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Justin Bieber Goes After the Bullies

11/24/2010 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has made good on his promise to get involved in the anti-bullying campaign after being subjected to a hate-filled run-in last month.

Bieber has recorded a public service announcement, urging bullying victims to speak out. And, wisely, the Biebs is calling out bystanders to bullying, asking them to get involved.

TMZ broke the story ... Bieber was on the receiving end of some hate-filled bullying last month in Canada, when a 12-year-old boy cornered Bieber at an arcade and called him a "fa**ot."


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Ummmm....but he IS...

1431 days ago


Bullying is a part of childhood. You learn how to deal with it before you get out in the real world and deal with douches in your office. Sorry Justin, but you need a pair of balls.

1431 days ago


omg those who say ***got are now bullies

1431 days ago

Mr. Crow    

If you're getting bullied, learn how to throw a smack down! Punch the loser in the face, don't think about it! He/She is not expecting it and won't F with you anymore.

1431 days ago


And yet we don't hear him apologizing for his bullying behavior when he posted the details of that kid who had a fight with a friend of his.

ONline he has shown himself to be a bully...but then I guess it takes one to really speak out about it.

1431 days ago


That's envy! Justin's a nice kid clean celeb and sings well, so dam haters are everywhere.

1431 days ago


Way to jump on the bandwagon even tho your guilty of the same thing Hypocrite !!!! How does a 12 yr old bully a teenager? Justin must be light in the loafers if he can't handle a child.

1431 days ago


While that 12 year old needed a good smack upside the head, saying that he bullied a 16 year old (even if it was Bieber) is silly. Any 16 year old that needs to be rescued from a 12 year old is pretty sad.

1431 days ago


Man up, Bieber. I don't like bullying either but it's a fact of life. The world is a tough place and learning to handle yourself at a young age will help you later on in life.

So is some of this bullying stuff directed at people doing it on the internet? I mean someone types something mean and that's considered bullying? Do these twits not know about the delete button, or not opening a post when you see it's from someone you don't like? Sheesh.

1431 days ago


Hoping on the bandwagon doesn't really make you a part of the solution. Unfortunatly, there is no solution to bullying. When the bullying gets to the point where people are getting serously hurt or beaten, THEN, something needs to be done. Name calling is something that will never stop... in a perfect world everyone would be nice to everyone else, unfortunatly, that world will never exist as long as there are aholes that somehow feel superior to others.

I know what it means to be bullied and all I can say is that I am a very happy person with a job, a life, a husband and a great thing going. those that bullied me in HS are all still living at home in their 30's, drinking till they puke on the weekends and living an endless cycle of doing doing nothing and whining that mommy and daddy won't pay their way through life anymore. After all is said and done, those that bully won't even matter.

Not to be confused with racist, homophobes who commit brutal HATE CRIMES... (just talking about childish HS bullying)

1431 days ago


I dont know what your childhood was like, but bullying is a NOT part of childhood.

1431 days ago


Didn't he throw water balloons at police that were acting as security before one of his concerts? He sounds like a brat.

1431 days ago


If you are getting bullied by a 12 year old, being bullied isn't your biggest issue! Nut up or shut up act like a man even though you are still waiting for the other testicle to drop! How can this kid be considered a celebrity when all of his fans are underage and can't even buy CD's without asking Mommy and Daddy for money??

1431 days ago


go kill yourself justin your a homo and ***

1431 days ago


That twelve year old boy is my hero

1431 days ago
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