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Bristol Palin -- The Show Must Go On

11/21/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin didn't let a little white powder in an envelope get in her way as she went to rehearsals for "Dancing With the Stars" yesterday.

No one tells Bristol to take a powder.


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OMG she is HUGE! Her weight certtainly tells the tale that is is not practising so much or even taking the show seriously. Aside from practice the dancers are all in the gym toning muscle and gaining more flexibility. But not Bristol. Sure ABC will get huge ratings tomorrow night, but believe me they will not be able to get other celebrities to agree to this show next season. Watch and see.

1435 days ago


Does she wear her hair in that "style" on purpose?

1435 days ago

john johnson    

is she sayin: oink,oink? i really thought dancing makes you lose some weight? oh....thats right, she can't dance, thats why she ain't lose no weight. her family sucks as well, bunch of horrific phonys.

1435 days ago


I guess I will check with TMZ to see if she wins because I will not watch a rigged show!

1435 days ago

And thats the truth    

I think that most of the posters that are making hateful and ignorant remarks, need to look up the word LIBERAL because obviously they do not know what it really means.

The people that say Sarah is not intelligent had better include Joe Biden in their statement. I heard this man say, "Me and the President" His daughter was caught on video snorting Cocaine, but yet, Bristol is terrible because she had gotten pregnant young and keeps/takes care of the baby. You dont hear about Bidens daughter or John Kerry's daughter pulling up her shirt without wearing a bra on camera now do you? If Bristol did either of these things, she would be mocked even more then she is now.

Michelle Obama was asked once if she liked Sarah and Michelle gracefully stated that she did not know Sarah and therefore would not form an opinion about her. Maybe some of you so called libs should take a lesson or two from our first lady.

1435 days ago


Will Bear Spray make the Palins go away?

1435 days ago


Notice how Bristol is holding her bag in front of her heavy kangaroo-pocketed hoodie, which is covering her stomach?

Notice the seam lines of her Spanx under her gray tights?

Makes you wonder what she's holding in, doesn't it?

Take a look at these pictures from May 2010 to now, particularly the one dated October 1st, 2010, and tell me what it reminds you of.

1435 days ago

captn moonlight    

I was shocked when they announced she was going to be on the show and was determined to not like her, but I think she comes off as very likeable. I think she is the most improved and for those that say she sucks, unlike most of the "stars" she has had no prior training. WRT her looks, I think she's hot and if her mom is any indication, she will be for a while.

1435 days ago


Before you cast a stone, why don't you go out and learn dances to do with the world watching for 7 weeks straight? So easy to hate people for doing what you are to lazy and coward to do.

1435 days ago


i'd get up on that.

1435 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

My god some of you people are sick. This girl is just doing her thing on a dance show for petes sake.

1435 days ago


It sure is easy to sit behind your computer and down other people when nobody can see you or talk to you to find out how smart or good looking YOU are, right ?
Smart classy people don't have to down others to make them feel good. And stooping to say such awful things about a young girl like Bristol, tells us you have a real problem of your own thats not being taken care of. Maybe you should all get some help....

1435 days ago


By the way, I bet some of you saying Bristol is fat etc. all really like Kyle don't you, kinda funny don't you think. What color you are makes a difference I guess, huh ?

1435 days ago


Bristol Palin is fat.

I don't feel bad about saying it either.

Her mother is a hick. stay in the woods in Palins.

1435 days ago


You go girl!!!! Don't mind the's the Devil in them!!

1435 days ago
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