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Lindsay Lohan -- Advanced Retail Therapy

11/27/2010 7:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is a day late on Black Friday -- she hit up an outlet mall today located about 30 miles west of the Betty Ford Center.

Lindsay Lohan Shopping
Our spy says Lindsay hit up a few stores -- Gucci and Michael Kors among them. But sources close to LiLo tell us she wasn't shopping for herself ... she was Xmas shopping for friends and family.

Tis always better to give than receive.


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Don't worry Lucky, they are easy to forgive on that side.
Not so much on this one.
For good reason, when it comes to Lindsay. These posters who say, Aw, give her a chance, everyone makes mistakes.
Wow, what if there were like 10 times as many Lindsays and her stunts going on in this world. at what point wouldn't it be ok anymore?
Lindsay is a menace to society, she is a horror of a role model to young people, regardless of her looks or "amazing" talent. ever notice lindsays people use the word "amazing" "a lot? Guess they've never been to a museum.

1426 days ago


and what did Tom say anyway?

1426 days ago


those prices look pretty good, maybe she should shop there.

1426 days ago


@MaggieMayNot- Thank you for your insight.

1426 days ago


thanks for your comment. I don't know what was insightful, but it was nice to be able to write you, i have read some of your post before and you come across as smart. Poor Lindsay, really.
Hey, that story/pic of her in the gym? AS IF. What kind of gym would ALLOW the paps to just muscle in (haha) and harrass a BIG CELEBRITY? (Bigger Haha) How credible is that? Is that OK in California, to just push yourself into establishments where people are and take photos? And Lindsay protested, right, because she so wants her PRIVACY? Undoubtedly? Says Lilo: Oh, get these guys out of here, I'm working on my workout?
Gag Me! Pa-leeeese!
Lindsay you are only showing you are a moron, and it's really getting pathetic, like watching kittens drown.
Does anyone have any idea why Lindsay thinks that these phoney storys and this nonsense her reps put out, I mean, I am somekind of rare genius that I can see through all her manipulations? Come on, who is Lindsay actually kidding?
How sad is this really gonna get before she realizes, she's done for?
What a dummy!

1426 days ago


I bought DVDs of Herbie Fully Loaded, Georgia Rule, and like 30 copies of Mean Girls last week. I'm guessing she got the royalty check (just so you all can stop worrying where she earned her money for this shopping trip)

1426 days ago


Well I am all for sober living as it does help addicts transition back into the real world and for LL that would be the real world of shopping since that is all she does lol but she should of still got the 30 day sentence for the failed test.

The judge said she would get 30 days in the pokey for failing a test so he should of ordered to that and rehab. Addicts need to learn that there ARE consequences for their actions and by the judge allowing Linds to skate by on that did not help the matter at all.

Maybe if she had to go through the jail process and sit in a cell one more time even if it was just a day or so due to overcrowding at least it would have shown her she is not above the law, and that is a lesson this girl needs.

1426 days ago


#72 apparently you haven't heard, she has a mountain of scripts waiting for her.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jesus, If she ever really sobers up, as in her mind getting cleaned out, not just her body, she is gonna want to crawl under a rock in embarrasment for all the crap she has pulled all through this thing.
I'm voting with those that think she won't stay clean a month when she gets out. She isn't truthful about anything and that Tom Cruise thing was such a blantant effort for attention. That apparently did NOT get Tom a'running to be "supportive" of her.
I wonder when the truth hits if LL and her Dina, will they spontantously explode? Burst into flames? Something. It is going to be an ugly day when they finally figure it out.

1425 days ago


@Chuckit That quote from Vanilla Sky was a retweet. She says she loves the quote and it does seem pertinent in her life, does it not? And oh, blatant attempt for attention? She hadn't tweeted anything in months, that's why it's "newsworthy".

1425 days ago


I wonder if Lindsay is hanging out with Kelly Pavlik in the Betty Ford???

1425 days ago


She also refused to be pictured with fans while at Michael Kors. She rudely declined a young employee.

1425 days ago


She also refused to be pictured with fans while at Michael Kors. She rudely declined a young employee.

1425 days ago


This can't be true. I just banged her at the I-64 rest-stop east of St Louis.
I am so glad Lindsay and I are going to be a happy couple on the Eden II Alien escape craft.

1424 days ago


@dumas1000: I don't believe people are (as, at least) angry over the fact that Lindsay has not publicly acknowledged her addiction, as they are infuriated over how many breaks she's gotten and how easy the system has gone on her compared to any "normal" addict. My friend had a possession charge for a small amount of cocaine. He got 8 months in jail. Followed by 3 years probation. 5 years ago, I had a problem with prescription pills (which I know is what she is struggling with as well, as long as probably coke and/or meth) and was arrested for attempting to obtain OxyContin through fraud (fake prescription, it worked for years...)...that was my first (and only) arrest, so I got the Diversion Program and for the next two years, since I stayed out of trouble and have been clean 3 1/2, I got it expunged from my record. But I still spent a week in jail (longer than she did), did 100 community service hours, had to meet with an officer every month and be drug tested, and go to a bunch of classes. And this was my first arrest! Not to mention I HAD a VERY GOOD personal attorney. (I never had a jail sentence, I was just in there because I couldn't call anyone - you have to call someone with a landline.) I used to think jail wasn't the answer for addicts. But rehab, to addicts, is a joke. For MOST. I can say that because I was one (and admitted I was one the second I realized that I PHYSICALLY could not go without painkillers without getting disgustingly sick) and all of my friends were/some still are. The only thing that made me stop doing prescription fraud was being arrested and spending some nights in jail. Same with a lot of the friends I used to hang out with. The only change they should make, is after someone serves time for a victimless crime, it should be taken off their record. Especially after a few years. That convicted felon crap or even having anything on your record screws you for the rest of your life.
So no, I don't think Lindsay should apologize for being an addict. Just admit she needs the help. Why should she have to apologize for a disease she didn't ask for? But seriously, all the VOPs and charges she's gotten, and it's like how many more can she get away with before they put her in jail for good?! Do it as a favor for her before she overdoses and dies!

1415 days ago
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