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Palin's Facebook Target -- Apology NOT Accepted

11/19/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who was attacked on Facebook this week by Willow and Bristol Palin tells us he does NOT accept their apology ... claiming Willow uses homophobic language so often, she could be a homophobe.

Palin Apology

TMZ spoke with "Tre" -- the person whom Willow called a "f**got"  after he criticized "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on his Facebook page.

Tre -- who tells us he's not gay -- claims he was offended by the comments and felt bullied by both women ... saying, "Willow called me a f**got in front of the whole world and my family."

When asked if he thought Willow was a homophobe, Tre replied, "I think she might be ... She says 'queer' and 'gay' so much ... so probably ... maybe."

Although Bristol issued a public apology through Facebook on behalf of her and Willow -- Tre says he's yet to hear from either one of them. We asked Tre if he accepted the online apology and he told us, "No way ... Maybe if it was sincere and honest from them straight to me, I would consider. But it would have to be direct."

Tre concluded, "People are saying these are baby grizzlies defending Mama Bear ... but how is she defending her family by calling us queers and low-lifes and f**gots?"


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Well if the guy is a ***got why not call him that?

1431 days ago


Sara Palin... A Grizzly... really?

1431 days ago


Okay, TMZ didn't go chasing after the other kids in the effing LUNCHROOM getting their opinion about the flamewar between Willow and Tre, did TMZ?

You did?

You guys really did?

Were they serving tater tots?

1431 days ago


Gee do ya think this little punk Tre is trying to get a little publicity??

1431 days ago


Slow news day, TMZzzzzzzzz?

1431 days ago


Who cares...not me! tell the guy to stop being a woman and act like he has a pair of baiis....HE HAS BALLS!!!

1431 days ago


Oh please....Tre is just looking for his own 15 minutes of fame. Get over it already.

1431 days ago

Tammy LM    

Because he said he wasn't gay and secondly, you call gay people that and you're a homophobe. Like the Palin's obviously are. They use that language because mother and father allow them to use that language. If they didn't , they wouldn't be so inclined to use it... duh. I think the Palin's as in Sarah should have to face just as much scrutiny over this as Mel Gibson is for his remarks.

1431 days ago


This is a young girl who made dumb choices while being defensive over an attack on her mom. Teenagers, unfortunately, use the term "gay" all of the time. Most of us would be mortified if we were reminded of stupid things we said when we were young. Attacking this girl and her family over this is about as dumb as voting for a not-so-great dancer because you love her mom.

1431 days ago


I am pretty sure most gay men would be happy to hear this little cry baby say he is straight. Talk about embarrassing your family, stop your crying "tre"

1431 days ago


TMZ obsessed much ?

1431 days ago


What I read wasn't an apology. It was self serving, and basically only rambled on about Bristol's DWTS dancing, if you want to call it that. Everyone knows about the fake email addresses that ABC is allowing people to use to vote, and if Bristol doesn't mind that all her "fans" are using those to vote for her I guess she really believes she is good, and deserves to win with those fake votes.

Yay Bristol, you will probably win because of that. Yuck. you can't dance.

1431 days ago


When did our society become so "gay"...teens have been calling each other gay, ***, homo....for AGES...go on any teenagers facebook or myspace and see how often its thrown around...who cares? MAN UP AMERICA!!!...

1431 days ago


Baby grizzlies don't defend the mama bear, it's the other way around.So that doesn't fly. I think it is a question of being raised redneck.

1431 days ago


He felt "bullied"? P*ssy.

1431 days ago
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