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Charlie Sheen -- The $20,000 Flirty Text Messages

11/23/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a series of text messages between Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson, sent just hours after The Plaza Hotel incident -- in which Charlie is still flirting with her in a big way as he offers her $20,000.

Charlie Sheen Text Messages

In one text, Charlie says, "All I need is an Acct number etc and I will wire u 20k if u think that will cover everything ... I really feel bad, u are as cool and sexy and as sweet and fun and friendly as they get!"

Just before sending that text, Capri fired off her own, saying "u trashed my brand new prada purse dude not cool - how u managed to rip the strap off and put 2 holes in it is beyond me."

After offering the $20,000, Charlie says, "Don't worry about our mutual friends, deal with me directly and I promise u kind lady, all will be restored and set straight."

The night after the incident, at 6:28 PM, Charlie is still trying to connect, texting, "Just landed, perhaps we can speak tonite....?"

Capri replies, "Yes u can call me.  I don't have a bank account believe it or not."

Charlie responds, "Oh, well in that case, lemme put together a plan to get u square and flush.  Can u tok (sic) for a sec now sweetie?"

Then Charlie texts, "Good news!  My asst Rick is good friends with a cat named Mark (last name redacted) in NY, he will get the wire, cash that bitch, and deliver it to u where ever it's convenient ... I'll get the ball Rollin in am, and have data for u asap after that...☺"

Capri writes, "Can he leave it somewhere secure for me to pick up?  Like with a bank rep ... I'm rlly nervous about all this."

Charlie responds, "Of course, whatever makes u feel better..."

Charlie ends by saying, "Lemme start that ball Rollin and I'll get back to u with the details..."

The transaction never took place.



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Charlie Sheen can't get wood and he abuses escorts out of frustration becase he is addicted to internet porn.

1396 days ago


If he started out offering her enough money to make her "flush", how can he claim she was extorting him and not simply negotiating for a better payout?

1396 days ago


WHAT is wrong with this grown man?

Is there ever going to be a level of God-I'm-a-d-ic-k in him?
EVER??? Is anything shameful to him? Is he not concerned with what his reputation is?

Is he thinking his Hollywood peers take him seriously? Like they don't laugh at him behind his back? Talk smack as soon as he turns his back?

Is the fact that he the is a Daddy and Dad to children ever enter his mind? I believe he is even a Grandfather now.

Clearly is still stuck in 1989.........catch up Charlie.

But.... I bet he finds some other dumb woman to hook up with and marry and have MORE kids with he never sees or cares for.

Because there are too many woman out there that think they are special, and have the magical p-u-ss-y that will make him convert. Make him behave and stay faithful because they are here to recuse him.

I think its time for him to be fixed.

1396 days ago


Wow, for someone who was supposidly in fear for her life and had been choked she's worried about her purse and tells him he can call her? She is so full of S**T! She doesn't have a bank account? Every post that has been negative about him people have talked about his past, which is I'm sure exactly what her and her lawyer are counting on. Why are people so hung up on what he's done that they are automatically against him on this? She is using his past to her advantage, and yes, you could argue that he brought it on himself by the things he's done, but it is getting ridiculous how many women are extorting celebrities for situations THEY are putting themselves in. Although I don't think he did half of what she is saying, if he did, unless she has been living under a rock for 5 years, she should have expected it. I like Charlie Sheen. He's not perfect and he doesn't pretend to be. He didn't ask to be a role model and he never said he was. I hope she not only doesn't get a dime, but gets in trouble for filing a false report.

1396 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a forty five year old sex addict, addicted to internet porn that hires escorts to go out to dinner with. Charlie Sheen is unable to generate an erection without medication and is unable to perform sexually. Charlie Sheen abuses the escorts he hires to have dinner with him and demands drugs from them, then doesn't pay them.

1396 days ago



1396 days ago


Charlie Sheen wasn't f*cking a prostitute he was f*cking America. We are exposed to the acts of the indecent everyday in our lives. We try to help eachother cope with the shock and trauma these people cause us which resonates with us for years.
There is a ripple effect made when Charlie Sheen f*cks America, we are regarded as indecent by other countries and guests in our country while we let him abuse our laws. We are defeneseless against the critisms made on our standards of morality by people made thousands of miles away.
This week we will all travel to our loved ones and be bombarbed by the dismal fact that other countries hate us as we are inspects by security officers before boarding our trains and planes. As Charlie f*cks America those people that already have a feeling of animosity against us all are reloading their campaings with stories of Charlie's abuse of celebrity status. "Did you see him joke about her stealing his watch?"
Charlies f*cking of America gained viral status within hours of the initial 911 call. A call to come to the aid of a woman that locked herself in a bathroom because Charlie Sheen was screaming and breaking furniture. That's a heavy scene for a twenty year old.
Maybe Charlie couldn't get it up and because he was unable to thouroughly skull f*ck the brains out of America the drugs his doctor gave him felt not so nice.
I am sorry America that Charlie Sheen has disgraced you.

Posted at 7:08 AM on Nov 23, 2010 by Mike

I agree Mike, Charlie Sheen is ****ing America.

1396 days ago


Charlie sounds like he is very thorough and precise. I like that in a person. He's offering to give her $20,000 for her damaged purse and time. He isn't admitting any abuse.

1396 days ago


Mike, she's been doing this since she was 15. No innocence here.

1396 days ago


Wow, sounds like she was really mad at him for "abusing" her, doesn't she? Lol @ the only time she seemed upset was because he damaged her purse.
Another gold digging liar.

1396 days ago


after doing a great job for OJ he'll try 'reasonable' again? what about indignation? shock and awe? fury on behalf of his client. for a moment i thought charlie had grown a set of balls

1396 days ago


He should be brought up on false police/allegation reports.
Obviously money can get a homely guy who crosses his shaved legs like a girl on a show that would be better without him on

1396 days ago


Both of them are idiots that deserve to be in prison!

1396 days ago

High Desert    

Don't you just love our American Justice system lets bog down the courts with more frivolous lawsuits.

1396 days ago


Charlie should pay this girl what he owes her, and Mel Gibson should pay Oksana the 15 million he offered her for the tapes originally.

1396 days ago
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