are people here defending her she is mean and clueless like her mum, both of them have never said anything smart in their life isn't her papa a professional snow mobile driver, what great parents

1403 days ago


it was probably that guy that shot his tv, when did they let him out?

1403 days ago


this is an conspiracy by bristol palin to get votes...all right wing propaganda

1403 days ago


Ah - that's more of that famous liberal "tolerance" for you.

1403 days ago


What is wrong with people these days? a dummy decides to shoot his TV and now this?

---Now, I am voting for Bristol in spite and I hope she wins. My goodness's a dance competition. Get real.

1403 days ago

Ed Anger    

Bristol is teh hottie

1403 days ago


These pieces of xcrmnt are going to hurt this family and that day this country is going to wake up and I will be there on the streets.

1403 days ago


Bristol never did anything to you people so please stop trying to kill her progressives.

1403 days ago
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