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Lindsay Lohan -- Advanced Retail Therapy

11/27/2010 7:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is a day late on Black Friday -- she hit up an outlet mall today located about 30 miles west of the Betty Ford Center.

Lindsay Lohan Shopping
Our spy says Lindsay hit up a few stores -- Gucci and Michael Kors among them. But sources close to LiLo tell us she wasn't shopping for herself ... she was Xmas shopping for friends and family.

Tis always better to give than receive.


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Dumas1000 at #27: You might be right that some of the mockers are looking for an undeserved apology. Lindsay doesn't need to apologize to the general public for being an addict. She might someday want to apologize to people in her life who have been hurt by her actions, and also the judges she and some of her so-called "supporters" have disrespected, but that's a private thing. (I have this fantasy of Lindsay showing up at the courthouse with thank-you flowers for Judge Revel and Judge Fox after she's been sober for a year...) I myself will be quite satisfied if she just never drives under the influence of alcohol or any other drug again, which is the whole point of the legal activities and all the general public has the right to demand of her. Well, that and respecting the instructions of the court ....

A lot of people are obviously annoyed with her because she's blown so many opportunities that others don't have, and because of the breaks she's had in the legal system since she can afford pricey lawyers looking for loopholes and huge gobs of bail bondsman fees while others wait in jail for their hearings. But she's occasionally been treated as "regular people", and even if she manages to stay sober long-term - she's going to have a long haul before she'll be routinely employable in Hollywood. I wouldn't want to have her life, despite the huge bucks she can rake in for just posing for a picture.

1432 days ago


Linsday may think she's cheating the system, but addiction will drag her down. Soon she'll be a broke out of work junkie

1432 days ago

dee cee    

Does that store sell coal.. because that is what her freaky-greedy family and enabling friends deserve for Christmas.

1432 days ago


#15 "Poor thing is re-habing prescription meds"...since when is COCAINE a "prescription med"? You're an idiot and she's no "poor thing"

1432 days ago


Why does she get out to do all this crap! She shouldn't even be able to leave if a court has ordered this. Throw her in jail for two years. Maybe then she'll get it!! What a joke....

1432 days ago


OMG- I thought Lindsay may have been a reincarnated Jean Harlow, but boy was I wrong! I have just woke from a dream where I was taken to the Chateau Marmont, seduced, and made love to by Jeans ghost in her old room! Man was she aggressive, and I aint Jokin!!!
I knew ghosts followed me, but this is insane!

1432 days ago


She would NEVER wear anything from an Outlet Mall, but she'll sure as hell buy it for friends and family. What a cheapskate.

1432 days ago


The Judge has ordered her to complete thr program
It is a 90 day program but she will be there for 98 and she has already done over 60 days.
Considering this is her 5th rehab and she is an actress seems like she has basically completed rehab and is just stuck there until Janaury.

1432 days ago

ann miller    

it must be nice to get sentenced to rehab only to be able to come and go when want.. she isnt learning a thing..she is a loser and just making a mockery out of the courts

1432 days ago


@annmiller Think before posting. Or at least do some research. She's on a schedule and gets free time like OTHERS in the program they have as many days as she does. She's not going out any time she feels like it. Go to the Betty Ford site and see the schedule before posting rubbish like that. It's stupid, absolutely stupid to conclude that somebody is always free based on some dumb pics taken of her when she goes out. They don't take pics of her most of the day when she could perhaps be doing tough rehab work, do they?

1432 days ago

for now    

The losers/haters/criminals have been saying for years that she's broke.
None of them earns as much as she pays her employees.
She gives more to charity than any of them earn.
She travels first class all over the world.
So of course they can't stand gorgeous Lindsay.

1432 days ago


What charity does or has Lindsay contributed to?
and- "gorgeous" Lindsay? Byfornow, is your whole life based on what your eyes can see? Lindsay is a very ugly person.

1432 days ago


To Anyone who knows-?
What ever happened with her attempt to get Tom Cruise--MrBigMovieStar- to respond or say something about her in media?
That was so pathetic linds. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid you think people are, I guess that's because you are so stupid. That was so obvious that you were fishing for a compliment, or some kind of acknowlegment, because, sure, that would be news if Tom Cruise talked out the Lo, suppose. and I never have seen anything about Tom cruise saying anything about you.
Anyone know if tom cruise said anything about Lindsays profound twitter message?
I can't believe you are so dumb to think that people can't see through you.
Oh, well, better you than me.

1432 days ago


#48 Lindsay has a mountain of scripts says the person working with Dina Lohan?
As IF anything, even repoting the moon is in the sky, as IF ANYTHING that comes from Camp Lohan is believable.
OMG. I really do feel sorry for these people now. They are mental. Like, brain-dead.
Yep, Lindsay, WOW US!

1432 days ago


Lindsay will never be able to stand in the shoes or shadow of the original drama queen and bombshell Jean Harlow. Im sorry to the spirit of Jean to ever think someone as low and as classless Lindsay could have ever been you reincarnated, truly.

1432 days ago
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