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The Most Random Celebs Ever Sing 'Let It Be'

12/3/2010 7:26 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

If you ever wanted to see the most haphazard assortment of D-list celebs ever assembled ... like David Faustino, Right Said Fred, Alfonso Ribeiro, Tonya Harding ... oh, and Glenn Close sing along to the Beatles hit "Let It Be," then today is your lucky day.

It's a promo for some Norwegian television show, but looks more like a bizarro "We Are the World"/SNL sketch.

Be prepared to be mesmerized by the randomness.


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chaos: a constant infolding of the absurd - life itself.
i.e. not using Huey Lewis' real voice?

1417 days ago


For those of you who think these "stars" are really singing, GET REAL!! They are lip-syncing people! Do you really think George Costanza, Dolph Lundgren and "Forrest Gump's son (LOL-I loved that one)was singing? or any of them for that matter. If it were them singing, don't you think they'd have a singing career instead of doing this stupid TV show promo?? I can "act" like I am singing too, but it doesn't mean I can sing! Good Lord people...

1417 days ago


Here is "We Are The World" from the same show!

1417 days ago


This video was made for a norwegian TV show called" back to the 90's, the golden age".
Thats why there is so many "old stars". Its pretty good they got everbody too do the song.

1417 days ago


Sorry, TMZ, but the video was hardly random--all of these people are all icons in some way (the epic charity song included).

1417 days ago


PS-I love you, TMZ, but all of those people in that video are famous for something, unlike 98.3% of the people you feature on your site who are famous for nothing.

1417 days ago

Mike Houbrick    

Ok, that was beyond random. First off, I thought about 1/2 of them were dead...kinda creeped me out.

At 4:51 the guy from Milli Vanilli is lip synching -- just sayin'

1417 days ago


Heres one from 2008 !

1417 days ago

DW Wood    

I thought it was pretty good and well put together.

As for them being D'listers, I think the majority were A'list stars with some D's thrown in for color. :)

1417 days ago

Sad sad    

I love most these guys. If this is D list celebs it stands for D- BEST.

1417 days ago


That was a bucketload of fantasticness. I can't even express how odd and yet intriguing that was. I must know what this show is about??????

1417 days ago


One thing that I found funny about this video, is they had the guy from Milli Vanilli in it..I wonder if he had someone else singing his part?? LOL

1417 days ago

Kristina Lindgren    

This would not normally be my thing...I call "Let It Be" that "Limping Dog of a song" because it is dragged out for every occasion, but I really enjoyed this, for whatever reason.

1417 days ago


Enjoyed it. Cute concept. I'd like to see another one, possibly done by an American this time. And this time ALL of them using their own voices.

1417 days ago


So Harv's crack team of reporters can't figure out that Huey Lewis doesn't sound like Paul McCartney?
Pathetic "Harv the F-Lister".

1417 days ago
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