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Sheen's Lawyer: Capri Wasn't Hired for Sex

11/23/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's attorney, Yale Galanter, was just on GMA -- where he said Capri Anderson was hired to be Charlie's "entertainment" for a night ... but not for sex.

Charlie Sheen News
Galanter says there "was never a sexual encounter or money exchanged for sexual acts" between Charlie and Capri on the night of the alleged incident at the Plaza Hotel.

Mirroring Charlie's lawsuit against Capri, Galanter also says that Capri and her lawyer said they would go on TV and "lie about what occurred that night in the Plaza" if Sheen didn't cough up a 7-figure sum.

He says that he's "confident" the NYPD will see Capri's claims as a "complete shakedown."


No Avatar


What kind of entertainment was she providing?

1431 days ago


CHARLIE, for god's sake STOP!!! Everything that comes out of your lawyer's mouth is pure rubbish!!! Quite frankly, in the real world out here, you are looking like a first class chump. She wasn't there for sex. Ya right! YOU paid her 3500.00 for her stunning social capabilities, her elegance at a dinner table, where YOU were already 3 sheets to the wind. Every time you open your gob on this you more amd more rediculous. You really need to stop letting your **** do the talking for you, lawyer or otherwise.

1431 days ago


what exactly does "entertainment for the night" mean????

1431 days ago


she wasn't hired for sex...ROTFLMAO!!!

1431 days ago


Sure, we believe's CHARLIE SHEEN like she wasn't going to have sex with him....get real

1431 days ago


Oh boy. OK I know something about this business (don't ask, it was told to me from a friend) but in certain circles, people who know, you never mention sex for money, it is "booked" as companionship or entertainment. But everyone knows what it is about and sex is expected! Smart consumers of sex don't mention acts or discuss details in electronic format. It is simply a way people think they can fly under the radar and not get busted for protitution. I would bet a bit of further digging would reveal a long history of Capri as a prostitute and with Charlies known love of hookers, this isn't far off. It also is conceivable that the agent did book as entertainment and then a substantial tip was expected to be paid by the client to the entertainer for extra services. This is how this works. But with no clear evidence of exchange of sex for money - it is a he said she said. Moral: Always Pay the Hooker!

1431 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Who is this goofball lawyer trying to fool. What an idiot.

1431 days ago


Entertainment doesn't include choking and locking in the bathroom. You advised Charlie to offer hush money to this person before she was able to seek legal counsel. You and your client are crooks. Pay the lady what you owe her.

1431 days ago


Oh yeah, I'm sure everyone believes that spin. I did not have sexual relations with that porn star. I just like her companionship. We are just friends.

1431 days ago


When you're caught naked beating a hooker in a hotel room with cocaine you pay the hooker 10 million to shut up. She has to protect herself too doesn't she? You're more important than her? She deserves privacy too. You're the one yelling like an idiot making the cops come, there goes her privacy. Pay her the 10 million and grow the hell up.

1431 days ago


potato potatoe tomatoe tomato read red live live

so they accuse her of being a sex worker, charlie sheen pays for hooker sex but she wasn't there to be his 'date' for the night just his 'entertainment?' was she going to do handstands or tap dance too?

1431 days ago


Really? I'm not as dumb as I look.

1431 days ago


Charlie Sheen should have been a hooker. I'm sure he would have really enjoyed it. He's a man whore. That will never, ever change.

Also, I wish all of these spammers had their ads shoved up their a$$es.

1431 days ago


Treat people like s4it for most of your life eventualy you're going to meet someone that requires you to pay ten million dollars to treat them like s4it. Charlie Sheen you have been associated with prostitutes for as long as you have been famous. Time for you to shut up and pay up. Have a nice day.

1431 days ago

Nerf Morelsson    

"was never a sexual encounter or money exchanged for sexual acts"

YEAH RIGHT!!!!! OK, Buddy, just lie so more while you're at it.

1431 days ago
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