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Lindsay Wants Restraining Order Against Paparazzi

11/30/2010 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes she's being denied driving privileges because the paparazzi are constantly on her tail ... so she's asking her lawyer to get a restraining order prohibiting them from chasing her.

Lindsay Lohan Restraining Order
As we first reported, the L.A. County Probation Department -- along with the DMV -- have given Lindsay the green light to drive again. And Betty Ford was down with it as well. 

But sources involved in the decision tell TMZ ... just when Lindsay was supposed the get the keys, Betty Ford decided it was too much of a safety risk to put Lindsay behind the wheel, because the paparazzi were creating an unsafe driving situation.  

We're told Lindsay emailed her lawyer this weekend -- with pictures attached showing the paps following her -- asking the attorney to go to court for the restraining order.

Sources say no decision has been reached on whether a restraining order is a viable option.  In the meantime, Lindsay is still stuck in park.



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So it's the paparazzi's fault, not her driving under the influence... right.

1420 days ago

axeoftruth The zionists works on the internet to spread their lies! Go check it out!

1420 days ago


No judge will grant this type of RO. Vague and all inclusive naming no one particular photographer.

Ummmm no dice.

1420 days ago

Ciaran Finnegan    

This is probably BS. + Why shouldn't she be entitled to privacy?

1420 days ago


She flip flops with everything. Peen 1 week, Vag another. Look at me paps 1 week, leave me alone the next. I don't have proble 1 week, I have a problem the week. Oh well, we all love the freak show.

1420 days ago


She should be happy they chase her. They keep her relevant. What has she done but been in tabloids for years with stupid stories. They are essentially paying her bills.. ehh but shes too dumb to think that way.

1420 days ago


Yeah, now her bad driving issues are the paparazzi's FAULT? Hey, how is she going to pay for her EXPENSIVE REHAB unless she alerts the paparazzi of her comings & goings from rehab and her shots of "Retail Therapy" have got to bring in some cash for her to pay for rehab as well! She has no movies...these photo ops of her coming & going from rehab are her only source of income just now! Don't want to shoot yourself in the foot, here, Lindsay!!

1420 days ago


Sounds like a good idea. I mean, if she actually does want to recover, she needs to get the opportunity to go to AA meetings and counseling sessions without cameras flashing three feet from her face. It may not work out in court, but it's at least worth a try. On the other hand, if she's just going to go back to being an idiot the second she's out of Betty Ford, she better hope someone's taking a picture of her...Otherwise, she'll fade into oblivion. So sad what she's become, she was actually a talented actress as a kid.

1420 days ago


she hates them all of a sudden now cause they caught her in and out of rehab like she's living at home

1420 days ago


It will be really nice when Lindsay wins this. (I PRAY SHE DOES)
Keeping the pap at like 300 feet away would be REALLY NICE !!!
Luv Ya Lindsay :o)

1420 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

No, she only wants to play the pap game on her terms and order everyone about to her will. Dina probably told her that pics of her could be sold for more and that's probably really why. I wish her fugly cracked out duck face would go away forever and take all of her dumb, nasty buncha wankers and cons she calls a family with her! Never gonna happen Ducky, so flap the eff away and don't come back! Congratulations on being a serial drug and alcohol addict! Hit any baby carriages lately?

1420 days ago


Linds, seriously...

Keep on making the moves you have been lately and in short order you won't have to worry about the paps at all.

Just saying.

1420 days ago


It sounds like she is trying to establish some boundaries in her life. That is a good thing, but I don't see this restraining order being granted because it it too vague.

Why doesn't she just hire a driver? Her driving record is not so great, chasing someone down, DUI, running over a baby stroller, etc. I say get a driver!

1420 days ago


Probably to show Judge Fox that she doesn’t like the pap’s, because he intimated he didn’t like the Lindsay Lohan circus (but we she loves it).
Of course she cant stop the pap’s, but the effort still looks good in the judges eye. MWAH!

1420 days ago


I agree with the sentiment but with so many of these s*** sucking pieces of crap out there invading everyone's privacy because they are too lazy to ge real jobs, it will be impossible to name them all individually. Without individual names and several instances supplied showing they are indeed a danger for each and everyone of them, the court will be unable to issue a blanket warrant. Pathetic losers following her like vultures on a wounded animal waiting for her to screw up. Should be legal to shoot them.

1420 days ago
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