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Octomom: Pay Up or Get Out!

12/2/2010 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who holds the note to Octomom's house says he's fed up with her empty promises, and now wants her to pay $450,000 plus interest by New Year's Eve ... or get the hell out.

Octomom Home: Pay Up or Get Out!

Amer Haddadin says he's been plenty understanding when Nadya Suleman fell behind in making her monthly payments.  A $450,000 balloon payment has been looming over Octo for months -- it becomes due every time she falls behind in making payments.

But Amer says she's fallen behind again and now he's had it.  So Amer tells TMZ he just served Octo's lawyer with a letter demanding she pay the full $450,000 balance plus interest by December 31 or get out of her La Habra home.

Octo has been saying for months ... she's broke. 

Something's gotta give.


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Sammy and donedonedone, Kimba10 / Mssarcia is not Nadya. She is some ghetto dweller from the hood. Google her name and read all her comments on blogs and videos. She lives 3000 miles away. She has every right in to world to post her opinion just as we do, but it's definitely not Nadya. It's worse because that means there are two totally delusional people on this earth.


1397 days ago



You are wrong. mssarcia and kimba10 really are Nadya Suleman. You think an attention junkie like her is not going to be posting on line? And what do you think that person would sound like, anyway. Funny how all mssarcia's and kimba10's posts are word for word what Toxomom spews when ever she is on TV. And it's precisely the same old same old from square one. Some coincidence, huh?

And it is very interesting to google back to the beginning and read all the Duggar/Gosselin posts. It clearly shows how this sociopath evolved her "opportunity" scam and why---$$$$$. And what happened when it didn't work out for her. In case you haven't noticed, it is everyone else's fault that Nadya Suleman did not literally become the next Angelina Jolie. And haven't you noticed how evil Kate and the Duggar clan really are.

She is going to make a future out of whining on-line about this for decades on sites that are too small for all the very funny imitators that have cropped up to bother with her.

Ironically she herself imitates ghetto to try and disguise who is writing. Faking identities is a true sociopathic characteristic and she hears ghetto from the highly skilled daily laborers that come in to nurture her kids.

It is also a lot easier to type ghetto when you are using and toasting. You can always read it when she is upping her dosage. The words are so much smaller. And she finally and invariably dissolves into childishly incoherent insults.

Any writer can spot her deliberately misused dialect. It is sooo systematic and very obviously forced. No true ghetto speaker would speak with that unbalanced syntax. It's just Nadya Suleman's tweak talk. For her it is not whether she is good or bad. it is that somene needs to be noticing her. She doesn't care in the least about being hated. She minds horribly about the idea that she is already on the way to being forgotten.

1397 days ago


ddd - her posts don't go back that far, they may show up on someone else's website, youtube video, or blog that was originally posted three years ago, but her actual posts are much more recent. see for yourself - google her name, and then uses the "show search tools" button to set a custom time range for your search. yes at first glance it looks like she posted back in 2007 on some sites, but if you go on the sites and find her actual posts they are much more recent. dumb as a doorknob, but not nadya (dumber than nadya to miss the elephant in the room like she does, but then again sounds like she is an elephant)

1397 days ago


OFTLG!! Kick her out, every time she get's a reprieve - do me a favor, just kick her out lol!! $450k by Dec 31st, well hey now everyone knows what Octomum wants for Christmas - money, money, money lol!! If she comes up with the full $450k, I want a full list of the contributors names (with amounts) printed in a name and shame article!! This ho get's away with doing nothing all of her days except being famous for having 13 kids and no financial way to support any of them, with a massive desire to look like and emulate Angelina Jolie!! Tie her to a chair and make her earn a living, instead of letting it be known "Oh, I can't pay my bills, the kids won't get prezzies, pity me, pity me, I need money NOW!" lol!!

1397 days ago


You are going to have to come up with a lot more solid proof than that to convince me that mssarcia/kimba10 isn't Toxomom. It's as clear to me as the thumbs on my hands.

I have no idea why you think otherwise,but,hey,knock yourself out believing that she has a single fan somewhere that she hasn't made up for herself. There is a gullible person born every minute.

If you play around with advanced google, you can look within each site to see when she first showed up there. She has been stalking the Duggars for years and years. And Kate Gosselin really should get a lawyer to follow up on the defamatory statements Toxomom regularly posts about her. Like Kate G. could really care less what some broke psycho thinks of her.

1397 days ago


I don't see that. I went to advanced google but really don't see what you're saying. Go into more detail as to your process. I want to see. Give me a couple of specific websites, threads, blogs, posts where this is. I'm just not seeing it. Nadya is the biggest scammer on earth and most definitely she hit on her plan by seeing these other breeders get rich. Everything that you write about is absolutely on target. I just don't see the "paper trail" on line.

1397 days ago


I'll make it easy for you. Watch Suleman's interviews with Oprah and the View and Ann Curry,etc. It should be easy because sh has a very limited storyline and she sticks to it word for word.

Then read mssarcia's posts. Same exact words in the same order given as the same lies no matter what you ask her. And the excuses are exsactly the same too. It' part of her delusion syndrome. Delusions are very limited things to have. They don't encompass much other than the orginal fixation. They don't change over time. Niether are the mssarcia/kimba10 posts.

So with thtat in mind let me ask you again edward. Don't you think Suleman is posting? And what do you think those posts would sound like, anyway?

And if youread the Dugggar/Gosselin posts they read in the exact same way. And I woin't even get into her MJackson fixation on youtube. Or Disney.
This is one desperately fame-crazed wannnabe who bet her whole wad on a horribly ultimate price that has ruined the entire lifetimes of 17 people besides her own (I'm not counting her lawyer because I don't consider a predator like him a person).

And she isn't losing gracefully. Everybody knows its over but her.

1397 days ago


All I'm saying is that I don't see the posting history of years and years. I would truly like to see it. It doesn't matter why I think or don't think it is or isn't her. That's subjective. If I see the proof of it one way or another, that is objective. Show me the "paper trail". If I'm wrong I'd be happy to admit it.

1397 days ago


I think this is a scam, Amer, Octomom,and her Lawyer are all in on it together. Funny how they say she is broke and never has time for herself, that its just her taking care of the kids twenty four seven, no Nannies!! PLEASE!!!!!! but continues to go to the Womens Gym by the Brea Mall everyday. Where are the kids????

1396 days ago


These 8 poor infants should "Never" been sent home with this unstable person to begin with. I wonder if 33 hospital employees had not breached her hospital records, if these infants would be in Foster-Adopt homes? Getting the love, attention and the early intervention they need. Shame on the Institution that was supposed to heal and protect them.

1396 days ago


Edward, you can also tell it is OctoLeach because she knows too many details of Fraudia's life and daily rounds to be some stranger that lives 3000 miles away. She gives specific details that only someone very close to her would know or it is her. I believe it is her! No one will convince me otherwise as I have followed her posts for about the past yr and seen numerous times, very intimate details...just my opinion. As for her begfests, she probably has more money than Kate stashed in her fake company. Daddy Doud signed the paperwork for the house over to the fake company for a reason. I also believe Daddy Doud and Amir are in this scam together. Just a coincidence both are from the Middle East and they just happen to buy that house, when there were cheaper ones just as large in the area? If she is so broke, how can they afford cable in every room etc?? The kids have so many toys now, what more could she buy them for Xmas even if people sent money? She would just sell them at her next fake yard sale, as she did the strollers. I cant believe CPS hasnt checked out how she has the Octuplets in those cribs with covers over the top so they cant escape. She probably leaves them alone, trapped while she goes and works out. I THOUGHT CPS CARED ABOUT KIDS...MY MISTAKE! No one is even investigating...unreal!!

1394 days ago


I apologise.I am missing part of my post....I thought that I had corrected and sent off the corrected, I will redo it .....

1388 days ago


I support Octomom. All you haters out there. She's taking better care of her kids than some of you losers out there and thats the truth. So you all just shut up.

1339 days ago
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