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Emergency at 'Dancing' Over Powder Substance

11/20/2010 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE #2 8:27 PM PT -- A rep for ABC tells TMZ the substance was determined to be talcum powder by the LAFD and adds, "Measures were taken to secure the area and ensure the safety of personnel."

UPDATE #1 8:20 PM PT --
 A rep for the FBI tells TMZ ... "The L.A.P.D., L.A. City and FBI Hazardous Materials officials responded to a report of a threatening letter containing white powder received at CBS Studios in Los Angeles."

The rep continues, "Initial field screening was negative for hazardous substances but will be transported to a regional lab for further testing. A joint investigation is continuing."

Cops and other emergency responders raced to CBS Television City studio late Friday after a white powder substance was discovered by a member of the "Dancing with the Stars" staff ... and sources tell us Bristol Palin may have been the intended target.


Law enforcement sources tell us a powder substance was discovered by a member of the "Dancing" staff ... and sources connected to the show tell us a section of the studio containing "Dancing" offices was evacuated.

1119_hazmat_tmz_2Multiple sources connected to the situation tell us the powder was contained in a piece of fan mail addressed to Bristol Palin.


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You evacuate the building because someone found Bristol's cocaine? ROFLMAO... Or was it her Mom and Dad's and her's while the youngest daughter ejaculates homophobic slur's? Good parents spend time with their daughters so their legs remain closed and the body heart remain full... ~BbB~

1403 days ago


The fake anthrax in the mail trope is so overdone.

1403 days ago


One more time. DWTS airs on ABC. It's produced at the CBS high-def studios in Los Angeles. Yes, ABC rents space from CBS.

1403 days ago


The government should shut down on all anti-Palin rheotoric


Considering 70 percent of the country thinks she's a boob that would be kind of difficult. Even moderate Republicans think she is unqualified. This stunt reminds me of the girl who wrote BO on her face (before the 2008 election) and then was exposed as a nut. I'm not saying Bristol did this because I don't think she did. I think one of her mother's lemmings pulled this stunt.

1403 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

It was tal*** powder so her tree trunk thighs do not rub together as she dances.

1403 days ago


WOW, the loony left is imploding. You all just can't help yourselves anymore.
Love to see what you would do if someone came after YOUR 20 year old kid like you have gone after Bristol Palin.

1402 days ago


This is freaking hilarious! So sources tell you that Bristol Palin may have been the intended target, huh? So who's the dumb-a$$? The person who sent this to CBS? Or TMZ for saying it was sent to CBS when DWTS is taped at ABC? OMFG, c'mon can do better than this! And look how the idiots who posted ran with the ball; most not even noticing the discrepancy.

1402 days ago


Phony powder for a FAKE celebrity and a PHONY dancer. Why don't you be like mommapitbull and QUIT then LIE about it! The beverly heelbillies - Grifters in heels - Affirmative action for Alaskans....

1402 days ago


Was it marked from Alaska? Someone who calls themself a member of one of the many Tea Party organizations probably did it to make Bristol look like a victim of that radical other side.
It was a set up for more fraudulent votes.

1402 days ago



Studio City is a huge facility and it has been used by many different networks over the years.

See the list

1402 days ago


Thats one way to get her off the show....Her clodhopping isn't good enough.....LOL.....

1402 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Geez. Can't you political people be individuals. Left, Right. Liberal, Progessive, Sheep, Sheep, and Sheep.

I doubt the people throwing political terms into their posts even know what the words really mean. (Do not look it up on Wikipedia and pretend you know anything.)

1402 days ago


DWTS should be taken off the air! It's so called voting system is corrupt! The winners and losers are predetermined when the dancers are chosen. They are supposed to be stars and professionals. Who determines who is and isn't a star? Gosselin and Palin were anything but stars. They are people who got notariety from doing questionable things. Don't insult the judgement of the viewers by putting clutzes on saying the are stars.Where is the monitoring of these, socalled, votes? I don't believe what they are telling us. Time for an investigation, or do we all have to shoot our TV's?

1402 days ago


When Tom Delay is on Dancing with the Stars ?

Then Palin's daughter ?

It's clear DWTS is an image maker prop show.

Now, Delay is on trial right now for campaign funds corruption.

Let's see, Delay, then Palin.

I see a pattern here.

I think Dancing with the Stars is a good predictor of who goes to jail next.

First Tom, then Sarah.

Then again, the 7 Texas House representatives Delay got elected with his campaign finance fraud ? ONLY set the stage to get a vote to go to Iraq.

Gee- that's no bid deal is it ?

In the end, Sarah will realize, darn, I LOST IT ALL, I should have been happy with Governor.

1402 days ago


Kids are getting their heads blown off in Afghanistan.

But who cares - Dancing with the STAWWWS is on !


Phony show - phony guests - it's all to distract you from the phony war.

1402 days ago
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