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'16 and Pregnant' Family: We're Getting Death Threats!

12/4/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "16 and Pregnant" family who wants to sue MTV now fears for their lives -- telling TMZ, ever since the show portrayed them as cold-hearted relatives, they've been ruthlessly harassed ... and even received death threats.

Kathleen Green (above) -- the grandmother of the teen baby daddy on this week's episode -- tells us, she and her family are being targeted via texts, blog posts, and even Twitter.

Among the harassing messages ... Kathleen claims an anonymous person got a hold of her number and texted her, "You're a piece of sh*t. I'm going to bitch slap you."

But she claims her daughter Katrina -- baby daddy Isiah's mother -- got the worst of it ... because someone threatened her life on Twitter, writing, "We should do a drive by and afterwards we're going to pee on the grandma."

Kathleen claims she's "sick" of being harassed because of the negative way MTV portrayed her and her family -- telling us, they haven't sued yet ... but they're exploring their options.


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Also, it only took 5 comments tfor someone to spin this into a black issue......what a fool thing to do. People are reacting to how this women treated her son's pregnant girlfriend. She treated her horribly, NOTHING TO DO WITH A SKIN COLOR. My goodness this is 2010, we have a multicultural president. Get over trying to stir up the skin color issue. Look around dude, their are more than 2 colors out there. Seriously, get out more and grow up.

1232 days ago


Well this is what happens, when you put your business out there for everyone can see.

1232 days ago


Ok, this is why black people have such a bad reputation. Deb is a prime example of how a few people can shame an entire race by engaging in stereotypical behavior. I for one feel that descent and moral african-americans watched this episode and just shook their heads at this nonsense. Why is it that they find the most un-educated, loud-mouthed, and ignorant black person to parade around for ratings. Also, how is it that out of the millions of amazing young people in the world, they give trash like this a show. Show teenagers doing inspiring things, not having babies. And dont get me wrong, the white trash they show on these shows gives southern people bad names as well! F A I L

1232 days ago


I don't know why people are so angry with the grandmother. Just think about what she and his mother/family had to go through. The boy had a college scholarship for football and could have been successful. Then a girl comes along, claims to be pregnant with his child and ruins his future. Just think. What if she cheated and he turned down his future for nothing?

1232 days ago


Came back and read all the comments that have been made since I posted mine yesterday.

There's alot to be said about the comments that came after mine. Yes the grandmother acted like a fool. The words came out of her mouth regardless of any editing.

And for goodness sake, if you have watched and followed this entire series there were far worse teenage moms,dads, and extended family members. Family members who not only made fools of themselves but acted ignorant and unsupportive.

I didn't see this grandmother as any more than a idiot for saying what she said. Not talking to Christinna, but talking about her, right in front of her. She did that not the cameras. She portrayed herself the way she did not MTV.

But the thing is with this particular story line is not so much about what we saw and heard, but about grandma coming out after only one episode claiming that she's going to sue MTV! Thats the difference between this storyline and the other storylines.

Look at Amber and her dysfunctional family. What a mess they are. Farrah and her uppity attitude who would want to date her? And the worse so far is one of the new couples. The white guy and the black girl. This guy's way of talking is like another language that none of us ever heard and they have to use subtitles so we can understand what he's saying. That guy is by far the worse of the whole series. But he isn't suing because of the way he's portrayed.

And Deb who is in the know about this family and is on here telling us whats going on with this family. Don't you think the viewers of this show should be allowed to follow it, rather than you coming on here and giving us the future of this particular couple? We should sue you for doing that!

I'd much rather watch the show to find out what happens. But no you come on here and try to make grandma seem better than she is. And you can hardly stand it as someone in the know to let us all know Isiah is not the father. I think the viewers of this show deserved to find that out by watching. But you just couldn't wait to give it all up to us. Deb your an idiot, and I wouldn't be so proud to call yourself a friend of grandma's. They say water seeks it's own level so you've sank yourself to call her your friend.

1232 days ago


I think its wonderful that technology has come so far. That DNA testing for paternity can come in a box and these young men now have the ability to find out for sure if a baby is his.

I think its great that a man can do this not only for his own personal reasons, but to make sure he isn't supporting a child that isn't his. And then it will be up to the woman to find out who the father is, if she is prone to sleeping around.

I think its great that a woman can prove who her babies father is too. By getting this test done she can prove once and for all that her child has a father, who has to step up to the plate and support his child both financially and emotionally. No more wiggle room for deadbeat dads to claim the kid isn't theirs.

Every child deserves to know who both of their parents are. There are far too many single woman out there supporting their children without the father contributing and now with DNA testing available at your local pharmacy these men can't get away with it anymore.

But in this story with Isiah and Christinna, I don't think it's grandma's business to do what she did. Bringing out a paternity test at the dinner table. Who does that? It is up to the parents whether they want to do the test, not grandma. And thats why grandma isn't liked very much on this show. It's none of her business what two people do. She embarrassed herself and the young girl that was pregnant. So grandma you go and spend your money on lawyers, and see where it gets you. I highly doubt any lawyer would take your case on a contengiency basis because you actually have no basis for a lawsuit. May this be a lesson to you grandma, that you need to show the world that your not that person we all saw on tv. And maybe this will enlighten you to the fact that you might need to do some changing especially in your attitude.

1232 days ago


Oh whatever, they wanted to get paid so they applied for the show, now that she's been seen for what she really is, which is a cold hearted, selfish BITCH, She wants to sue to get MORE MONEY! People like this make me sick!!!!! Does this woman work??? Yeah, probably not!

1231 days ago


I am so sick of all the teens that are featured on this show. Most of them are crazy delusional. It bothers me to see that most of the teens on the show would rather spend their money (which they hardly have any in the first place) on stupid things like speakers and sneakers. Can your baby benefit from those speakers, Isiah?! Hell no!
I have no idea what really had gone on with this family, but even if Christinna did sleep around with another man, it's on her back and she has to deal with it. AND the fact that Isiah was just sitting there like a dumb ass jock having his family attack her like that was disgusting.
I just hope that these teens realize that having a baby is a huge ass resposibility! But of course they won't! I really feel bad for their babies and hope that they won't turn out to be as crazy as their irresponsible parents.
MTV should close up shop on this pathetic show. It tells teens that it's cool to be on tv and have a baby and it hardly shows how hard having a baby can be because no matter how many episodes MTV puts out, teens will still be getting pregnant

1231 days ago


Moms need to teach there boys RESPECT not tell them to not take care of the baby tell you find out if its yours, you take care tell you find out if the babys yours!!!!

1231 days ago


This was on of the most gutwrenching episodes I have watched..the poor new mother - out there without any support system and then to have his family ostricize her the way they did was totally uncalled for. I hope she keeps her head up and stays the strong young woman she is and raises her daughter to do the for the rest of the family karma is a biotch & she may be changing the grandma's and mom's diapers at some point. REMEMBER, GOD DOESN'T LIKE UGLY!

1231 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Terrible premise for a TV show in the first place. If you sell out and go on the show, what the h@ll do you expect? Are you expecting to have fans? Now you want to sue, go back under the rock you crawled out from.

1231 days ago


I would LOVE to help MTV with their defense (if this lawsuit ever gets taken seriously)!! A few days before this episode aired, this very grandmother & other family members where on the MTV preview forum posting threatening comments to anyone who dared make a negative comment about the 1 minute sneak peak video! Myself included and Yes, I have proof! Magically, just prior to the show airing, their posts disappeared from that forum. Then shortly after the airing of the episode granny wants to sue for comments that she made! LOL

Now this????

And they claim Christinna was trying to seek fame & fortune by appearing on an 16 & pregnant episode... What a joke!

1231 days ago


@ Really or Lynn or whom ever you are. you all know the real truth so please leave this family alone. They have had enough. Ok Ya'll win. they are just happy to have this girl and you out of there lives!! that means they have already won!!isiah will be fine without yall he will just watch out for people like you in the future. They wish yall all the best now please go **** up someone elses life!!!

1231 days ago


@deb....I think i've explained it to you already! I'm not Lynn. And I have NOT done anything to your family! But the same can't be said for you & your family.

And your just making things looks worse for your family by posting nasty things about this young mother!

Furthermore, I DO know the REAL truth because I Now BOTH of these young people. And I have ALL the emails that your family sent to me and others on the MTV site. Some of them are very interesting....AND now YOU know the truth!

You are correct about one thing, Isaiah will be just fine...and SO WILL Christinna & baby Destiny! Because unlike Isaiah & his family, SHE has enough class not to talk trash about him or his family on the internet, the way you have done her! Yes, she did sign up for the show, BUT I promise you...If this young woman had known things would have turned out the way they have and your family keeps dragging her through the mud....then she would have never done it! FACT... like you said in a prior post...she tried to Stop the airing of the episode because she was afraid it would tear her young family apart... AND your family has succeeded in seeing to that. You ALL should be ashamed of yourselves! The REAL & ONLY victim here is the baby... But that seems to be more than you & your family can understand!

Happy Holiday's everyone!

1231 days ago


@really please continue to take up for her but while you are doing that plz read her formspring.Are you saying we can't comment on things she is saying??? get real and it is obvious that you are not a friend of my nephew so lets just keep it real. again if she bashes us then we will bash her and you. we didn't ask for any of this. One would wonder if you talked her into this. Neither here or there and like i said before Ya'll win. Thank God it is over!!!

1231 days ago
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