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Mark Wahlberg

I Could Knock Out

Manny Pacquiao

12/3/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Wahlberg claims he's had so much real-life fighting experience -- he could knock out Manny Pacquiao ... if he could catch the dude with a suckerpunch.

Wahlberg was on the "Dan Patrick Show" this morning -- where he revealed that he "clocked" a guy in a L.A. nightclub recently ... and "fish hooked" some guy's eye socket during a rumble at a Patriots-Jets football game a few years ago. Crazy violent stuff. 

But the most shocking part -- Wahlberg, who trained as a boxer for his new movie "The Fighter" -- thinks he could K.O. Manny Pacquiao ... if he could land a suckerpunch to the side of his head.

Wahlberg explains, "If I can choke him and wrestle him than that's it ... but I don't want to be, you know, getting picked apart by him ... that's not a good call."

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How much did DP get paid for that? Is the audio of TMZ calling DP on this recording???

1419 days ago

Common Sense    

Like DW said, sucker punched and maybe hogtied

1419 days ago


Manny would beat the living s*it out of Wahlberg. Wow the guy makes a boxing movie and thinks he can beat up one of the best boxers in the world. Yeah, o.k, sure.

1419 days ago

todd lee    

you know, i like Marky Mark as an actor, i always have but he really is a ****y son of a bitch, he thinks hes gods gift to the world....and he's not!! Just for opening your mouth and saying that, i wish Manny would knock his ass out.

1419 days ago


The only thing Marky-mark can choke is his chicken.

1419 days ago


marky mark has been a thug forever
just avail yourself of a tool called google

and his manny pacman comments weren't out of line
if he could get a sucker punch in he could knock pacman out -- i can't disagree with that. wahlberg has to outweigh manny by 30-50 pounds

he did NOT say he would fare well against pacman in the ring, in a boxing match

1419 days ago


Sorry Mr. Wahlberg but you would totally get ur A$$ kicked.

1419 days ago


Manny would make him even more brain dead, if that is possible. Manny in 20 seconds...

1419 days ago


Mark would beat the **** out of Manny in a street fight, just like any normal over-sized man would do to a little 5'6 Asian man. HOWEVER!! In a boxing match Manny wouldn't have a problem beating the crap out of mark..3 rounds MAX. If you disagreed feel free to prove me wrong. I've never seen a small man beat a bigger man in a street fight, NO MATTER HOW SKILLFUL THE LITTLE MAN WAS.

1419 days ago

artie help    

that's an incredibly violent act, had it done to me , the sick bastard who did it was a LOON. It says alot about a person who could do this to someone else.

1419 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

What a pathetic goofball he is. I hope this talentless punk does fight Manny Pacquiao. He's already a lousy, overrated actor, and he more than deserves to get ****ed up.

1419 days ago


R.j I agreed with you. Manny is a good fighter but Filipino people can't street fight for ****. I've seen one 6 feet black person beating up five of them dudes at the same time! That **** ain't helping their rep , that's fo sho.

Mark w. Is a good actor but fighter? C'mon on now..He's like John Cena trying to rap, it turns into crap.

1419 days ago

Richard Harrow    

Of course he could knock him out with a blow to the side of the head. Sucker punch means off guard so its not impossible with the training Wahlberg has had.

1419 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

In your gay little dreams you couldn't knock him out, Pussberg. Remember, Manny never fronted a sissy band called the funky bunch... LOL at you, Kittyberg...

1419 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

In all seriousness,

Anyone who knows ground fighting and wrestling can take a boxer down and beat him. However, we are talking Mark Wahlberg, who'd get killed in 30 seconds. Oh, and say hi to your Mother, because Pacquaio would be your Daddy!!

1419 days ago
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