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'16 and Pregnant' Family: We're Getting Death Threats!

12/4/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "16 and Pregnant" family who wants to sue MTV now fears for their lives -- telling TMZ, ever since the show portrayed them as cold-hearted relatives, they've been ruthlessly harassed ... and even received death threats.

Kathleen Green (above) -- the grandmother of the teen baby daddy on this week's episode -- tells us, she and her family are being targeted via texts, blog posts, and even Twitter.

Among the harassing messages ... Kathleen claims an anonymous person got a hold of her number and texted her, "You're a piece of sh*t. I'm going to bitch slap you."

But she claims her daughter Katrina -- baby daddy Isiah's mother -- got the worst of it ... because someone threatened her life on Twitter, writing, "We should do a drive by and afterwards we're going to pee on the grandma."

Kathleen claims she's "sick" of being harassed because of the negative way MTV portrayed her and her family -- telling us, they haven't sued yet ... but they're exploring their options.


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I watched the show. Even though we now know that mtv heavily edited...the parts that they did show still showed grandma being a b**ch. Keep your nose out of it, Grandma. If your grandson wants to DNA test, let it be up to him.

1383 days ago


I didn't know "Thugs" who can commit murder watched 16 and pregnant... Little immature losers, that girl was a slut

1383 days ago


@Deb I knew it was you grandma just trolling TMZ. Are you not shy of slandering a 17 yo??? Shame on your fake nail wearing, teenage mum self! You are a great grandmother at the age of what 40? Congratulations! You have no shame egging the poor boy to leave his family. Now that he broke the poor girl's eye bone what are you still doing - making a fool of your damn self. For shame! I dont know Christinna and her mom but her mom should have pulled your wig off! Heifer

1383 days ago


the grandma was vile she put a home DNA kit on the dinner table and said that the kids Mom owed them the same assurance as she had being the childs mother

1383 days ago


@randomone i am not his gandma but i am her friend and this girl and her family were a piece of trash when they came here so why don't you take care of them oh i think you are a piece of trash!!!

1383 days ago


I was watching this episode, and my husband was there with me. He never watches these shows, but when that old lady and those younger girls were going off he said, "Why do black girls have to be so mean." It's true. Way to perpetuate the stereotype of poor ghetto trash.

Now, *shockingly* -_-, they want to sue, just like white trash. You guys were a#$holes to that girl. Now deal with it, and enjoy your miserable, judgmental lives.

1382 days ago


@Deb thank you for at least being honest that you are speaking on behalf of the grandmother. I do not understand how you people behave. Where I come from elders are supposed to mentor the young. That starts by not calling them trash, etc etc. Where I come from marriage is also a sacred thing. Why was your friend encouraging her grandson to just leave the poor girl hanging? I understand it's hers and her daughter's reality but why not allow the grandson to break that horrible cycle? I think that if she looks inside, she can find that wonderful elder that she is supposed to be. The way she portrayed herself on MTV was VERY unbecoming and sending her friends out to slander this girl does not help her cause. It makes her fit the stereotype, that of being ghetto! I am just mad that all of us black people are being painted with a bad brush because of people like your friend. How would she feel if that was her daughter? I think it's ok to be 'real' but this is not it. This is just a showcase of loose morals all round. Like I said, I do not know Christinna and her mom, but I can tell you for sure, she is winning this PR war because she handled herself with grace in the face of a firestorm. Your friend probably knows this child is her grandchild - just like anyone with eyes can - she just feels like she has egg on her face. If I were you, I would encourage her to retreat and be the elder that she is supposed to be.


1382 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Sue MTV for what g'ma?

You signed the release and you saw the camera filming you while flapping your lips.

The pregnant girl appeared to be the only one who had a goal in life. The sperm donor did not have any college grants and only skill is as a sandwhich designer who spends his paycheck on himself instead of his baby.

G'ma is just upset that the rest of the world saw how ignorant she is and how she rasied a daughter who raised another black male that does not take responsibility for his actions.

1382 days ago


Here's a show that could go on for 100 years with just the teenage girls of one LA government housing project.

1382 days ago


I live in the same city and the "Saint" son of hers should stop pimping that ghetto fabulous Cutlass he is all over town in.

He acts like he's a rock star...when in fact he's the laughing stock as well as Grandma. He should put his nose down what with the recent rain and all, might drown.

1382 days ago


Oh btw that was NOT a threat for the record. Just a law abiding citizen's observation.

1382 days ago


I have no doubt she's telling the truth. MTV thinks about immediate ratings. Nevermind the price to pay for those ratings.

What they air is sensational and has a limited shelf life so to speak. MTV execs live in the here and now. They don't give a rat's ass about collateral damage.

1382 days ago


Ok, curiosity got the best of me and I actually watched the show.
What was so bad about the mom and grandma?

Sure, they were a bit harsh at times, but it's evident they were a very close knit family,and very relieved about their last child going off to college and supporting himself. Then not only does he just get a girl pregnant and ruin their hopes and dreams for him, they have to welcome two more people in the house (the girl and the baby) because the girl's abandoned her. Instead of sending the last child off to college and no longer having to take care of anyone but themselves, now they have THREE extra mouths to feed (him, the girl, and the baby) because let's be honest, a teen working at a sandwich shop and buying $300 speakers isn't going to realistically support his own family.

So I can understand the frustration of having their dreams crushed and then having to figure out how to support the 3 people who crushed them.

And as Christinna said, as as the episode showed, they were very gracious towards the baby. The way I see it, the mom and g-mom did far more for ensuring the survival of the young family than anyone else. And now we're mad at them for not supporting bad decisions with a smile on their face? they gave her a roof over her head and food in her mouth, and a little bit of stern discipline that the two teens desperately needed.

1382 days ago


some of u guys r just simple minded......why does it matter about what color they r?.I have seen some rude white people on 16 &preg episodes b4......some people r making it a racial factor,i'm black myself and i think she was rude also,and i felt very bad 4 the couple because they has people sticking their nose in grown people bizz....believe it r not,i've seen some really trailar park trash on the show b4,and that wasnt this couple......i think christine said it herself"this family took it out on her because they wanted their son to continue 4 all u racists hillbillies,GET A LIFE.......!!!!!

1382 days ago

Just Sayin    

on the episode grandma was a strong black woman, ya'll be alright ya heard

1382 days ago
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