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Shane Mosley Divorce -- Dude Makes $650k per Month

12/5/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, there's still money to be made in boxing -- because Sugar Shane Mosley pulled $650,000 per MONTH in 2010 ... this according to legal docs filed in his divorce case.

Shane Mosley Divorce
Mosley was just ordered to pay his soon-to-be ex-wife Jin Mosley a whopping $20,000 per month in support starting this month ... plus he's got to shell out an extra $60,000 for the past three months. 

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Jin claims she needs the cash to pay for several monthly expenses like:

-- Clothes ................................................................$5,073
-- Jewelry ................................................................ $1,666
-- Cosmetics, beauty ........................................... $2,000
-- Massage therapist ........................................... $360
-- Personal trainer ................................................ $720

The couple was also ordered to sell their Southern California mansion ASAP so they can divvy up the cash from that deal.

Mosley did get one minor victory -- the judge ruled he's allowed to keep his 2006 H3.

The man appreciates a good Hummer.

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No Avatar


These rich black guys who marry white (or asian) girls disgust me. I hope she takes everything he has.

1419 days ago

Big E    

This is why I may never marry. These women don't do a thing and want half of what you sweat your entire life to achieve and obtain. This law is absolutely sickening. Nothing but whores they are. Stay single like Derek Jeter and run through these skanks and through them out when your done. They get nothing. Give them a $10 to grab some McDonalds breakfast on the way home. This pisses me off.

1419 days ago

Bill Leslie    

$5,000 a month for clothes. That's outrageous egregious preposterous! Please let a common sense judge slap that down.

1419 days ago


Unbelieveable... its getting really bad out there. Rich men have targets on their back...

1419 days ago

Buster Americana    

I couldn't imagine paying a woman 10 grand a month for non-essential stuff btw. Imagine the selection of babes I could pick out at the bunny ranch for that kind of $$$. How do these idiots not get a prenup? Listen in to the latest episode of The Buster Americana Show at http://thebusteramericanashow.podomatic.com/

1419 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

With a name like Jin what did he expect? Jin means the Devil in Mandarin/Chinese. I stay away from folks named Jinn and Dina.
The bottom line he must keep up the life she has come accustomed to. He better sell some blood I hope he invested well.

1419 days ago


I dont get it. I think that divorce money should be in both ways. Meaning, its not only the MAN who shell out money or expenses in all their expenses but it should be in both ways. So rather than have Mosley give money to his ex-wife, it should be both ways. meaning She should also give money for him.

1419 days ago

jinkee pacquaio    

jinkee pacquaio says, i'm getting my divorce here in the states...... i love my Manny....

1419 days ago


Wow so this hooker needs $240k per year to live? She probably has no redeeming qualities other than knowing how to spread her legs and get pregnant. She is a total waste to society but she gets $20k per month.

1419 days ago

Mel Givzon    

Its impossible Mel Gibson is making less than $5 million a year.

1419 days ago


hi, if im shane i should put my money someone a closed friend to other countries..i know women here in u.s. they dont work hard but if divorce happen men are loser...im from philippines i keep all money there in the bank but not in my name..my brothers name and i have some 3 storey hotel..so my wife incase we divorce she cant get more money to me..be smart shane youre wasting your money..if you read my message ,,,email my yahoo so that i can help u..james_mendoza2007 dont waste your money

1418 days ago


Not trying to sound racists but all umma say is, that’s what he gets for marrying a white girl! See if he would have stuck with his own kind, a sista probably wouldn’t even divorce his crazy a**. She would have said you take the other part of the house and umma take the other. What woman in her right mind would divorce a man who she supposedly loved just for a buck instead of trying to work that sh** out? And if it was just for money, HELL you should stay to have it all not divorce to just get a sum, LIKE WHERE THEY DO THAT AT???

1418 days ago


he fought twice in 2010 and the payday for the Mayweather fight was over 6 million.
It's great Jin means the devil in Mandarin but not sure the relevance. She's Korean/Caucasian.

1418 days ago

Dr Jorge    

She was a gold digging tramp from the beginning. shane is the ultimate sucker, she got pregnant as soon as could be to anchor him down, she replaced his dad as manager(kicked him out) and ruined his career( no experience as a fight manager) and now she wants 20 grand a month....If she would have stayed out of his business he would have been worth ten times as much and she would be getting more in her settlement.....greedy ghetto gook.

1418 days ago


lmao $720 for personal trainer where the trainer @ tha ladys gettin fat... ahahah

1417 days ago
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