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MJ Album -- Snippets from EVERY SINGLE New Song

12/6/2010 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's another Michael Jackson mega-tease -- 10 brand new snippets from every song on the upcoming album have gone public ... just days before the album is set for release.

30 seconds from each song appeared on the Internet this weekend -- which adds up to a pretty badass five-minute preview of the new album titled, "MICHAEL."

The full album is scheduled to be released next week.


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I am just wondering if maybe Tito's sons Taryll, TJ or Taj did any vocals on these tracks. If anyone remembers them as 3T the group. Go back and listen they sound quite similar. Im not saying it's not MJ's vocals on any of these songs because I believe he sang on every one of them. Im just saying the so called imposter may just be a background vocal who is very close to MJ's own and his nephews' voices are very close. Just a thought! Love MJ forever.

1387 days ago


There are SNIPPETS OF MJ, on this album.

The rest is Jason Malachi? Probably.

Even a better, and possibly also IMO the BEST VOICE impersonator (and, that is all he claims to be) is...


Robert Alexander Giles - 5 vids, by all means listen to them all.

Take your pick. Personally, I feel and HEAR, there are more than one voice impersonators on these tracks, included BOTH of these sound alikes.

What's interesting to me though, is that THIS guy has only "come onto the scene" as far as advertising this guys voice likeness and "tribute" on YouTube, as recently as FEB 2010, even though his MJ TRIBUTE... ONLY in the UK, mind you...began in AUG 2009, DESPITE that he has been his sound alike since a child though not in the public eye whatsoever (?).

I dunno UK. I'm in the U.S. Definitely never heard of him appearing here.


Robert in a Sony posthumous MJ studio, barely autotune if needed (and the tremendous amount of over producing/stacking ta boot) this guy is such a true sound alike = VERY convincing vocal sound of MJ's falsetto and vibrato let alone vocal range NATURALLY = superior "MJ" vocals to Jason Malachi, but as I "hear" at least both of them are in there... possibly MJ is NO WHERE in these tracks, but that's literally impossible as voice authenticators can't be bought right... right??

All-on-all: This album is to/of MJ as a teaspoonful of milk in a pint of water is to HEAVY CREAM. Or, as they say in Ireland "chalk to cheese".

This is the LAST time I will even so much as listen to snippets, never mind full versions of this posthumous SONY VERSION of MJ's genius = TOTAL UNMITIGATED BULL****.

Whomever else chooses to buy and munch on chalk pizza, and/or tell them selves their experiencing heavy cream when they drink the swill of Sony's "Michael", is their business and sincerely entitled to it. I'm fully satisfied and sated on my collections of PURE MJ as I always have been, but thanks anyway.

Have a Good Day All, and Peace Out. :o)

1387 days ago


There is a reason these tracks weren´t released while Michael was alive. He didn´t like them. He was a perfectionist and these songs didn´t meet his standard. Also, they are not even finished.

Michael died and there is noone around fighting for his personal feelings and wishes. People see dollarsigns. Michael can´t stop it anymore. He can´t fight for his legacy. And loads of fans buy whatever they can get their hands on, feeding the leeches that ultimately killed MJ.

I don´t like it. The album got the worst reviews ever in British papers - and Michael would have hated having his unfinished songs out there. I am a fan and therefore I won´t buy it out of respect for Michael. RIP MJ.

1387 days ago


Sorry Unwell I don't swing from that tree, although it sounds like your fantasies are how shall I say a bit off just like the rest of you.

Good luck in your retirement home hunt I hope they offer free anger management courses :)

1387 days ago


My absolute favourite songs (and definately Michael):

Hold my hand
Breaking news
Another day
Much to soon

1387 days ago


Addendum: IMO, this Robert Alexander Giles is the best SINGING MJ sound alike, in his natural SINGING voice, witch of course, is all that matters when what your scamming for huge $$$ using SOUND.

As simply as my teen daughter's stated - whom are also like me where "pure authentic MJ, or bust" is concerned - and of their own volition, mind you, as the rest of our tastes on various things widely differ - when they listened to this, their opinion, I TOTALLY agree with and couldn't have said better: "Well....The hot mess of thoroughly destroying MJ tracks match the hot mess of the album cover for the same purpose, so there ya go as far as truth in advertising, anyway."

LOL... Gotta love 'em.

So as far as Sony's BANKING on hawking this "MJ" to today's teens since they assume that they would be less knowledgble of TRUE MJ, and are desensitized to GENUINE music over all because of "ZERO of anything of real talent and 99% autotune of everything for years now" money grab... uhmmmm... I know of at least two teens, anyway, that are pissed off that they are labeled "stupid, and more so THAT stupid BECAUSE we are teens" that would buy this stuff...

Best of luck to Sony with that. lol

*** REALLY pushing the clock now.... signs off and runs out the door.... whew.***

1387 days ago


All the songs are now avaible on ENjoy it

1387 days ago


I'm excited, But sad at the same time...It's weird.
miss you mike.

1387 days ago


If you can't tell that this is Michael singing then you just aren't a fan anywhey. Jason Malachi does not sing enough like MJ to fool a real fan. I have heard him sing in person. If you are a real fan and want the albumn you can order it at

1387 days ago


For me Only Monster and Breaking news could be an imposter (a good one at that) but the rest are MJ, anyone who disagrees actually needs to listen to some Michael Jackson music. I like the music on here, based on these snippets anyway.

1387 days ago


for God's sake...You have to be deaf and not realise it's Michael's voice..

1387 days ago


He is a legend, and this album will start his new life. I will buy a copy for myself, and I will make my Xmas presents sharing copies with my family and friends. His Legacy is all around us. Let's bring The Greatest Show On Earth to its pyrotechnical ending.

1387 days ago

Emmanuelle Rodriguez    

For the people that called him a Pedo and said his music is Bad, I think you all need to take a hike then, cause obviously you don't know music and you surely don't know what a pedophile is..So grow up and stay off of anything related to Michael Jackson and let the rest of the world enjoy some new music, Children actually come onto these sites to listen to his new music, so quit posting weird crap that everyone else has to see.

1387 days ago



1387 days ago


If you can't tell that this is Michael singing then you just aren't a fan anywhey. Jason Malachi does not sing enough like MJ to fool a real fan. I have heard him sing in person. If you are a real fan and want the albumn you can order it at
Posted at 11:09 AM on Dec 6, 2010 by marson

I am sick and tired of these fake Michael Jackson fans saying it is not him singing any of the songs on the new 'Michael' album. I bet these people never bought a Michael Jackson cd in their entire life. They are not used to hearing Michael Jackson sing.

1387 days ago
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