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Lindsay Lohan -- The End of 'Inferno'

11/22/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won't be playing Linda Lovelace on the big screen -- so these never-before-seen "Inferno" promo pics are the last glimpse we'll get of Lindsay channeling Linda.

Lindsay Lohan Inferno
Celeb photographer Tyler Shields shot Lindsay back in July as part of a promotional shoot for the movie. A few pics got released ... but here are a few more we just got our hands on.

Oh, what might have been ...


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You just knew this was going to happen.
NO WAY was she going to be able to make that movie.
It will probably go right to DVD.

1401 days ago


Its too bad, the movie would have sucked anyway.
But Linda Lovelace was a disgusting skank, and so is Lindsay so you could have a more perfect casting, if you were going to make the film at all.

1401 days ago

I am Spartacus    

ok seriously enough of the Lohans

#1) Lindsay hasn't been in anything worth mentioning in forever
#2) Lindsay is not that good looking. Walk around any college campus and there are thousands of better looking girls. Walk around NY, Miami, & LA and you see better looking women everywhere you turn
#3) The stories about them are boring
#4) The mom is a coke whore
#5) Its embarassing that the loser father looks like a good guy in this whole situation
#6) This Inferno movie was never going to be a hit with or without Lindsay
#7) Other than Mean Girls a movie she did when she was a kid, she's done nothing worth mentioning
#8) We are TIRED of hearing about Lindsay

and i could go on and on with more reasons why you should stop with these Lindsay stories but pretty much she's no longer relevant and people are tired of reading stories about a D list celebrity who's only work lately has been going back & forth between jail & rehab.

1401 days ago

I am Spartacus    

and yes i know #1 & #7 are the some but that was on purpose because other than Mean Girls & that movie she did where she played 2 roles, she's done nothing that was any good so i'm tired of seeing people talk about what a great actress she is when she's done nothing good in forever.

I was going to say We are Sick of hearing about her another 10 times but i figured once was enough.

1401 days ago

Pretty LL    

Wow she looks 50 in that photo. This was before her forehead botox obviously

1401 days ago


Good riddance, "Inferno." This was the best thing that could have happened at this stage in Miss Lohan's career.

1401 days ago


Linds, stop @#!$ing up.

1401 days ago


Damn! She's covered with freckles

1401 days ago


Lindsay is lucky she got out of this film, it would have done nothing for her dying career.

1401 days ago


Inferno is a great movie. Ive seen it several times, and own it as well. It truly is a cult/horror classic, Dario Argento's Inferno that is!

1401 days ago


"Nice" movie, huh (sarcasm ON.)

1401 days ago


29- Oh I got my facts strait, Im just being a smart ass.

1401 days ago


And Dylan, you monkey ass, Argento's best movie is "Tenebrae" which you probably never saw because it's not in the kiddie section of Blockbuster.

1401 days ago


32- No I have that one as well. Dario is my favorite Italian horror/thriller director and I think he is one of the all time best. I would never show "Tenebrae" to a child!

1401 days ago


Choke porn and smut slut dialog are a staple of modern sleaze and not classic smut. So this movie will be a sexploitation flick or GenX take on X and not the retro real deal.

1400 days ago
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