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Audio Expert: Britney Recording Was 'Manipulated'

12/2/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A highly-respected audio expert tells TMZ ... Jason Alexander's recording of the woman he claims is Britney Spears "has been electronically stepped on."


Tom Owen of OWL Investigations, and Chairman of the Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee of Forensic Audio, tells TMZ, the tape was "doctored" to such a severe extent, there's no way to conduct a meaningful voice-recognition test.

Owen says the tape has been "stepped on at least 3 times." With noise reduction, equalization and removal of voice qualities such as natural timbre, sibilance and tonal qualities, it's impossible to determine whether Britney's voice is on the tape.

Owen says Britney has a "very vanilla voice" and that with manipulation it wouldn't be that difficult to make someone sound like her.


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lets see..if ur team Spears an you need to do damage control fast wouldnt it make sense to hire the most credentialed person in that field to be your mouth piece an shoot down the evidence??Im still of the belief its her..everyone is used to hearing babyvoiced brit or auto=tuned Brit an everyone forgets what she really sounds like..check out her old reality show an you ll realize its her..crappy tape job but her non the less..

1387 days ago


If you have ever listened to any of Brittany's songs, her voice is always manipulated to get in key, if not synthicized so you can't distinguish how bad her voice is.

1387 days ago


all i got to say happy birthday britney spears

1387 days ago


you can change the picture, change the headline all you want, but it still sounds the same. TMZ you've repeated this more than 3 times already. We KNOW its all fake. Move on already..............

1387 days ago


When you think of the physical style change of this guy since he became her boyfriend and the fact that he always looks under the influence of something and borderline angry looking when he is photographed with her, anything is possible. She's attempting to regain custody of her children and just, possibly, they are better off with their father who came to the rescue when she was at such a low point. If she/he wants a child, then they should have one together. Something is fishy with this story as JA can't be that stupid as to publish something that is not authentic.

1387 days ago


It's easy to sound like her without any of that. There are dozens of impersonators online who do a better Britney than that "Britney".

1387 days ago


It's easy to sound like her without any of that. There are dozens of impersonators online who do a better Britney that that "Britney".

1387 days ago


Jason Alexander from Seinfeld ought to start wearing a t-shirt: "I'm not THAT Jason Alexander..."

I imagine a lot of people are thinking it's him, I thought so too when I first heard about their drunken quickie marriage a few years ago, followed by a more sober quickie annulment. But THIS Jason Alexander of doctored tape fame is a friend (well, ex-friend by now) her own age from back in Louisiana.

1387 days ago


Some of you are absolute idiots. This is so obviously not Britney it's ridiculous that anyone would think it sounds remotely like her. Are you DEAF? My goodness, the Greek impersonator sounded better than for people saying you can tell Jason is messed up by his eyes? Really? I wish I had those powers. Whenever we see him there are 50 people taking his picture I'd be pretty fricken pissed too. Until Britney confirms that he's a bad guy then shut up, and get a life. If you don't like Britney then go away, you don't have to read about her or comment on posts about her. You taking the time to do so tells us you either secretly like her and are trying to prove that you don't or you are jealous that she has accomplished more in her life then you ever will, and you need to bring her down to make yourselves feel better.

1387 days ago


She is one scary chick!!

1387 days ago


You are right No. 30...she IS ONE SCARY and mentally ill chick...also No. 29 How much medication are you on???

1387 days ago


Wait - nobody's asking THE right question - Wouldn't Jason Alexander himself have one whale of a lawsuit if indeed this wasn't him bringing it to RadarOnline in the first place?

1387 days ago



1387 days ago
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