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Mark Wahlberg

I Could Knock Out

Manny Pacquiao

12/3/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Wahlberg claims he's had so much real-life fighting experience -- he could knock out Manny Pacquiao ... if he could catch the dude with a suckerpunch.

Wahlberg was on the "Dan Patrick Show" this morning -- where he revealed that he "clocked" a guy in a L.A. nightclub recently ... and "fish hooked" some guy's eye socket during a rumble at a Patriots-Jets football game a few years ago. Crazy violent stuff. 

But the most shocking part -- Wahlberg, who trained as a boxer for his new movie "The Fighter" -- thinks he could K.O. Manny Pacquiao ... if he could land a suckerpunch to the side of his head.

Wahlberg explains, "If I can choke him and wrestle him than that's it ... but I don't want to be, you know, getting picked apart by him ... that's not a good call."

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Wahlberg needs to stay in NY where he can sucka punch people. In Asia he would get his ass kicked by any and every "5.6" Asian. The fight would would go to the ground almost immediately. In the first 10 seconds he would suffer from everything from broken wrists, to armbars, to broken ankles.... Fighting in a club or on the street with your gang or entourage is not the same thing as fighting someone with life trained skills. Most Asians learn how to fight by a young age, and it is not street fighting. It is the kind of fighting that lasts 10 secs or less.

So would Wahlberg take Manny, probably not Manny could probably hit him five times in face before Wahlberg could register what happened. When it went to the ground, the joints would begin to break.

Would not help Wahlberg's ego or his reputation as a tough guy too much. Maybe he should fight some Korean's in LA during his nice visit, he can see our Ju Jitsu actually works....

1327 days ago


R.J I'm sorry for my comment. I'm just mad because my dad gave me anal sex since I was five year old. By the way Manny would totally get his ass raped by marky mark.

1327 days ago


R.J I'm gay my bad.

1327 days ago


panchang810, I saw it at the park you ignorant stupid little asian man. Floyd never loss a fight, how the **** would manny even know? Grammar and misspelled words? Point it out.

Tak, Oh really ?(Bad Grammar) Oh Really, Tak. Would had been the proper way.

So you saw a big black guy beat up 5 Filipinos/Asian men?(5 is not a word) The proper way "So, You saw a big black beat up on five Asians men!?! "

Where, in your dream. Hhhhmmm...(Bad Grammar) The proper way "Where! in your dream, hmmm ???

I could go on and on, but you already made an ass out of yourself. Stupid see, Stupid Proof.

1327 days ago


abusayaff, Over the internet? You'll be dead before you even pull the trigger.

e19972, You're telling me Manny would run from mark? I call it bull****. He'll take his beating like any man would.

Breal, Bruce lee was an actor. Dude broke his back while working out. He's as fragile as any little man.

panchang810, Didn't Tak just owned you? Roasted "Fixed" .

Cold_Front, Look like a home made video of your mother getting beat up. I'd would beat both of those Asians up within ease. Dumbass bitch showing me his mom beat down.

Manny, Look who showed up? Manny the gay ass pacqueen.

Tak, LOL.

1327 days ago


R.J LOL Another classic post. I love how one Filipino aka Manny Pacquiao penis rider is posting under his Alter-egos with broken English lol.

1327 days ago


Lol if ever Pacquiao punch Mark w/out wearing a gloves Im sure Mark face will be a bloody mess & he will possibly suffer a brain damage. I dont think Mark can punch harder than Margarito or Cotto so Pacquiao will just gonna laugh at him if he hit Pacman.

1327 days ago


Manny would destroy Wahlberg in the ring or street.

Wahlberg is 5'8 with beach muscles and probably weighs 175 pounds max.

Manny just fought Antonio Magarito, who is 6 feet tall and walks around over 185 pounds.

Wahlberg is not a big dude at all, and Pacquiao has taken flush shots from guys like Margarito and never wobbled, so how is Marky Mark, who probably can't hit half as hard as Margarito, going to do anything to Pacquiao?? Pacquiao would hit Wahlberg with 5 punches before he could even lay a hand on Manny. We're talking the difference between an elite freak athlete and an actor.

1327 days ago


bobong mga pactards!!!! sucker punch nga e!!! d niya sinabi na so boxing.. mga bobo..

1327 days ago


I have read the story....but what I don't understand, some people here actually thought Mark W really mean he is gonna knock out Paccy....He was just joking!!!! Don't you guys get it?

1327 days ago

ray esguerra    

Mark, i know you are fan of the pacman and personally watched some of his fights.So, im pretty sure youd be able to knock manny out- with the use of a sledge hammer. That is, if you actually get the chance to hit him with it before he socks you with dream-sending punch.My guess is, you wouldnt even have the chance to lift that sledge hammer.thanks for that entertaining comment of yours though.

1327 days ago


I dont think he could knock him out even if he had the whole Funky Bunch jump him!!!!

1327 days ago


LOL......celebrities......they need to be shunned from society. this douche would be sleeping in less than 60 seconds.

1327 days ago


If Mark would wrestle Manny, he has a good chance of choking Manny but in a boxing match, there is no way for him to beat Manny or land that so called sucker punch. If a highly trained boxer can't see the punches coming from Manny, how much more it would become if his opponent is a part time athlete and a full time actor. If it is a street fight and Mark would choose to punch rather than wrestle, still he would end up badly beaten. If Manny could hurt bigger, well trained and well conditioned boxer with an 8 ounce glove that would serve as padding, how much more if his bare knuckle would land in one's nose or in one's eye. The damage to his untrained opponent would be unimaginable.

1327 days ago


marky mark is ONE BIG SUPPORTER of PacMAn! every fight he is at mannys ringside. he even trained at the boxing studio where manny is trained. theyre very good friends.

1327 days ago
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