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Eva Longoria -- Crucial Moments with Erin Barry

11/20/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just 3 years ago, Eva Longoria and Erin Barry sat next to each other at a San Antonio Spurs basketball game ... laughing and giggling as if nothing would ever come between them ... and TMZ has the pics.

Eva Longoria Erin Berry

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The pictures are not attached to the post. The one I can see is really troubling. Who can you trust these days? Not a husband and not even a girlfriend.

Honestly, this woman helped herself to Eva's husband. Pretty awful.

1434 days ago


When I first heard of Eva dating Tony Parker I was surprised. But they ended up getting married. So now after 3 years, they are calling it quits? I guess it doesn't surprise me. He is always traveling for BB games. Maybe the Spurs should trade Tony Parker to Detroit.

1434 days ago


So sad. You can't even trust people around your spouse. It takes two for an affair, but it's the female that gives the green light. No doubt that she made the first move, because if Tony hit on her, she could have easily told Eva about it. But, Eva can't bitch too much, because she's kissing and having "sex scenes" with guys with hard-ons on "Desperate Housewives". She can't say that didn't have an affect on her marriage.

1434 days ago


The picture where she's looking at Eva with the smile seems to say "boy! you are such an idiot. I'm banging your ole man and you don't even know it."

1434 days ago

Lex Luthor    

Superman Says: "Eva can't bitch too much, because she's kissing and having "sex scenes" with guys with hard-ons"

Wow! A hard-on for her? Now THAT'S acting!

1434 days ago


Does Erin know something special we don't know about EVA? Maybe Erin had some empathy and pity for Tony.. and helped Tony discover the hidden problem and .. they fell in love?

1434 days ago


Does Erin know something special we don't know about EVA? Maybe pity and helped Tony discover the problem and .. they fell in love?

1434 days ago

Rico Jablonski    

Erin Barry has that look on her face like “Yeah, Eva I am banging your man on the side and you just don't know it yet, but you will soon” This woman Erin Barry is beautiful compared to Eva Longoria, not surprised Tony Parker was hitting it.

In my opinion Eva Longoria looks better paired with Mario Lopez and Tony Parker looks better paired with Erin Barry.

Erin Barry is a high quality MILF, enjoy Tony Parker.

1434 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Erin is hot! Eva looks like a worn out hag! I can understand why Tony wanted out!!!

1434 days ago


It's funny how people can blame Eva and also can blame her acting work on Deserate Housewives. Sex scenes with camera crews and lights...etc...are acting, and are anything BUT a turn-on.

Parker is a boob for loosing Eva, plain and simple. He's fallen prey to the wonderful world of testosterone driven sports idols. He best learn from the Magic Johnson syndrome.

1434 days ago


Eva was laughing with her,but it looks like she is laughing at Eva.Ironically it seems like Erin Barry is the real Desperate Housewife here.

1434 days ago


They say keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!!!!!!!!!

1434 days ago

Funtricia Gina    

No surprises here.. The myth that we all are supposed to pick one person out of 6 billion people and be happy with them forever and ever needs to be killed and buried. Human beings are not meant to be monogamous, period!!! Please log on to http://www.funwithgina.com and have fun..


1434 days ago

Get Real    

Get real Superman. Like an acting job on the set in front of other people is the same a banging like wild monkeys in the privacy of the bedroom, cheating on your wife.

1434 days ago


My God, stop running articles about these inconsequential people. Report some real news about relevant current events. And do not write, "You cared enough to read it," because I didn't. I'm just tired of seeing the headlines.

1434 days ago
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