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Sarah Palin Blasted for Halibut 'Snuff Film'

11/23/2010 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin thought it was "weird" when she held the beating heart of a halibut in the palm of her hand on her reality show this weekend -- now an animal rights group is calling the episode a "snuff film."

Sarah Palin

Sarah and Bristol were featured on a halibut fishing excursion on the reality show "Sarah Palin's Alaska" -- the show even featured a scene in which Sarah and Bristol clubbed the fish to death ... a standard practice among  fisherman.

But a group called "In Defense of Animals" is lashing out at the reality fam -- saying, "Sarah Palin’s complete lack of compassion as demonstrated in this snuff video is disgusting."

The group adds, "Most disturbing is the way she seems to enjoy causing suffering to other beings. When they laugh about the beating heart that Bristol holds in her hand, their complete insensitivity to the animal kingdom becomes clear."

FYI ... a rep for the Alaska Charter Association -- a group in defense of recreational halibut fishing -- tells us the clubbing technique is actually "humane" because it's used to "minimize the suffering of the fish."


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They have got to be kidding me! Yea lets let the fish suffocate and die in misery instead of clubbing it and making it die in less than 5 seconds! PETA and other animal rights groups are ridiculous! PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals!

1431 days ago


Well it's really not a matter of what's "Cool or Not Cool" It's what fishermen do. They club the fish so that the fish doesn't damage it's own flesh while thrashing. I know it's not nice to watch but fishermen have been doing this for hundreds of years it's not news.

1431 days ago


Pleeease!!! Get over it. You all eat fish that has been captured and suffocated and frozen in an icebox everyday. Why would clubbing the poor fish before it suffocates be inhumane? If anything, it's worse. People... It's fish it's food. When I go fishing and I catch a fish and put a blade to it's gut and pull out it's guts along with it's skeletal remains, did I laugh and trip out the first time? YES! Because it's not illegal and not inhumane to laugh. I'm gonna eat the dang fish anyway.

1431 days ago


having fished for halibut - which when fishing you tend to kill and eat what you catch - you need to kill the fish or be killed with these large and powerful fish. The preferred method is coving the eyes and then clubbing the fish because another method entails a gun. You don't want to be shooting holes in the boat and the last method is by drowning the fish.

1431 days ago


Everyone understands people like to hunt/fish but it is the very clear way she enjoys the suffering and killing of animals that is offensive. The woman is scary. She is almost sadistic.

1431 days ago

golf range rat    

Lisa's comment, is right on folks. Sarah and the rest of you, head East a little, Harp Seal season is ON!! Use that same club!! Hold the heart and laugh! Wait a minute, if you're dead is your heart still beating? Fish, frog, whatever. Sarah, then head south, to the bullring. Remember, the bull WANTS to die. Thats how they're bred. Putin, push the button on this trash. Don't even lift your head.

1431 days ago


Which part did this fish most resent.
Being caught? Being clubbed? Being eaten?

And more importantly will PETA have the ACLU file an amicus brief on behalf of the halibut and it's family?

1431 days ago


Anyone who falls for palin's latest escapade probably believes Trip the kid is hers, Bristol can dance and the Palin's are not white trash. God, wake the f*#@* up.

1431 days ago


If you NEED to eat, its acceptable to kill an creature in as humane a fashion as possible. To enjoy the killing of that creature, to laugh at its death, is just despicable. Palin is a whitetrash bitch and the idea of her becoming President is truly scary.

Posted at 1:31 PM on Nov 23, 2010 by Lisa

You had me agreeing until you got to the whitetrash part up until then you sounded like a reasonable person but then the name calling turned into just another crazy rant :(

1431 days ago


The sad thing is that many of the people who are claiming cruelty to the fish also think it is just fine and wonderful to kill the "beating heart" of a human baby. In fact it is a woman's God given right. And most aren't even vegetarian. Just because you don't see the animal being killed before it gets to Kroger doesn't mean the animal didn't suffer. Hypocrisy rears its ugly head again.

1431 days ago


@Lisa: Are you kidding me... I mean are you REALLY kidding me. Do you perhaps live in a tree in Eugene?

@All hippies: Really

1431 days ago


i am from Alaska , and i have never clubbed a halibut , we always shot it in the head , , HAVE NEVER HEARD OF SOMEONE Clubbing one , for the simple reason , they might look dead but in fact are not and can cause inguries when brought aboard from slamming themselves around the boat , have seen people get broken legs and other thinking the halibut was dead , but never did we club them kina sic , but also kinda dumb

1431 days ago


It is called dinner.

1431 days ago


This is the last person I'd want in my White House .... heartless, compassionless, self absorbed, power hungry . Yes, if you must 'eat' another living being to survive. have the decency to end their life as quickly & painless as possible.

Then again I'm not surprised at her disregard for the fish.. after all her husband runs a 'hunt from the air' business and thinks that shooting wolves, elk and other animals from airplanes/helicopters with highpowered rifles is 'fun'.... degenerates.

1431 days ago


"other beings"? Its a freaking FISH!!!

1431 days ago
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