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Lindsay Lohan -- I Wasn't Fired, I Quit!

11/20/2010 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made the choice to leave her latest film project, not the other way around ... sources close to LiLo tell TMZ.

It's been reported today that Lindsay was fired from the planned Linda Lovelace biopic "Inferno." But sources who have spoken to Lindsay within the last hour tell us Lindsay decided to drop out from the film so that she could focus more on her recovery.

We're told Lindsay felt the project no longer felt right -- but that she and the director, Matthew Wilder, remain on good terms and hope to work together in the future.

UPDATE: A rep for Lindsay adds that Lindsay is "concentrating on her recovery" and calls the decision to leave the film "mutual."



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This is all just a little hard to swallow. Sounds like LL choked, in the end.

1402 days ago


Hmmm... though I have a difficult time believing that, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that she won't be doing it. Bad choice to begin with.

1402 days ago


You could cast Lindsay in any remake of any "Jean Harlow" movie and it would be super hilarious, except for Howard Hughes's Hells Angels, theres no point in doing a remake of that one.

1402 days ago


@Alan Carver
Yes she was formally found in violation on July 6th but the Judge made up her mind that she violated in May and that's the only reason she was even ordered to appear at court on May 20th. There was a progress report in February and the Judge said she was in compliance.

Judge Fox and the D.A were willing to let Lindsay complete probation on November 1st if she didn't relapse.

Judge Fox isn't forcing Lindsay to stay clean and sober until August all she has to do is not fail any drug or alcohol tests until the Feb 25th court hearing and her probation will be complete and she can move to NY whatever.
Unsupervised for her will mean absolutely nothing because she has completed all the prorgram etc so there will be nothing to supervise.


"If you can make it to Feb. 25, are you listening?" Fox told Lohan from the bench in Beverly Hills, "I'm going to convert your case to unsupervised probation, and you can move on with your life and put this long episode behind you."

1402 days ago


Bottom line, some people would have watched this movie had it starred Lindsay Lohan. Without Lindsay in the film, nobody will watch it. There cannot be a single person who has commented on this thread that will watch this movie, or even consider it. Witnout her, this movie is totally irrevelvant.

Hypothetically speaking, if the producers had fired her, it would be the stupidest thing that they are ever done. I'm not sure most people even understand what this is. It's an indie film. It's not studio produced or theatrically released.

Beyond that, in terms of subject matter, it's nothing more than a glorified soft-core skin-a-max movie. The role is garbage. The movie is garbage. It's humilating and degrading and I cannot imagine any actress in their right mind (and Lindsay wasn't in her right mind when she said she would do it) who agree to undertake this demeaning project.

1402 days ago


I doubt Lindsay would have left this project by choice - she's desperately in need of money.

Her participation may have been contingent on someone putting up a personal bond to guarantee the filmmakers against loss, as Mel Gibson did for Robert Downey, Jr (Singing Detective) and Deniro did for John Cazale, who was terminally ill with cancer when Deer Hunter was made.

If Lindsay was in the same boat and couldn't come up with someone to front her, she would have been forced to walk away.

1402 days ago


Thanks Willow, for reminding me... this one nearly slipped under the radar:

Newly available today - Lindsay Lohan-brand Fig Newtons. Better than ANY energy bar on the planet! I don't know what's in them, but after you eat one, you have to have another one, then another one and another one... usually every half-hour or so.... for days at a time.

I've had about twenty already!!! I have to try real hard not to chew my own lip off.

1402 days ago


IN truth she could be a very good actress and successful film star is she just got the heck away from her Mother. Hopefully she will find some real representation and change her work ethic.
Wishing her luck because i really believe she deserves more. The Mom? i'm not so compassionate.

1402 days ago


However, she wasn't fired. She refused the West Hollywood meeting that the producers had requested. But doing so, she effectively quit. That meeting was supposed to happen a week ago, but didn't, because Lindsay nixed that meeting. The producers cannot come back a week after she had already quit and claim that they fired her, just to try and save face. These guys are obviously shady, which is why the are operating outside of mainstream hollywood circles.

1402 days ago


I also know someone who is associated with a person who will be working on this film and she was fired. She is not insurable to any movie studio anymore. TMZ dont always believe "your sources"!

1402 days ago



If she doesn't violate and completes Betty Ford on Jan 3rd and doesn't fail any drug or alcohol tests until February 25th.
Then her next court appearance will be on February 25th when the Judge has ordered her to appear and if makes it until that date she will have completed probation.

Exactly it was 100% her decision not to do this and it is the right decision.
If she was "fired" by these creeps that have supposedly been looking for a cast since July and still are then it would have happened on October 22nd or earlier

1402 days ago


Lohan should of had 90 days in jail and then rehab. Lohan got away with what 6-7 times. Lohan pulls the FU fingernail and when it didn't go her way she cries. Her lawyer gets her bail..what 2-3k at this point. Lohan goes to Betty Ford on her own to play nice with the judge, before her court date. Again, Lohan gets lucky no jail stay in rehab. Lohan out of rehab with no open arms from the movie industry, even independant films don't want her.

Lindsey Lohan didn't quit. She was fired before even being hired.

Maybe she can use the Paps again.

1402 days ago


Betty Ford is $26,000.00 for every 30 days.

1402 days ago


Clearly, those making the movie couldn't wait 5 million years for LL to finally be up to filming and cut her loose. Her people are just trying to spin it in her favor, and maybe the honchos will let her, but I doubt it was her decision.

1402 days ago


Yeah right. This chick digs and claws to try and get every bit of work she can so she can support her psycho family. I'm sure Dina wouldn't allow her to quit anything.

1402 days ago
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