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Chia Obama -- Racist?

11/28/2010 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This commercial just ran in KCBS TV in Los Angeles, featuring a little stocking stuffer -- a Chia Pet, the Chia Obama edition. The question ... is it racist?

Obama's "do" is caricature-like and, standing on its own, makes the Prez look like someone from "What's Happening!!"

The commercial also hawks Chia Pets of two other presidents -- Washington and Lincoln.  But it's clear the Chia Obama is the selling point.

So we ask ...


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Obama, Sharpton, Rangel and that crowd are the racist bunch, not a chia pet.

1402 days ago



1402 days ago


What a bunch of crap. But then what did you expect from a low life gossip rag that's desperate enough for advertising hits to play the race card over a Chia Pet?

Thanks TMZ... with this stunt you've finally motivated me to set up Firefox so that i'll never have to see another advertisers ad on TMZ again. TMZ's pages are horrible slowed down by them all loading from different servers anyway.

Good riddance to your advertisers TMZ. : )

1402 days ago


No, just retarded..and hilarious.

1402 days ago


Not Racist Just Doesn't Look A Damn Thing Like Him...

1402 days ago

Y do he got    

OTHELLO and the minstels ARE 500 years over with...MOVE ON jim crow`s

1402 days ago


The Obama Chia pet got pulled a couple of years ago. Maybe they released it again?!

I know I bought all of the comic books featuring him.
His face sells, no matter what the product is. Everyone thinks things will be worth a fortune but they are typically produced and sold in mass quantities.

1402 days ago


The Chia people missed the boat.

The Obama Chia Pet should have a fat lip and 12 stitches.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH I crack myself up.


1402 days ago


It's not racist. They are all stupid but not racist The racist card has no meaning anymore. Like the boy who cried Wolf, you hear it so much - it's meaningless. It's the whiners
battle cry - means nothing much like AL SHARPTON's big mouth -
just another excuse to bellyache. Grow up and get over it.
I'm offended by hearing people call others racist. Respect how others feel even if it doesn't match what you feel.

1402 days ago


WTF next? TIN PAN ALLEY? and blackface than THE SS nazis GROW UP that battle has been fought and won years ago 1440-1980 blackface in the ARTS? and seen last on TV in 1981.Even orson welles was a minstrel.TOTAL RACEISM what will TMZ try next? fireing the african american`s and going blackface? as long as they eat they would kill thier own mothers!.

1402 days ago


Obama's "do" is caricature-like and, standing on its own, makes the Prez look like someone from "What's Happening!!"

OK you "TMZ Staff" douchebag, remind me which Chia Pet DOESN'T look like it sporting an afro? Abraham Lincoln's? Nope, looks like an afro to me. George Washington's? Nope. Shaggy's, Scooby Doo's, Homer's, The Ram? Lady Liberty? Chia Shrek? Chia Cat? Chia Tree? Chia Sponge Bob? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

They all look like thay have afro's you f*cking dumba**. That's just the nature of Chia plants. But OMFG make a Chia head planter based on a wildly successful black politician and it's f*cking racist. *rolls eyes*

GTFO TMZ, you suck! Everyone else already beat this horse to death in 2008 when Chia Obama came out. This is like 2~3 year old "news", er i mean gossip. Lame ass stale gossip at that.

1402 days ago


Not racist, and, I'm sure it's smarter than he is....

1402 days ago

Pierre from Canada    

Imagine that, just in time for Christmas shopping.

1402 days ago


I can't believe Jesse Jackson has that much time on his hands to log in 11% of the time. Come on Jess.

1402 days ago


Why is it every single time something happens to be "black" its racist? Is everyone actually that insecure that it really has t be a racist issue? A few years ago there was a Bill Clinton mask at Halloween. It made him look White. Is that racist? Geeezzze, sounds childish to me.

1402 days ago
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