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Octomom: Pay Up or Get Out!

12/2/2010 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who holds the note to Octomom's house says he's fed up with her empty promises, and now wants her to pay $450,000 plus interest by New Year's Eve ... or get the hell out.

Octomom Home: Pay Up or Get Out!

Amer Haddadin says he's been plenty understanding when Nadya Suleman fell behind in making her monthly payments.  A $450,000 balloon payment has been looming over Octo for months -- it becomes due every time she falls behind in making payments.

But Amer says she's fallen behind again and now he's had it.  So Amer tells TMZ he just served Octo's lawyer with a letter demanding she pay the full $450,000 balance plus interest by December 31 or get out of her La Habra home.

Octo has been saying for months ... she's broke. 

Something's gotta give.


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OK somebody help me out here....when she moved into this house I'm almost positive I heard her dad say he purchased the house in his name for her. Now I've been seeing this dude for the past few months...what gives?

1421 days ago


....I agree with you, Bruno. Her childrewn are no more special than any other living child. If she is experiencing hard times..thenshe should cut curtail her financial squandering to disneyland, the gym, her mani-pedi-fake eyelash nausea, ad nauseum.If she cannot afford the house....find cheaper a cheaper and perfectly viable lifestyle. In less than two years, this woman has spent exhorbitant amounts of money...the source of which is attributed to WC,Social Programs, Student Loans...God knows what else... Basically it transfers into the far as I can see..except of course for her media opportunities..And she could not manage properly, more than a million dollars in one year.........? Could she not invest properly...? the best interest of her children and their future...Where really, is her money...? Give her money.......why throw good after bad...? Only a fool would give her money. What?wWe should work hard to support our own family..and add the financial support of her family to each of ours.....?

1421 days ago


You definitely have a way with words...

Every time you see her holding those trapped babies, it looks like one of those wildlife commentators on some talk show and their captive animals all trying to bolt from the studio....

The comparison is true, and it's a chilling thought.

1421 days ago


Have no fear America.... Papa Doud to the rescue. Remember, he said he would NEVER let his family go homeless. Don't forget... Ed Doud and Amer are FRIENDS! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!

1421 days ago


Why does this Amir douche write this bogus do***ent on what appears to be toliet paper and demand "interest". How much interest does he want? One dollar, 5%, 10%, how much???? This loser is in on this clown car trainwreck and I am getting sick of his antics.

Why does Britney Spears have a court ordered conserverator (who is her father) to manage her money and Octo Slob is allowed to squander taxpayer dollars on luxuries for herself? Britney is responsible for only two children, while Octo Pig is responsible for FOURTEEN!!!

Eyelash extensions, endless mani-pedi's, trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Starbucks, Tory Burch shoes, MAC cosmetics, Bebe clothes, "organic meat", are all luxuries this welfare queen cannot afford and should not be legally allowed to squander money on.

This mentally ill dimwit has proven time and time again to be incapable of making even basic life decisions (like should I go to Disneyland or pay my rent, should I spend money on a tummy tuck for myself or fix my kids cleft palatte) yet Child Protective Services sits back and does NOTHING. This woman is sick, sick, SICK! Those kids are in danger. She cannot even tie her own shoes, she lives in a fantasy world where money grows on trees and magically appears without having to expend any life energy to earn it, yet nobody steps in to help these kids.

This whole things reminds me of what happened to the Jews in WWII while the whole world stood by and did nothing. Jewish children were thrown in ovens while the entire world did nothng.


1421 days ago


In the words of Suze Orman.... You can't afford it. When you continue to live in a home you refuse to pay for it's called grifting...squatting. Move into Section 8 housing, get your food stamps along with your government checks and GET REAL! Your scam has become tiresome and your children must be mortified. Enough already.

1421 days ago


Maybe she is going through narcisstic withdrawls. Her need for attention has her uterus crying out for her remaining 29 frozen embryos. She needs public donations to pay for her next round of IVF treatments.

1421 days ago


Someone should send a bunch of videos of the caged, zombie, non responsive children to Whittier Christian School. That's where the other six children go to school, and in a about a year and a half she will dump the eight there. They might as well be fully informed of the mess they will inherit. I think if they knew that the babies are already behind developmentally, they would be quite concerned. We all know that CPS won't care until she kills a few of them. Nadya must have some respect for the staff and faculty of the school and maybe she will listen to them. If you knew you were going to be hit with a time bomb (or eight) wouldn't you want to have some notice? It's for the babies' sake.

1421 days ago


Here is the contact for the preschool program at the Newlin branch of Whittier Christian. They take non-potty trained two year olds, so she'll be dumping them soon. She ain't gonna change no dirty diapers. She's got better things to do and potty training isn't one of them.

1421 days ago


So how do you think she's going to be paying for Whittier Christian for 14 kids by the next 1.5 years. She doesn't even ge t the group she has their now in time.

Think WC are going to be willing to devote half a classroom at a time to her kids?
Or that parents are going to want to be shorted on their own kids time for all the extra attention these kids probably take up every day? Sooner or later, at such very steep prices, those parents are going to figure out they are subsidizing the conseqences of breeding feral children by short-changing their own kids.

1421 days ago


... this story will never en(d).....

1421 days ago


Oh poor destitute Octopus.y! this isBULLSH.t! she probably called TMZ her self because Kate was getting all the ROL atention these days. Hey Nads...Your still a bad mom who does not put her kids first! think of your precious 14 kids ...if you did you would have gotten your son's lip fixed a long time ago! and you would not spend 3 hours a day at the gym! and be seen all over the OC hood feeding your kids fast food! sweetie when I see your kids they never act like they like you. So sad!

1421 days ago


Wait a minute, hasn't he been talking about evicting her since last year. I had thought he put her out already.

I think he keeps blowing off steam so someone with big bucks will feel sorry for Nadya and her 100 kids and come up with the money. LOL. TLC should give her a show. They got the Duggars with 19 kids, some other family with 12 kids and a couple of families with sextuplets. Nadya would fit right in.

1421 days ago


Rather than complain, Mr. Haddadin should go ahead and file the necessary eviction papers since Octomom has reneged, again. She doesn't seem to be serious about honoring this obligation. Going back and forth with her and her attorney is simply useless. It's going to take something as serious as an eviction to knock some sense into this woman. I suspect that deep down inside, Nadya Suleman really can't cope with reality unless it slams her in the face. I can't help but feel sorry for all of her children because they are innocents who didn't ask to come here. She's suppose to be looking out for their best interests and with so many children, she doesn't seem able to make any sacrifices on her part to do so. A conservatorship should be set up for these children and Nadya's custody temporarily suspended until she can prove that she's capable of making better decisions.

1421 days ago

And thats the truth    

TMZ showed her a few months ago and I am about 98% positive that she has had breast implants or at least a breast lift. One of the posters stated that his wife saw her at Macy's getting measured/fitted for a bra which sounds correct if she just got them done. She cant pay for her house but she can pay for that.

Both my husband and I work our tails off and I have to shop at Ross. She shops at Macys and does not work at all. I cant even tell you what the inside of a Macy's looks like. There is something wrong with this picture.

She claims that she hurt her back while she was working and can no longer work. I had a slipped disc in my back that was pinching a nerve, and I had to be back at work after 6 weeks no matter how much pain I was in. I can say right now that there is no way she could of been walking around while pregnant with 8 babies with a back injury.

1421 days ago
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