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Demi Lovato's Attack Victim

The Bruising Photos

12/4/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato left one hell of a mark when she punched a female backup dancer in the face on a private jet back in October ... and TMZ has obtained photos of the eye-swelling damage.

These photos were taken days after Demi socked Alex Welch in the face -- leaving visible bruises on her left eye and cheek.

Sources close to Welch tell us ... the dancer was simply minding her own business on a private jet leaving Bogota, Colombia ... when Demi "walked up to Alex and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face."

We're told Alex was knocked clean out of her seat -- and had to receive emergency medical attention.

Lovato was immediately removed from the plane and eventually returned home -- and then checked herself into a treatment center shortly after.

Alex -- who completed the remaining dates on the Jonas Brothers tour -- has now lawyered up with high powered Beverly Hills attorney Donald Karpel and we're told she's "considering her legal options."


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Who'd a thunk it, a demure young lady like Demi can kick some serious butt!! I like girls who have a mean right hook. Next stop for Demi . . . The Jersey Shore!! Demi vs. Snooki in a steel cage match. The ratings will be phenomenal.

1386 days ago


Dear Editors,
How ignorant can you be??

1386 days ago


where is bogata Columbia?? is it near retardville CA ?? not the brightest minds getting hired at tmz -- way to go --

1386 days ago


For your information it Bogota, Colombia.. You should have your editors go back to school..

1386 days ago


So the little itty bitty girl Demi must pack a punch compared to Mel against Oksana...
this gal has bruises from a small fist of Demi while Oksana showed nothing the next day or the following days! No way Mel punched Oksana as she claims since no bruising what so ever on her like this gal from 1 punch from the little gal, Demi!

1386 days ago


demi is spoiled ****in brat. I get pissed off with people i dont ****in punch them in the face... i hope alex cashes in. **** demi and all you idiots out there giving her sympathy she does not deserve

1386 days ago


lol goo demi she ****ed her up really good!

1386 days ago


Where's Bogata, Columbia??? Because, as far as I know, the place in Southamerica is Bogota, Colombia. I know this is an entertainment news site but still...

1386 days ago

A mortified Colombian    

TMZ, whenever you are writing an article, it is important to CHECK UR FACTS, it is not BOGATA, COLUMBIA, its BOGOTA, COLOMBIA!!!! Next time please check ur aticles so you dont make any journalistic mistakes.

1386 days ago


Sustaining a blow to the eye is no laughing matter. The victim has every right to sue.She was either strung out on somethin

Demi Lovato has no business going around punching anyone, no matter what may have led up to it.
What she did is called ASSAULT.

Trying to minimize Lovato's actions is simply deplorable. What was she strung out on?
No one believes the spin of her having "health problems".

1386 days ago


i think this ****ty dancer should just get over it. think of how all those children who look up 2 demi will feel when she is tagged or wateva cos this annoying dancer 'took legal action'. She irritated me from the first time i saw her and i wanted 2 smack her in the face. Get over it, u r not famous and this wont make u famous 'shorty' :(

1386 days ago


you people making light of what demi , did to this girl is terrible. you have to hit someone pretty hard to have her cheek brused. and demi,s team never said the girl did anything to her. demi, thought the girl told what demi was doing the night before. id like to see how you would feel if someone (for no reason) walked up without warning and hit you so hard it knocked you out. but maybe since it is a star, the unkown girl doesnt matter. if the girl did something to demi, you can be sure demi's team would have told it. everyone is rasing hell over thinking mel hit ox, but its okay for demi to hit this girl? please

1386 days ago


demi and her family tried to make her innocent when this happened and it was all over tv and internet, that demi had been bullied as a teenager. they didnt want public to see, she is the bully, so everyone was saying "poor demi", no one cared for the girl she attacked. it was all pr and clean up. this girl should sue her, then maybe demi, wont do this to anyone else.

1386 days ago

Jorge Quim    

is colombia no columbia daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa losers

1386 days ago


hey stupid idiots. Columbia is not a correct translation of Colombia.

1386 days ago
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