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Chia Obama -- Racist?

11/28/2010 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This commercial just ran in KCBS TV in Los Angeles, featuring a little stocking stuffer -- a Chia Pet, the Chia Obama edition. The question ... is it racist?

Obama's "do" is caricature-like and, standing on its own, makes the Prez look like someone from "What's Happening!!"

The commercial also hawks Chia Pets of two other presidents -- Washington and Lincoln.  But it's clear the Chia Obama is the selling point.

So we ask ...


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Christina G.    

Nearli, if you have to start a sentence with "why do whites", then stop right there, because you're about to make a racist comment. White people are black people too, you know.

1388 days ago


I think making a Chia pet of a president or presidential candidate show's pretty poor taste, and I do wonder why no other recent presidents have been featured, but I'm not convinced it's racist. It's opportunistic, but not racist.

I would like to add, though, to a couple of people who commented on how Obama and Halle Berry have white mothers and therefore cannot claim to be black--neither Obama nor Halle (or anyone else of mixed black/white heritage) made a choice to "be black"--society did that for them. When they walk outside their homes and into society, they are viewed by people around them as black. When they were in school, they were "black kids."

It stems from the Jim Crow era and the "one drop rule" and is an unfortunate reality of U.S. society.

1388 days ago


I agree with #26

1388 days ago


well if your face is green, then you are green,, and if your face was purple, then your purple,, so it stands to reason, if your face is black,, then you are black. just looking at this color wise..even white people with white face,that have a blck color parent, call thmselves black.. then it becomes a RACE, not a color.

1388 days ago


DUHHHHH-----Wake Up! EVERYTHING is Racist!

1388 days ago

Canadian Logic    

Everything's racist if we decide to view it that way. I agree that it's AWESOME! (So is having a person of colour be the President of the United States)

1388 days ago

Raw Shoshanna    

It's been said before, but I'll say it again.
The Chia Obama is NOT racist. "President" Obama IS a racist.
His comeback from any criticism of his failed policies is "Oh, you're just complaining because I'm black." NO, we're complaining because you SUCK as president, and you still haven't proven you're eligible to hold the office by providing a legitimate U.S. birth certificate. Go back to Kenya, you undo***ented worker, and take your aunt who was supposed to be deported with you.

1388 days ago


Making fun of Obama when he gets stitches (that is humorous?), having a story on the Chia pet - do you have something against Obama? He is the President - does his office deserve a degree of respect even from TMZ?

1388 days ago

Aaron Salmon    

That looks like an old picture of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong.

1388 days ago

george clooney    

Believe me, blacks will find it as being racists...because most of them ARE racists.

1388 days ago


Correction to previous comment #38 - last sentence. Does his office NOT deserve a degree of respect even from TMZ?

1388 days ago


Oh for god sakes... does EVERYTHING have to be about race? Get a f'g grip.

1388 days ago

Mississippi Girl    

Next to the Enquirer, TMZ is next most racist.

1388 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Odumbo's ears are not big enough.

1388 days ago


Who the crap are you now, Harvey, Jesse f**king Jackson? Don't try to stir up the racial s**t. The problem with Obama is that if I said I thought Bill Clinton or George W. Bush were "no good, mofo c**ksu*kers" nobody gave a crap. If I say the same thing about Obama, people say I'm a racist.

Bunch of total crap.


1388 days ago
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