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'16 and Pregnant' Family -- Furious With MTV

12/2/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the families featured on this week's episode of MTV's "16 and Pregnant" is threatening to sue the network -- claiming producers schemed to portray them as reckless, unsupportive relatives.

Kathleen Green (left) -- the grandmother of baby daddy Isiah -- tells TMZ the network "defamed" her family because "nothing that aired is what happened" in real life.

Kathleen tells us MTV set up shots and heavily edited footage in the episode -- which revolves around Isiah, his baby mama Christinna (right) and the birth of their daughter Destiny.

Kathleen says she's particularly upset with a scene involving a DNA test she bought for Christinna -- claiming she came off as a cold-hearted bitch because MTV left out one key detail -- "They didn’t show that [Christinna] had told us she had had sex with some other guy."

Now, Green says her family wants to sue the network for defamation.

Calls to MTV have not been returned.


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I saw that show last night and was very upset with how Isiah's grandmother in particular was treating the pregnant mother. Even if there was some "creative" editing, we still saw and heard the things the grandmother said coming out of her own mouth. She was obnoxious, pushy, nosey, mean spirited, I swear it started reminding me of a modern day story of what Mary would have gone through back in her society when she became pregnant with baby Jesus. No I am not saying that precious Destiny is our saviour like Jesus, it just broke my heart to see this young girl already in a frightening situation having to also deal with that mean old witch of a grandmother. Isiah's fmaily was ganging up on Isiah, bullying him into doing what they think he should do. Making him feel bad for not taking that football scholarship, when in fact what he was doing was quite honorable by putting being there for his baby above his desier to play football. Hang in there young parents, believe in each other and your precious baby and don't listen to the rest of the selfish comments made by some of the other's including when Isiah's sister said, you can be there for the baby but you don't have to be there for the mama. I thought she was supposed to be the mama's good friend????

1418 days ago


well said cindy my g/f and i have watched that show for years catlyne mama was pretty mean but saw her own faults and excepted it

1418 days ago

Look it up    


Yes, I agree with you. All of these people are ridiculous and undeserving of fame or infamy. It just frustrates me when I see people use (specifically) Mother Teresa as someone to look up to. If that isn't what you were doing than I apologize.

1418 days ago


White trash, Black trash, Brown trash. The Asians are by far the smartest people in this country.

1418 days ago


Regardless of editing those words did come out of her mouth. No one told her to say what she said. Personally I think grandma, great grandma need to mind their business when it comes to this couple.

My son had a one night stand and two months later she told she was pregnant. For the entire time he tried to support her in any way that he could, but he insisted to me and anyone who would listen that they didn't have sex. Once the baby came there was absolutely no features of my son visable on that baby. None! So I insisted he do the DNA testing. It took him a couple of months to do it but because she was pressuring him to put his name on the birth certificate. Three days after sending in the test he got the results and he was happy as a pig. The baby wasn't his, and she insisted that the test was wrong. Low and behold some other guy came forward and claimed to have had sex with her, and it turns out he was the father.

In today's world unless your married or in a committed relationship a guy really doesn't know if he's the father until the baby is born. And I highly recommend that men do the test for peace of mind. The babies mother doesn't even have to know he did the test. You only need the baby and the father's swab to get the results.

1418 days ago


Grandma needs to check herself. This story line is about the couple who are pregnant. If Isiah wanted to give up the football career that's his decision and choice.

I think what he did was courageous and decent. He married his girlfriend when she got pregnant and because he probably loves her. Not many men as this show has shown step up to the plate and even acknowledge they are the fathers.

I hope they make it as a couple, but Isiah is going to have to cut the cord with his family. They did nothing but mess with his head the entire show and make Christina feel like garbage. Grandma not talking to Christina, but talking about her right in front of her. Who does that ?

Yes they are too young to have had the baby, but he's a stand up guy and did all the right things. He accepts his daughter no questions asked.

Sue grandma, sue ! Don't think you have a chance of winning. Defamation, is she for real ? If anyone defamed her it was herself. She came off looking bad because she was bad no matter how much the scene was edited and now suing shows just how bad she is.

1418 days ago


The family made themselves look that way, once again money for nothing. I hope MTV had a contract signed by them. I would hate to hear they got money.

1418 days ago


This is why I never watch REALITY TV. If people are that bored and tired of living and think these shows are not scripted and its all REALITY. Get a life...

If all of you want REALITY, take the rose colored glasses off and look at your own life. That's enough REALITY for me!!!

It's very sad that "Bad Behavior" is always getting rewarded.

1418 days ago

Patrick J. Jackson Sr.    

All i read was the title. I think it is about caring mothers with children that are pregnant at the time in there lives to where they get to choose what they wear and are actually , again, pregnant. The mothers allowed them to be on a television show because the pregnant children still have to have a parent and or guardian to be able to enter into a contract. Here is the clincher, they have no case because the production company that had/has them in contract were smart enough to have a contract in defense of those that will and would participate in getting a greater payday upon words and not facts. FACT is is that you prostituted your child for money because if it was because of a cause then you would ride the media train to give what it is that you have to give

1418 days ago


Do any of you people get out much. You mad ass reality tv watching complaining couch potatos. TV ROTS YOUR BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love a Rush Limbaugh wannabe

1418 days ago


at the very least this show is a contraceptive

1418 days ago


wow i hope you guys are perfect since your passing judgement and all....who is to say that these girls were whoring around. Most of them were in a relationship and look at our world today. Very few people now are virgins when they marry. As to what some of you wrote I pray you were since your casting stones. This show does glamorize teen pregnancy but it also shows the hard times of it. The choices they have to make are all hard ones that they have to live with for the rest of their lives. We had a huge problem with teen pregnancies before this show and its not going to increase teen pregnacies. Ask your cousins why they like the show and what they have learned from it. As for the grandmother how are you going to walk into the hospital room say the baby looks like you and then 2 months later bring up DNA tests?!?!?! Shame on you if you were that concerned you should have asked for one then and offered to pay for it as well. Dont wait 2 months bond with the baby and then be disrespectful and do what you did. You were wrong for that point blank. She could have moved with her mom but she stayed to stay with your grandson who impregnated her!!! She didnt get pregnant or married on her own, and you during the whole show acted like she single handidly did it all by herself and your grandson was the innocent party. I wish you the best but you knew what you were getting into when you agreed to do the show. God Bless you and yours and I hope you got the answers you were looking for.

1418 days ago


What did they expect? You are going on MTV, who wants ratings... Anyone that goes on reality TV and doesn't expect to be portrayed as something different should simply not go on at all.

1418 days ago


I'm sorry, what this really boils down to? This boy had a promising career in football, maybe even NFL worthy, although you never know he might make some college history, do amazing have the college record and blow an acl and never play again right? What g-ma is so butt hurt about? Her grandson grew a pair, and decided to do right by his actions. Gave up a college ed and possible NFL career to stand by his pregnant gf. G-ma saw nothing but dollar sign and dreams of a boy playing for the Panthers (hey had to pick the worst team right?). Not knowing if one day on the field he would just loose it all because of an injury or maybe die because of some unknown condition. What then? What would she have done had he said screw it, I am going to go to college, play ball and get drafted. Lets say that actually happend, and his first game out, he gets hit hard by a 350 linebacker and is paralyzed for life and can never make MILLONS and buy granny a lexus and a house? She gonna sue the NFL? Just another money hungry person in the world hoping to score big cash. What Isaiah needs to do, is try to go to college, even JR college and HOPE some recruiter is paying attention and helps him from there! In 4-5 years, he may just be NFL bound and could give his daughter everything she ever needed...provided he never sustains a career ending injury.

1418 days ago


I will ad, MTV does not just randomly seek them out, these girls can APPLY to be on the show....think about it..from what I am told, they get 5gs for going on it too! So g-ma probably feels that she was short changed or something. She is the one who came off in the wrong light, editing or no editing.

1418 days ago
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