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'16 and Pregnant' Family: We're Getting Death Threats!

12/4/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "16 and Pregnant" family who wants to sue MTV now fears for their lives -- telling TMZ, ever since the show portrayed them as cold-hearted relatives, they've been ruthlessly harassed ... and even received death threats.

Kathleen Green (above) -- the grandmother of the teen baby daddy on this week's episode -- tells us, she and her family are being targeted via texts, blog posts, and even Twitter.

Among the harassing messages ... Kathleen claims an anonymous person got a hold of her number and texted her, "You're a piece of sh*t. I'm going to bitch slap you."

But she claims her daughter Katrina -- baby daddy Isiah's mother -- got the worst of it ... because someone threatened her life on Twitter, writing, "We should do a drive by and afterwards we're going to pee on the grandma."

Kathleen claims she's "sick" of being harassed because of the negative way MTV portrayed her and her family -- telling us, they haven't sued yet ... but they're exploring their options.


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me and just me..     

Seriously!! SHE was a bitch.. pulling out the DNA test. Yes I feel bad her son had to give up football but still.
her son should of went to college anyways and NOT given up on that in trade his family should of helped with the baby!! HE WAS STUPID FOR GIVING SOMETHING SO GREAT UP! BUT SO WAS THE WIFE FOR ALLOWING HIM!

1385 days ago


The entire time I was watching this episode of 16 (I'm a whore) & Pregnant. I thought how badly Kathleen Green wishes she could be the momma of the baby. There is something missing in this woman's mind, in her way of thinking. I do NOT like her. She blamed everything on the girl for getting KOCKED UP instead of placing the blame 50/50. The girl did not get herself pregnant. I completely agree that Kathleen Green is a waste of space, but NO ONE has the right to threaten anyone's life, including hers.

1385 days ago

my opinion    

I have never watched the show...all I can say is this is a part of your 15 mins of fame

1385 days ago


That grandmother was a total shrew and I can't believe she treated Christina like that. Isiah should have stuck up for her more as well. I feel so sorry for that girl and I hope that they keep that grandbaby away from those horrible women!

1384 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

They can threaten but they cannot sue so it is all hot air. I am sure MTV coververed their arse. Blow it Grandma Grandma Blow it. It was the same ignorant decision of not being the adult in the siutation instead of allowing anger and ego to take care past common sense.

1384 days ago


At post 13 it dont matter that she did all that. Them ppl are mad cuz he was a man and decided not to take a scholarship to play football that the mom and gma would have benefited from it cuz he had a family...the only thing u right about is they money hungry..and just like Christina said if the babydabby wanted one he should have asked her in private not invite her to dinner knowing ya family was gonna gang up on her and they actually pulled out a DNA and laughing that was wrong and it dont matter how much the edited the show or wat not Gma said wat she said in front of the cameras and u think they not gon show it thats her fault and to the dummy that said welfare central the had a nice house and it was easy for them to find their own apt. dont look like they on Welfare to me

1384 days ago


This woman is disgraceful and disrespectful. How would she feel if someone was treating her daughter or her grand daughter like how she treating her grand son baby mam now? Even the sister of the guy is a hypocrite she be laughing with the girl them chatting and plotting with the family behind her back. I just love how the guy supported his girl no matter what and she just took everything with tears and a smile. I'm a pray for you girl. Keep strong. Those people need to be ex-communicated and put in the wild. especially the Grandma.

1384 days ago


Suck it up, agreed to the show and put yourself out there. I've never seen the show and think it's disgusting a show like this even exists ((ya, world, let's glorify teenage pregnancy so more kids will have kids!!)). But, they agreed to it and if they don't like it, they can quit anytime.

1384 days ago


mtv can't help that she is a bitch and shouldn't talk about people like that. of course she would sue she is a broke ass bitch and will try to get hers however she can. i felt so bad for the girl on the show she really didn't have anyone to help her and now she will be stuck dealing with his bitch ass family forever.

1384 days ago



Deb and Random ... get a life .. maybe a life of your own!

1384 days ago


First off, I don't know if this is really just a cry out for attention if it is...then that's wrong and the family members need to stop crying wolf. But some you guys are really missing the point: THE THREATS!

Jesus Christ what's the matter with you guys? No one even has all of the facts yet about whether or not the threats are real and you're already saying stupid things like "Drive by Miss Daisy"...that's disgusting. Shame on you.

It doesn't matter if the family treated the girl badly or not ---getting threats is just not cool. It shows a lot of people are way more immature than this family. So I say, get the facts first and then be mad later when it's PROVEN untrue.

1383 days ago


WOW ! YAll shouldnt been on tv acking like a cold hearted family and you guys wouldnt be gettinq treated this way ! So hey its all yakl fault ! Especially the Grandma !!!!!

1383 days ago


Two words Grandma: Signed release

1383 days ago


Though I am not a fan of violence, these ppl had to of known that they would be disliked. All the negative words you spit out only comes back to drench you. MTV will never show THE ENTIRE filming process. BUT, name one reality tv show that has not painted ugly pictures for ratings????

1383 days ago


1. you cant sue mtv because you acted stupid on tv for the world to see and didnt think of what would happen.

Having that said, the people doing death threats are even dumber and have taken it too far.

As far as I am concerned his family was one of the rudest I have EVER seen on the show and I think that mtv displaying them like that made it easy to see the REAL side of them not some made up part that they want the world to see.

1378 days ago
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