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Justin Bieber Goes After the Bullies

11/24/2010 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has made good on his promise to get involved in the anti-bullying campaign after being subjected to a hate-filled run-in last month.

Bieber has recorded a public service announcement, urging bullying victims to speak out. And, wisely, the Biebs is calling out bystanders to bullying, asking them to get involved.

TMZ broke the story ... Bieber was on the receiving end of some hate-filled bullying last month in Canada, when a 12-year-old boy cornered Bieber at an arcade and called him a "fa**ot."


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en Todo Momento!!    

funny thing is, that so called 'bullying' includes an awareness of previoulsly unnoticed and widely tolerated abuses (due to the prior disregard thereof). people who suddenly find themselves 'bullied and abused' are often the same who blindly ignored or downplayed that same structure which they are now trying to reveal/expose, which in turn is also now their abuser. the psychology of abusers and abuse is friggen vast. but ask harvard. they don't have any time to waste on that nonsense...the abused will survive eventually. and if not, go read a book on darwin. survival of the fittest.

1408 days ago


Yes it is, Holly.

1408 days ago


What is he going to do throw TWINKIES at them ?? I wonder - does he have any p-u-b-i-c hair yet ??

1408 days ago


Cornered and bullied by a 12 yr old? Beiber is 17. He was intimidated by a 12 yr old? He deserves whatever he got. And a lot more. Hell, his father should be beaten for raising such a wuss.

Come to think of it...when you were 17, and if you let some 12 year old bully you, wouldn't your father have kicked your ass? Mine would have.

1408 days ago


Beyond bullying, how about NO HATE. Bullying is NOT NEW. It's just newly focused on because it's now so common. Humans love to cause other humans pain and/or watch them in pain. Humans are not the nicest species if you choose to study them.

It's why they slow down and take a long look at a horrific accident. It's why they march against gays in the military at a straight soldier's funeral (Google it) ruining the last ceremony he'll ever have honoring him and making his family incredibly sad and ill. It's also why they want to take over our bodies and inflict their own beliefs on us.

And finally, it's why they want everybody to live like they do whether they are happy or not. It's why straight people dictate who a Gay or Lesbian can and cannot marry. It's selfish and sick.

Equal rights for all. Respect for all. Tolerance for those with different views and a different lifestyle.

Try it. It will actually make you a happier person and perhaps you won't feel like bullying anyone else.

1408 days ago


uh oh sounds like them balls are getting ready to drop, time to find a new career

1408 days ago


If you think I am wrong, just review the posts in this thread.

Humans love to hate and be mean.

1408 days ago


Justin, show up in my hood so I can beat your ass. Later in your adult life you will thank me for making you a man. Usher is going pedafile over this kid.

1408 days ago

Joe Blow    

Shut up Beeper, and wash the hot pink lip gloss off your face. You looked like a fool at the AMA's. And some wonder why others call him a fa**ot?

1408 days ago


He's 17, Really?
Miley Cyrus looks 10 years older than this guy, and she just turned 18

1408 days ago


Everyone needs to chill out. Justin Bieber is not a bully and that 12 year old was being stupid probably because he's jealous of Justin! Justin is incredibly talented and extremely attractive, so anyone could understand why people are jealous. I dislike Justin Bieber haterzz! Justin, you are amazing! I <3 U, JB! :)

1408 days ago


You guys all need to chill out.. Justin Bieber is not a bully and that 12 year old was being stupid... Justin Bieber is amazing and hot... JB haterz should be slapped. :) <3 u JB!

1408 days ago


spoken like a true bully..idiot.

go kill yourself justin your a homo and ***

Posted at 5:08 PM on Nov 24, 2010 by Steve

1408 days ago



This kid's a mama's boy pansy who needs to STFU and go away.

And his calculated attempt to look "street" by wearing his brim like that, well, that just proves The Dwieber's a major dweeb.

Bet he likes his Fruit Loops dowsed with man milk for breakfast.


1408 days ago

Ted Sheckler    

Justin is a *****

1408 days ago
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