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Octomom: Pay Up or Get Out!

12/2/2010 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who holds the note to Octomom's house says he's fed up with her empty promises, and now wants her to pay $450,000 plus interest by New Year's Eve ... or get the hell out.

Octomom Home: Pay Up or Get Out!

Amer Haddadin says he's been plenty understanding when Nadya Suleman fell behind in making her monthly payments.  A $450,000 balloon payment has been looming over Octo for months -- it becomes due every time she falls behind in making payments.

But Amer says she's fallen behind again and now he's had it.  So Amer tells TMZ he just served Octo's lawyer with a letter demanding she pay the full $450,000 balance plus interest by December 31 or get out of her La Habra home.

Octo has been saying for months ... she's broke. 

Something's gotta give.


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And the same story will pop up again with the guy saying the same old thing early next year. WTH just get it over with already. I was all about Octo being a freeloading leech but this guy is just an idiot if he thinks she'll pay that off.

1418 days ago


hey kimdya/mssardya/etc

Have you noticed somethng differnt about these posts?

People sound a lot madder. You don't just fail so much worse each time, you are really aggravating people who don't steal for a living.

This is nothing but Deja Scam cooked up by your lawyer and you've blown it totally now that the world knows you had a doctor DELIBERATELY implant you with 12 fetuses. Thereby severely endangering every one of those babies. Now it's just leftto see how many will be maimed for life.

Think people will start liking you any better when they see how many kids come out of some public housing and onto the short bus every day for the rest of their lives?

1418 days ago


Again? Ho-ho-hum. Throw them all out. Nobody cares anymore. They can land in the local homeless shelter like everybody else's family when mommy won't work and doesn't pay her bills.

1418 days ago


Simple fix. All she needs to do is place a call to her attorney and withdrawl money from her tax shelter, Harmony Enterprises or stock portfolio. Too bad she drags her feet when she is called to task to take care of the 14 kids she (along with science) created.

1417 days ago


Dammit! Give him what he really wants like you always do and you'll keep your house for a few more months.

1417 days ago

Big Taters    

Why aint she trickin?

1417 days ago


Why aint she trickin?

Because there are probably way too many skanky looking trannies under the overpass already.

1417 days ago


What's done is done - why doesnt anyone help her to make a living for her children. It is not their fault she is their mother. Why is everyone willing to help Kate with her bratty 8 at least Kate can go back to being a nurse if she neededs too. This woman has nothing!

1417 days ago


As to how she has paid for the private school for all of her kids while she's been on welfare, private schools often offer financial scholarships or reduced pricing for hardship. This is a religious private school so they probably offer even more charity. She's a scammer so who knows what story she concocted on her applications.

1417 days ago


What's done is done - why doesnt anyone help her to make a living for her children.Posted at 4:24 PM on Dec 3, 2010 by thedenise

Because there are literally millions of people with children out there who are having hard times who DIDN'T plan their own bad situation and who aren't pissing away what few dollars they have on frivolous crap for themselves who are way more deserving of our help. They come first. Suleman is so far down the line on the list it ain't even funny. She'd better start looking for a job.

1417 days ago


Nadya, either do the porn or crap out some more kids.

1417 days ago


Man, please do it this time- kick her the hell out of there. Restore my faith in god.

1417 days ago


Everyone knew Octomom’s next planned cash donation fraud scheme would be the holidays – it would not shock people if Octomom sets up holiday cash donation drop buckets outside the places she blows the money.

1416 days ago


#101 This woman has nothing!
So what was it exactly that she had BEFORE she ordered her doctor to implant her with 12 MORE babies in one go?

You might want to google mssarcia or kimba10 (on ROL). That would be Nadya Suleman. For 3 years she pursued the Duggars and Gosslins screeching all over the Internet about the money they were getting for being on TV. And then what do you think Nadya Suleman did? And if she didn't spend so much time during the day writng daily fanmail to herself, 3 hour afternoons at the gym and scarfing down spendy trendy fast food afterward while feeding her kids a prison menu, she might actually have had time to get a job. Or frigging mind her own kids.

Face it Badczech. No matter how many snarky pro-Toxomom emails you post, nobody is going to donate again just so that she can buy shoes to match her moneybags. It's done,done done. And its so OVER.

1416 days ago


Greedy child neglecting Octomom will not spend money for the kids to get haircuts some of the little boys look like little girls with messy uncombed hair and often undressed.

1416 days ago
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