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Prince William & Kate

An Astronomical Wedding Gift

11/27/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince William and Kate Middleton are a star couple -- TMZ has learned, an anonymous benefactor just dedicated a giant memorial to the young lovers ... in the form of a planet-sized ball of hot gas.

The President of the International Star Registry tells TMZ, someone bought the star in honor of the royal couple's recent engagement -- pretty badass ... because according to the certificate, the star will officially carry the couple's names for as long as it exists ... i.e. billions of years.

Too bad every single star looks exactly the same.


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Isn't this the same thing as neo pets? You buy a stuffed animal for like 15 bucks then log onto the site enter the info from the tag and a star is named after you.

Pretty low rent gift for someone of royalty. Great gift for little kids though.

1425 days ago


COOL! I have a star to that my parents bought for me for Christmas a long time a go. I wonder if their star is near by mine?

I have to go find my certificate again but I believe mine is near by the constellation Pegasus.

Sweet... I need to find my certificate to find my star again!

1425 days ago


@ Me

Yeah, I'm not so sure if it's anything like Neo Pets?... Never tried that... All I know is it's still f*cking awesome I have a star.

1425 days ago


Stop Spamming Junk lnlm66!

1425 days ago


Anyone can buy a star for someone for less than 20 bucks. I did it for a boyfriend when I was 16. Nothing special about it.

1425 days ago


your not buying anything ..your just wasteing money..the star you ummm own is also owned by 500 other idiots too..

1425 days ago


I hope TMZ got paid by the Star Registry for the commercial? They have filed for bankruptcy.

1425 days ago


Sounds like a nice idea, but sweet as it may sound, "Star Registry","Own moon land etc, simply prey on suckers.(and new ones born everyday) You can't sell something you don't own. Obviously they have never been there. Why not just sell them a planet instead? Why not sell them Jupiter, and have it it renamed "Bill and Kates Planet"
Big TMZ fan, but this is utter stupidity, and not news at all.

1425 days ago


Scam. It was revealed long ago that all these places that sell "stars" really sell you nothing because no official agency in the world recognizes that as your star, only the company that sold it to you does.

1425 days ago

The Night Sky Guy    

Registering a star with a commercial company is a very nice gesture, but it is not officially recognized by the International Astronomical Union, which looks after naming celestial objects. While it may seem like something playful these services do border on the fraudulent. - so just know what you are getting into - you are not getting anything more than a worthless piece of paper produced by about a half dozen for-profit companies - all of which can rename the same star over and over again. So what this means is that the certificate and star chart you get from the company is something you can do yourself - and save your money.

1425 days ago

Race care nut    

This royal wedding crap is getting very old, very fast.

1425 days ago

Mr Baxter    

The "Star Registry" is a total scam. I have to give it up to them with devising a decent scheme. When you name a star, you get some random one of billions. Also, your name means nothing, it's registered with the International Star Registry. NASA isn't going to check out "Bristol Palin" star.

In other news I started a sand naming company. Now you can name one grain of sand on the earth for only $49.99!

1425 days ago


Wow! Buying a star as if a star can be bought!! That's like saying, "I bought a piece of the sun and it only cost $100." LOL! That's un-real estate! This person bought a piece of paper. Btw, every star does not look exactly the same; stars have different colors and sizes.

1424 days ago


William has the same look and mannerisms as his Mom, whom I adored...they make a wonderful, down-to-earth couple (at least as much as they are able to be, given his position in life). Al the best to you Prince & Princess-to-be!

1424 days ago



1424 days ago
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