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Erin Barry: I DID NOT Have Affair with Tony Parker

12/2/2010 10:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman named in the alleged Tony Parker sexting scandal is finally breaking her silence -- adamantly denying that she had an affair with Eva Longoria's husband.


Erin Barry -- wife of Tony's former teammate Brent Barry -- just went to her website and wrote, "I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH TONY PARKER, nor did I 'pursue' Tony Parker."

She continues, "Unfortunately, because our divorces are occurring at the same time, great speculation has been cast on our friendship."

"My friendship with Tony Parker had nothing to do with the end of my marriage (which is painful enough without this added drama), and to assume that we had an affair is naïve, ridiculous, and completely misguided."

See the entire statement after the jump ...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Greetings all,

It has been brought to my attention that people who do not know me think that I have had an affair with Tony Parker. I have received hundreds of emails and phone calls from supportive friends who do know me and know that what is being insinuated about me is a complete lie. I am so busy with my children and law school studies that to take even a few moments out of my day to address this ludicrous issue is an annoyance. I only take the time to explain myself because apparently my silence, as a result of my indifference, has been construed as an admission of guilt. These are my words and this is the last you will hear from me on this subject because I have more important things to do.

I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH TONY PARKER, nor did I “pursue” Tony Parker. Unfortunately, because our divorces are occurring at the same time, great speculation has been cast on our friendship. My friendship with Tony Parker had nothing to do with the end of my marriage (which is painful enough without this added drama), and to assume that we had an affair is naïve, ridiculous, and completely misguided.

Every day I dedicate myself to being a good person and the best Mom that I can possibly be for my two beautiful children. I pride myself on being a Mom first, an advocate for abused children second, and a law student third. Those are the things that are of the utmost importance to me. I have spent my adult life fighting for children who have been victimized so forgive me for not caring when someone tells me that my name is being dragged through the mud.

Salacious rumors are not what keep me awake at night. What keeps me awake is wondering how the 5-year-old who was taken away from her abusive family is sleeping during her first night in a children’s shelter. I worry about friends fighting overseas and whether or not they will return home to their families. I worry about the health of my children, my family, and my friends. I worry about soccer uniforms, carpool, immunizations, baseball practice, paying the bills on time, grocery shopping, the kid’s homework, and so many other things that may seem menial to some people; but to me are everything. Right now I worry about my law school finals… being a first year law student is much scarier than dealing with gossip!

Happy Thanksgiving. My family and I want thank our troops and their families for their sacrifices that enable us to enjoy our freedoms this holiday season.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. While you are here I would encourage you to get involved with (or donate to) the children’s organizations that fight child abuse and neglect in San Antonio or your part of the world.

God bless you and your family,

Erin Marie Barry
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Ok lets see and speculate a bit here

Eva starts to miss tony, she creates an excuse why she must meet him (yes girls do this when they see their man especially younger guy move on without caring)

She meets him, she begs I want you back, its lonely the holiday season, can we get erin to put out a statement so when I take you back I dont look like a complete fool.

Erin posts what she writes

Eva will announce that she and tony will make things work

she once again goes on a bragging binge and shows that stupid lovey doven side

Once again he gets tired of a girls older when he has younger girls never married all over him

Eva breaks up again

Cycle restarts

THERE IS LITTLE doube that this release by erin was for the sake so eva can announce that she wont divorce tony

AND THE TRUTH IS she should not, shes 35, yes there will be plenty guys to date her, but marry her? dont think so, and whoever she will marry, chances are they would cheat, men cheat, dont matter who what when where, only those who cant cheat because they dont know how to find a girl or are slobs or poor etc dont

1370 days ago


I do not believe a word she is saying and someone who has to go out of their way to say what a great person she is, is even more suspect to me. I seriously doubt Eva would have ended her marriage because nothing was going on with Erin. PLEASE!!!! Erin is just worried this will effect her settlement.

1370 days ago


Yeah right, she was texting Tony over a hundred times in one month?? I'm sure they were just talking about all those "abused Children" she advocates for. And I'm sure when she couldnt sleep at night because her divorce that she is going thru is soooo painful, she called Tony. All I can say is ERIN I'M NOT BUYING IT! YOU'RE A LIAR!!

1370 days ago


Rich people are funny

1370 days ago

beauty with questionable brains    

the most disturbing thing about the statement is her ignorant "patriotic" rant about how the soldier's "sacrifices that enable us to enjoy our freedoms this holiday season." no ms. law student, soldiers have been duped to thinking they are defending our freedoms but in reality they are there because of oil (industry and government in bed together for pure greed). i guess texas law schools do not teach facts or critical thinking.

1370 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

She may not have pursued him nor have an affair. But it's what she is not saying. Tony must have pursued her at some point.

1370 days ago


@Jenny..... VERY interesting theory!!!! Im gonna hop on board with you!!!!

1370 days ago


I would constitute sending hundreds of flirty text messages as having an affair. An affair is betrayl, not just the actual physical part to a marriage, and for-the-record, they probably did hook-up at some point, if there were hat many sexy/steaming text messages.

1370 days ago

West Vasquez    

Too little, Too late. I wonder why she does not mention the "sexting". It is the reason for the new divorce case. Who knows what the hell she was doing to cause the original divorice.

1370 days ago


Well if Erin didn't do Tony it was her screw up! Because if a couple is going to exchange sexually explicit texts they might as well go all the way because that's what it looks like to everyone regardless of what really happened. So assuming they only exchanged suggestive texts then not only is Erin a ho, she's a stupid ho.

1370 days ago


lair, lair, lair- cheater cheater cheater!

1370 days ago


Wow talk about self indulgent....no one cares what you do you are nobody, go back to your boring life.

1370 days ago


What she did was a form of cheating... damaging to a relationship/marriage...

1370 days ago


You worry about soccer uniforms? That was random. To place your worries about soccer uniforms (when you live on a very high income) in the same paragraph as your concerns over abused children is disturbing. We get it, you think you're a good person. You can go back to your "indifference" now.

1370 days ago


Lets see You were just having a innocent little flirting with Tony. who is a married man............

You flirt by senting a picture of your ho-hi and a picture of your boobies but its just innocent fun !!!

But you are a good girl , and poor law student and a patriot,
hell the only thing you didn't do is recite the Pledge of Alligence........... to proof what a good ,innocent girl you are.

You are about as innocent as Blanch Moore aka The Black Widow who is right now residing on NC's dead role.

Sorry I'm a old fashion kind of gal, after I had kicked the lying cheat husband out of the house I would have come after you and pulled out every hair on your lying head and ho-hi out
that you seem to love to show off ...

Just because you didn't ???? do the act does not make what you both did innocent in any sence of the word.....

1370 days ago
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