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Lindsay Lohan -- Back in the Driver's Seat

12/6/2010 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's baaaaaaaack. Lindsay Lohan finally has permission to get back behind the wheel of a car ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell TMZ the people at the Betty Ford clinic finally decided to hand over Lindsay's keys today -- exactly two weeks after her license was restored by the L.A. County Probation Department.

As we first reported, Betty Ford was reluctant to let Lindsay drive -- because they thought paparazzi would follow her ... creating a dangerous driving environment.

Our sources say Betty Ford was proud of the way Lindsay handled the delay with patience -- and following phone calls from both her parents ... the clinic decided it was time to hand over the keys.

But ... this doesn't mean LiLo can hit the mean streets whenever she wants -- we're told she can only drive when she gets a pass to leave the sober living facility.

Buckle up, world.



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Haven’t you heard?
Dina said she has a mountain of scripts waiting for Lindsay

1418 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Hey Holly
If its coming out of Dinas mouth,than it is gauranteed a LIE
Dina needs to pull the rolled up dollar bill out of her nose

1418 days ago

Sitting Bull    

# 51 and all the other are total idiot morons!!! You will be screaming and crying and pounding your loser fists against the wall when she is on top again. Any guy who does not think she is HOT is a ****ing homo ***got. That's all I've got to say to dumb ****s.

1418 days ago


I'm happy that Lindsay got her license back because it's almost certainly going to lead to more criminal activity on her part and will make it so much easier for her to get her drugs, and lead to even more criminal activity. Never cared for her as an actress but her free performances are very amusing. I appreciate the fact that she thinks she's more intelligent than everyone else and does whatever she wants and then tells those childish lies just like little children do until their parents get them trained. It's hilarious that she's 24 and still lies like a little child! Everyone should just appreciate Lindsay now for the entertainment she provides because eventually she'll be locked up and out of sight.

1418 days ago


I was being sarcastic
Everyone knows its all Dina BS.

1418 days ago


Nothing for Lindsay's celebrity mother?

1418 days ago


@SittingBull - "sexually miserable"? Are you for real? Who is hating whom? Are you intellectually challenged? Stoooooopid?
LieHo committed extremely dangerous crimes against me, a resident of the State of California at the time of her crimes.
LieHo told me to "FU" in court, in yet another court appearance for "The State of California vs. LieHo". Who is hating whom?
LieHo has bought her way out of punishment (to date, but karma's a b*tch).
She has cost me valuable tax dollars.
She laughs while she tells me to "FU" and spends my money. She endangers my life by operating a motor vehicle as soon as she can buy her way out of the latest criminal sentence she received. In case you forgot, she is a two-time convicted criminal because of extremely hazardous driving - a danger to society. And her last known illegal, dangerous drug use was less than 3 months ago. Which I wouldn't give two hoots about if she didn't operate motor vehicles.
Got a clue? I do. I hope she hits something (not someone) again next time, so she does the hard time she should be doing now.

1418 days ago


Yes Holly -

Dina will - as usual - pickup all of Lindsay's leftovers and other ignored gifts/items, much like she always has. You know.... gulping down Lindsay's half-finished gin-and-tonics, licking Lindsay's discarded cocaine mirrors, etc.

1418 days ago


@SittingonSomethingBull - I little sensitive, are we? I guess that's what happens when your hero is a two-time convicted criminal whose last known break of the law was less than 3 months ago. Yes, MY TAX DOLLARS you blithering idiot! And MY PUBLIC ROADWAYS! If you can't understand that, I pity you. Hero=DRUG ADDICT - The judge representing the people of the State of California said so; LieHo said so. TWO-TIME CONVICTED CRIMINAL! UNREPENTANT! That last is supposition, but it sure seems like it after she took advantage of helpless, homeless people for personal profit 2 months ago, then cried poverty to the probation department, then resumed shopping and driving in luxury. If you think this criminal drug addict is worth worshipping as a hero, and you feel the need to make outrageous ad hominem attacks on people on this blog who don't, then YOU HAVE MAJOR PROBLEMS I CAN'T HELP YOU WITH. Meanwhile, I will consider as heroes police, firefighters, paramedics, servicemen and women, and yes, hosts of people like old-lady crossing guards. You know, people that actually contribute to society, rather than leeching off it. It's none of my business what moronic losers you worship, but if you're going to start insulting people who don't, I'll tell you YOU'RE A LOSER TOO!

1418 days ago


lindsy needs to stop paying for pics from the pap and start worrying about getting her s*** together...daddy's not going to be there forever. I can't believe how she is still acting like such a child.

1418 days ago
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