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Larry King: Exhibit A in Mel vs. Oksana Custody War

11/22/2010 6:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry King's interview with Oksana Grigorieva is officially part of her custody war with Mel Gibson ...  TMZ has learned.

Oksana Custody Battle

As we first reported, Mel believes Oksana's appearance on "Larry King Live" is part of a smear campaign, crafted by Oksana, and evidence she's not acting in the best interests of Lucia.

During the morning session of today's hearing, Mel's side entered the transcripts into evidence.

What have you gotten yourself into, Larry?


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He moved the interview in order to have the Bushes on.

1397 days ago



LK also got her to admit she was not scared and went to bed because she could tell by the phone noise that he was in Malibu
LK got her to admit she took batteries out of her phones, that yet shows no fear
LK has her admitting the she knew his star status therefore she had to know that waving the tapes under his nose and goign public would hurt him more than her
LK got her to lie and changer her story too

1397 days ago


Larry did a couple of things that make me wonder if he's pro Mel.
1. he moved the air date of the interview up so that the transcripts could be used against oksana
2. he asked Oksana about what Mel said about the DUI incident. Oksana said that Mel denied saying anything racist. then after she said all that, Larry King showed a transcript of Mel apologizing. He roped Oksana in.....

Posted at 1:50 PM on Nov 22, 2010 by vince

I keep saying it: I think that Larry is pro Mel. Yeah, he interviewed her and didn't ask her anything about the inconsistencies in her story. But Larry's few question as you wrote above Vince and his body language clearly indicated that he didn't believe Oxa. His comment about her greater hold on him because he's an international superstar whose reputation can be destroyed really cut through the chase. That's why that Newsweek article was issued as Ari E.'s hand in there.
But way back in July when this news broke out and every news outlet was running videos and rants of an enraged Mel to destroy him, Larry tried to get an interview from Mel, when he didn't succeed, all he did was replay an interview of Mel when he was beloved by America. This was a very good way of saying: here is the man that we have loved. WHat happened to turn him into this enraged beast that we hear on the tapes.

I believe also that Larry knows Ox is lying because he has had his fair share of golddigers sharing his life. He knows one when he sees one.
The thing is that the forces of hatred that are supporting Oxana in this private conflict are powerful enough to prevent Larry to act like the true journalist that he is and actually reveal all the truth about Oxa's past: her pregnancy with Dalton to get money, her fake music career, her fake modelling career and her past as a prostitute and a golddiger!

1397 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Thanks azlee.

1397 days ago


Oksana's mom taking the stand now in closed-door proceeding as custody battle with Mel drags into the afternoon.

Posted at 1:54 PM on Nov 22, 2010 by vince

That woman better be wearing a bodacious pair of sneakers. Maybe they'll absorb the shock from the bolt of lightning when she starts flapping her lips.

1397 days ago


A one year old baby doesn't understand anything of an (alleged) smear campaign. No reason to lose custody. A baby only needs her mother to hold her on her arms.

I really hope he doesn't get custody. He's to unpredictable. He must have scared his daughter half to death chasing her mother round the house.

Mel, like many men, has two personas. One is nice, the Mel Judy Foster and Whoopi Goldberg talked about, and then there is a second Mel who screams, yells, and can't control his anger. Many women have met this sort of man.

1397 days ago


good points. that Larry King is cleverer than he acts :-)

@annie, I think putting DV claim to public was Oksana's motive not Larry Kings

1397 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

aston: so you know Mel personally? To state what you have stated: you must know him personally. DO you? Liar.

1397 days ago


OMG we are being invaded its a gray alien...oh wait its just a cracked out looking oinksy!

1397 days ago


The more I think about it I think Larry set Ox up. Way to go Larry, guess you are on the right side.

1397 days ago


GEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, Mike totally missed the point on Live. I emailed them and said no no no no...dang it and explained.

1397 days ago


Ain't no way it's hurting this child to have her mother rat out her father who slapped her. She is, at this point, an infant unaware of what is said.

NO judge is going to award sole custody for any length of time to a man who slapped the mother of his child while she was holding his daughter. It is NOT going to HAPPEN.

Mel can be present for show and his lawyers can admit whatever they wish into evidence but this is all going to net them nothing.

Just watch.

1397 days ago



Posted at 1:45 PM on Nov 22, 2010 by Paulette

Theotokos = "God bearer". The Mother of God.
:) We never translate this title. It is Greek. So even Russian speakers use this title for her.

1397 days ago


She should lose custody, she is not thinking of the best interest for her child only the amount she can get. The child needs to be with someone who wants whats best for her not what they can get because of her.

1397 days ago


Team Mel!

1397 days ago
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