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Katharine McPhee -- Mile High Lawbreaker

11/24/2010 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" alum Katharine McPhee just broke a cardinal rule in the sky --  turning on her cell phone at 36,000 feet ... and even worse, she bragged about it afterward!


McPhee caught a flight yesterday ... and after the plane took off, she tweeted, "I love illegally turning on my phone when I'm still in the air ... makes me feel powerful! A tweet from the sky. Hello Atlanta!"

It's a big FCC no-no to turn on your phone after take off -- the penalties include a hefty fine and suspension of her cellular service.

UPDATE: McPhee's rep tells us, "She posted when we landed in Atlanta. She was trying to be funny but obviously some people missed the humor."

Joking about airplane safety -- always a good laugh ...


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Isn't her 15 minutes up?

1366 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

the airlines should just have private police on board to arrest any suspiciously behaving passengers. or at least taser them. geeze. you can't let stupid people get away with everything!!!

1366 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

full body scans, even more limited carry-ons, ABSOLUTELY NO LUGGAGE CARRY ONS!! if i were a private company airline i'd restrict as much as possible. i mean come on. these are private businesses, not some social privilege providers to please and satisfy every d./ickwards pleasure!!

1366 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

duh!!! fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes...i'm gonna just regurgitate some idoitic term over and over again because it makes me look like a genius.....hari ap already!!

1366 days ago


to all you know it all's about aircraft electronics let me clue you in on a little thing called electromagnetic interference.
everything electrical emits a different electromagnetic frequency. it just so happens that certain cell phones emit one that can jam up certain aircraft's electronics really bad to the point of catastrophic failure. so if you know it all who say you turn your phone on and nothing happens think your safe try playing Russian roulette with your own life inset of possibly taking a whole plan load of people with you when you go down due to your stupidity.

1366 days ago


Did you people even read the article? She didn't turn it on in the air. You must all be Yamin and Daughtry fans still eating those sour grapes.

1366 days ago


Who the he11 is Katherine McPhee??

Ack! Ack!

1366 days ago


These phones do NOT work in the air above 1000 feet or so. Believe me I have tried! It is also a myth that cell phones could possable bring down a plane. Do you think for one second phones would even be allowed on planes if there there was ANY chance? Ya ... just rely on people following the rules hahaha....

1366 days ago


To all of you who are NOT pilots, you are wrong when you state using a cell is just fine while aboard an aircraft.

My brother in law has flown for American for over 30 years and he said cell phones distort navigational equipment aboard the aircraft.

Stop stating all this nonsense. You aren't a pilot, the FAA or anyone with any training or knowledge of a commercial airliner.

That's why they made the fine stiff and the consequences harsh. Get it?

1365 days ago


This is the FAA ruling on the FAA WEBSITE relating to cell phones and other PED devices when onboard the aircraft. Get educated. Most of the posts here that state why or that it really doesn't interfere are terribly WRONG.

Do NOT use your cell phone in flight.

1365 days ago


As if the FAA can't get her phone records and actually check the time the call took place.

1365 days ago


She doesn't strike me as a genius...

1365 days ago

Tony J.    

Joking or not, that's just stupid!.....if I was sitting next to her on the plane and just so happen the plane goes down because of the cell-phone, I'll be the first to bitch-slap her all the way down to the ground...and, I'm not joking!

1365 days ago


The reason you are not allowed to have your cell phone on has more to do with the fact that the signal bounces from tower to tower so fast that it messes with the phone company, not the plane's systems.

1365 days ago


what a dumb bitch

1365 days ago
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