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Travis Barker Drums Up Cash for Injured BMX Stars

12/2/2010 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Travis Barker will give you his drums ... Rob Dyrdek will let you into his Fantasy Factory ... and a Phillies star will teach you how to hit -- all to help 2 badly injured BMX stars pay for their medical bills.

Travis Barker

UFC Prez Dana White is hosting a benefit at Vanity Nightclub in Vegas this Friday to raise money for TJ Lavin and Ty Pinney -- who each wound up in a coma in separate accidents last month.

Barker, Dyrdek and Shane Victorino are just some of the stars helping out -- we're told a bunch of celebs are also pitching in.

As for the BMXers -- Lavin is recovering slowly at home. Pinney is currently at a rehab therapy center in Vegas.

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South Side     

If you don't have enough money to pay for your medical bills then why the heck are you doing backflips on a bike in the first place? Darwinism at it's finest on Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, you be the judge.

1390 days ago


Let's be clear about something here:

- if you want to raise money for your buddies' medical bills, IT'S YOUR OWN DAM BUSINESS.
- if you don't agree with that logic, guess what: YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE THEM A CENT!
- does that make you a PATHETIC SH*THEAD if you have a problem with this? OH YEAH!

... That's it. Haters can all go to hell.

Posted at 1:40 PM on Dec 2, 2010 by MightyMad
yeah and your the bonehead who is talking to them like they are reading what you write..get better tj and ty ..they are braindead bmx'ers ,,how gaaaay is that..you dork

1390 days ago


I know Ty extremely well and have met TJ a number of times. Both amazing people. The benefit will be helping Ty directly and contributing to TJ's foundation that will help others as well.

Will be a great event!

1390 days ago


Why are they raising money for millionaire's medical bills?

1390 days ago


Do you really think its necessary to raise money for guys that already have money. On top of that for guys that chose to participate in an extremely risky sport. What about using your connections to raise money for people who actually need it?

1390 days ago


I feel badly for those guys but I wouldn't give money to their charity. When you do BMX you know that you are participating in a very dangerous sport where you could easily end up paralyzed or in a coma. I'd rather give my money to a cause where the victims didn't put themselves in their situation by being reckless.

1390 days ago


Sorry I can't donate. I just donated all of my money to the Kim Kardashian ass surgery and the Donald Trump Hair Transplant.
Anyone who donates to these millionaires is a true idiot.

1390 days ago


How about raising money for the soldiers that are coming home with their legs blown off and they only make about $20,000 a year? They weren't out trying to get rich in BMX, they were fighting for their country. That's they should be raising funds for.

1390 days ago


Give money to people who really need it these guys are STARS!!!!!

1390 days ago


To all of you talking crap about these 2, grow up. Ty is my brother, He's just doing what he loves and unfortunately took a bad spill and wound up in the hospital. He looked up to TJ as a professional BMX rider when he was growing up, they're actually really good friends today. Nobody is asking you to help but any of it is appreciated. Keep your disrespectful ass comments to yourselves.

Let me just also add. Ty isn't a millionaire, he just rides BMX for fun. He was riding at TJ Lavin's house when he got hurt. He makes $45k as a graphic designer a year and does have medical insurance, but it wont be enough. Please know what you're talking about before you open you mouth and spew out that nonsense.

1390 days ago


just goes to show one trip to the hospital can break you in a heartbeat. Stay healthy everyone.

1390 days ago

Brittany Spaulding    

Let me tell you dumb ****s something- BMX is a sport, a sport of entertainment. There's lots of fans and people involved in BMX just because it ain't YOUR thing doesn't mean you have to bash it. It's something they loved to do and mistakenly got hurt in it. I'm sure you watch dyrdek skateboard and travis play drums now if they got hurt doing something they love I'm sure you'd feel bad. BUT YOU GUYS LOOK FOR ANYTHING YOU CAN BASH ON. Of course you wouldn't know what them or their family and friends are going through because you just sit at home and hate on people on the internet. Bet you feel tough. If you don't want to spend your money helping THEN ****ING don't, gtfo and donate money to yourself to buy a ****ing life.

1390 days ago


All of you complaining about celeb's asking for money, if you knew Ty, you'd know why TJ and Dana White are asking for help, he's not a pro BMX'er, he rides cause he loves to, he works a 9-5 job like the rest of us, his injuries were much more severe and they both need the help badly. He's lucky in the fact that he has close celeb friends that want to help because of what a down to earth great guy he is. Don't judge till you know the entire story. Jealousy is ugly and it doesn't change the fact that every day TJ and him are dealing with a major injury that none of you could probably ever handle. Get over yourselves.

1390 days ago


If you think they should focus on other charities that you think matter, just a heads up, TJ Lavin has donated to several charities over the years, giving his winnings to local charities here in Vegas including http://valleyautomall.com/community.cfm#art2. Dana White and the UFC has hosted more charity events then I can count, 3-Square which is coming up this month to help feed hungry families and a fight for the troops in a few months in Forth Worth Texas. Do your research before bashing people. There's plenty of love to go around. Some people are givers, the rest of you are bitter haters.

1390 days ago


Get real.....pay your own damn bills. You make plenty, which im not sure why! We got men and women serving and when they come home you dont see benefits for them to help raise money for what they need! You guys kill me.....get a life!

1390 days ago
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