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Bristol Palin -- The Show Must Go On

11/21/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin didn't let a little white powder in an envelope get in her way as she went to rehearsals for "Dancing With the Stars" yesterday.

No one tells Bristol to take a powder.


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Bristol Palin is REALLY unattractive. Plus, you'd think with all that dancing that she would lose weight. Most DTWS 'stars' lose 20+ lbs. I think she has gained 20 lbs.

Bristol: You can't eat all that moosemeat and be skinny.

1434 days ago

Moe Green    

Can't figure who looks worse, her or Snooki.

1434 days ago


My vote will go to Bristol just because she's the most improved. By the way Kyle hasn't lost weight either.

1434 days ago


They should investigate Brandy fans because they've been sending death threats to Gilles Marini and sending hate tweets to Mark Ballas.

As far as Bristol's weight goes, I don't know why she hasn't dropped a few. I wonder how much practice she's actually putting in.

1434 days ago



1434 days ago


TO #36 Julie - Kyle has lost 18 lbs and 8" around the waist.

1434 days ago


Honestly I really do not see what Levi saw in Bristol. It must have been her personality. She's just an average looking woman. Out of all of the women on DWTS the only thing that Bristol has over them is her age. Looks? I don't think so. Young Meat?Oh yes! I recently watched Joy Behar and one of the person on her show who interviewed Bristol says she talked like she has a 3rd grade education which makes me also believe that her mother is not writing her own books. Face it the only way that Bristol her mother and the TP knows how to be successful in life is to be dominate in taking what they want and the thrill in bashing it in the libs and dems faces. Mark is a good man whose only doing his job and if he eff Bristol so what. Bristol is just a dancing partner to Mark with benefits. Mark does not want her and he would never lower his standards for a trashy woman.

1434 days ago


Bristol looks great, and so does her dance partner. She gets better with each dance.

1434 days ago

Rico Suavy    

Bristol is the only contestant without any prior exposure to the pressures of being an entertainer. What makes her appealing is that she had the courage to appear in front of millions of people & compete against professionals. She is a normal person, not some self absorbed Hollywood type. She deserves to be where she is because of the improvement she has made as a normal, down to earth, young women.

1434 days ago


I don't understand all this hatred? She is just a girl that was given a opertunity and went with it, and for this all the hatred. I don't understand...

1434 days ago


Jesus H Christ you people have no life i came here to see what people say and your all very negative. Talk about a lack of class. Then again I guess i shouldnt expect people on this website to even know what being HIGH Class means. Probably are all a bunch of poor people who blame the rich for your problems.

1434 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This girl is a talentless pig. Well, she does have talents in the bedroom obviously.
Her idiot mother caused the hate on her own children. If you are going to be hateful, as Sarah is in her words to others, you better be sure you can take what is thrown back at you and not whine about it.

1434 days ago


She doesn't look like she's lost any weight. How hard is she training? How much does she eat?

1434 days ago


Yeah, I said I HATE her and I do with all my heart and soul. You know why, because I have had to deal with people such as her all my life. They are always ill prepared for everything yet they manage to win;I'm calling a spade a spade here. She wouldn't have that illegitimate child if she was prepared for that situation but I guess she wasn't. And now we are supposed to look at her like some sort of revelation..pfft. For you guys, this is just a television show, but for millions of us this is our reality.

1434 days ago


She is the Sanjya (from Amer Idol) of DWTS......but the show is sold out anyway... gee last year a Professional singer and dancer won it???

1434 days ago
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