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Dina Lohan Beware -- Your Ex Is In Your Business

11/22/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan ... you may not want to read this .... because we found out that Michael Lohan -- the ex you despise -- is secretly financing your movie project.

Dina Lohan
As we first reported, Dina's production company is making a movie about a group of heroin addicts ... and her son, Michael Jr., is set to play the lead.

Sources close to the Lohans tell TMZ ... when Dina was shopping the script around town, it ended up in the hands of a friend of Michael's. We're told when Michael got wind of it, he asked his friend to help in financing the flick ... and the friend gladly accepted.

According to our sources, Michael saw it as an olive branch to his ex.

Don't hold your breath.



No Avatar


I'll bet she will stop the project. Her hatred of allowing Michael a fair place in the line up on the team is epic.

Dina Lohan is the worst mother and probably wife EVER.

1429 days ago


Michael Lohan has certainly proven he is right. He's proven he will stick with his children no matter what. Dina was constantly spinning crap on his to the kids they share and the world.

She is all wrong. He's proven it.

1429 days ago

Jim in Cali    

So don't care about Dina, her son and Michael. I wish they all would go away and just support their daughter behind the scenes just like most Hollywood moms do.

1429 days ago

Dina is Lindsay's pimp.

1429 days ago


Think that Dina needs to stay away from ALL THINGS DRUG RELATED!! Hasn't she (and, husband, Michael) done enough drug enabling DAMAGE to their family??? (Michael had been in prison for swindling/fraud/and drugs)! Yeah, they did have one son who actually (thus far) turned out decent. Michael,Jr (22) finished college with honors (just last spring)! Dina has been "working" daughter Ali (who will be 17 Dec 23rd) into the "business" already. Poor Cody (14)...he sure has had to endure a LOT...poor kid...hope he turns out like his older brother!

1429 days ago


I'll bet she will do fine without Michael on the project. His attempt to always stick himself in the line up is epic.

Michael Lohan is the worst father and probably husband EVER.

Michael Lohan has certainly proven he is wrong. He's proven he will stick it to his children no matter what. Michael is constantly spinning crap on Dina to the kids they share and the world.

He is all wrong. He's proven it.

1429 days ago


'Trainspotting' was already done, Dina.

1429 days ago


An olive branch? No this is a control issue. You want your ex under YOUR thumb. You want her to know that you are in charge once again. What is wrong with you? There are hundreds of people looking for money to fund their projects, but YOU wanted her to be obligated to YOU. You are one sick, yappy little puppy.

1429 days ago


Oh, Boy, if her dark past would come on surface, I dont know if anyone would be on her side. She is craaazzyyy.

Monk and Natalie shipper.

1429 days ago


Ok ... I just want to know, with what money he's financing this movie ??? HE DON'T WORKKKKKKKK ! WTFFFFFFF ???!!!

1429 days ago


Karren #7 that is funny but right on the money....stay away from all things drug related! Dina needs to get a real job and be a real mother. She is under the illusion she is all things Hollywood. I wonder if she does realize she is viewed as a joke?

1429 days ago


An olive branch, my It's an attempt by Michael to get under Dina's skin and drive her stark raving crazy. Pretty manipulative and controlling move on his part. And very calculated.

And at what point did Dina think producing a heroin addict movie...with her son in it...was a good idea, given her family's history?

Man, those family therapy sessions can't come soon enough!

1429 days ago


Dina is a natural to play Linds Lovelace now that Lindsay has pulled out. She can follow that by playing a heroin addict instead of her son. She is the worst mother in Hollywood and quite possibly the ugliest too.

1429 days ago


Dina is so wrong in so many ways! I am not sure this movie will even be a hit - so making an investment is not wise.

1429 days ago


Everything's fine. This is all just a lot of propaganda. Stop playing hardball. Geez.

1429 days ago
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