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Demi Lovato's Attack Victim

The Bruising Photos

12/4/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato left one hell of a mark when she punched a female backup dancer in the face on a private jet back in October ... and TMZ has obtained photos of the eye-swelling damage.

These photos were taken days after Demi socked Alex Welch in the face -- leaving visible bruises on her left eye and cheek.

Sources close to Welch tell us ... the dancer was simply minding her own business on a private jet leaving Bogota, Colombia ... when Demi "walked up to Alex and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face."

We're told Alex was knocked clean out of her seat -- and had to receive emergency medical attention.

Lovato was immediately removed from the plane and eventually returned home -- and then checked herself into a treatment center shortly after.

Alex -- who completed the remaining dates on the Jonas Brothers tour -- has now lawyered up with high powered Beverly Hills attorney Donald Karpel and we're told she's "considering her legal options."


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"Attack victim"? "Emergency medical attention"? Haha WOW these people know how to overdramatise a situation.
The girl got a punch to the face... Im sure it hasnt permanently traumatised her. And of course she is going to say that the punch was completley unprovoked... She isnt going to admit that she picked a fight with Disney's little princess. Im not saying that what Demi did was acceptable... But honestly... This chick seems like she is just trying to milk the situation for all its worth. If she had been hit by anyone else i doubt she would be "considering her legal options." What a load of crap.

1380 days ago

Brianna Hall    

So this is nooooo where NEAR as worse as what Rihanna got, which definitely need some REAL medical attention and lawyers. Hahahahahahaha seriously?! Shorty was freakin having fun at halloween parties and crap after this. And why did it take her like what, almost 2 months to find a lawyer and decide "oh I think I'm gonna sue demi lovato today". BS for sure. I hate attention seekers. Plus, why can't she wait to see if demi apologizes after she gets out of TC? She obviously has no type of contact with any1 except for her family. This is a whole lotta BS.

1379 days ago

lol people    

"lol people", please. Seriously do not discredit yourself by trying to say some BS like you don't get treated differently when you are famous. BE FOR REAL. I know someone with NO prior convictions of anything that was arrested for DUI and they were at a bar and it revoked their probation. He has been in jail for a year now and still has a month the same state as Lindsay Lohan. How long has she been in jail again for failing two piss tests and revoking her probation?? Get serious."

if u noticed the difference between those two is a bet Lindsey had a better lawyer....

she still went to jail, but for how long was the key.

she avoided everything due to her lawyer work.

so yea, everyone in life can screw the law with the right lawyer...status means nothing.

just to stay on this dying topic, go team lovato

1379 days ago


This is ridiculous! She's acting like a baby, wanna bet that if someone unknown had done this to her she would not have sued!

1379 days ago

L. Carter    

OMG, this is so sad. to threaten to take legal action so far after the incident, when it is known that poor Demi is having some problems, and IS getting help - well that is just not right. Demi is just a minor - a young woman with some problems.
this dancer chick most likey is only after money by filinfg a suit, and is after noteriorty.
My heart goes out to Demi, her family and MANY friends and fans. btw, i'm 42 years old - i support Demi 100% and wish her well.

1379 days ago


Demi was not his fault that this is an idiot dancer!

1379 days ago


I think that this girl is looking for free plastic surgery.

1378 days ago

Faye Powell    

Oh for crying out loud..I have had more bruising under my eyes for crying too much.. she is just looking for a quick pay check..nothing more..mental anguish...oh please..what a whiner..

1378 days ago


i think demi wouldnt do that anyone could have hit that girl. that girl just wants fame. why is that girl lawyering up i bet she hit someone before and they didnt sue her. Why would Demi be the bully if Demi had bully problems before?

1378 days ago


She looks like Schwartz from "A Christmas Story".

Here is a pic:

1378 days ago


She's Bgirl Shorty?

1377 days ago


Our I think all this is just for the dancer to have their 15 minutes of fame, it is impossible to Demi and get to punch her out of nowhere!!
Have a lie in all this make up stories all the time and she can not win this, because nobody gets a punch and the nothing else !!!!!!
That all she is doing is jealous of Demi Lovato singing.
I am Brazilian and I'm sure the dancers have not done anything to stress the Demi !!!!!

1377 days ago

brutally yours    

Bitch needs to learn to take a punch or fight back. You know right after she was hit she thought *cha ching!* Probably what she wanted all along.

1377 days ago





1377 days ago


First off, Rihanna's had WORSE. This chick needs to get over herself! If she really just wants the money, go find some talent and maybe she'll get some!

1377 days ago
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