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Vivid to Octomom -- Be Our Hostess with the Mostest

12/6/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vivid Entertainment still wants a piece of Octomom -- but now they've lowered their request down so far, it almost has nothing to do with porn at all. Almost.

Vivid has previously offered Nadya Suleman $1,000,000 to do porn as a way to help fight off her financial troubles. They tried again for $500,000 and then offered her a job as a production assistant. Octo turned 'em all down.

But now Vivid is trying again -- this time head man Steven Hirsch has his eyes on the AVN Awards in Las Vegas next month. He's sent Nadya's lawyer a letter, offering her a job as co-host of their parties during the weekend's festivities. No word on how much she'd get paid.

As we first reported, Octo has until December 31 to fork over a $450,000 balloon payment on her house ... or else the guy who holds the note is going to kick her to the curb.


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She should just move already..she can't afford that house

1419 days ago


Steven, no one cares about OctoMom at AVN. What are you getting for the money? She's creepy. I thought Vivid was about hot girls not scary MILF. Is Vivid that desperate for press??

1419 days ago


If I were in her shoes, I'd consider doing whatever it took to pay off Amer the terrorist mortgage holder.

She's never going to get out of this otherwise. If she owned the home outright afterward, she'd only owe property taxes each year which would be doable.

Honestly, I wouldn't blame her if she did this. She's got to provide for the kids' home. And if there is realistically no other way....

1419 days ago


I'd would pay her mortgage just to get to hide my salami inside her beef curtains.

1419 days ago


The only persons to be at Vivid's private parties for the AVN award event at Vegas, would be Vivid staff and "artists", as well as a few VIP type industry enthusiasts. No one at the event would give her any grief, and in fact, they would probably offer her more positive attention than any other faction of society. Within recent years, this event has become a culturally popular event, almost on par with the MTV Music Video Awards, or CMA Awards. Okay, . . .yeah, that last one may have been a stretch. But, Octo-Nadya, . . . you need to pay the rent!!!!!!!!!!

1419 days ago


I do agree with Annie!!! She can't, and won't be able to afford the house, no matter the time frame allowed. She should take whatever money Vivid offers her (for simply hosting), and then place that money toward an affordable living situation in another location. Somewhere, where the cost of living is dirt cheap, like the mid west or central south portion of the country . . .

1419 days ago


For someone in so much debt she sure is a picky bitch. I hope she gets tossed out into the streets. She got herself into this mess and refuses to get herself out of it.

1419 days ago


This is getting really old. Come December 25th, I bet TMZ will post a story that the landlord guy has let her off the hook again. I wouldn't be one bit surprise if this whole thing was thought up just to keep her name in the public, because by this point she would have been long forgotten!

1419 days ago



1419 days ago


Is her house owned by Freddie Mac or something? She has owed that ballon payment for months and months. Yet, she is still living there. We all know in a year she will be living on the system while we pay for all those little brats of hers. Of course she will still be hosting porn parties under the table for quick cash.

1419 days ago


1) What did this woman do for a living BEFORE she had all those babies??

2) How in the world did she qualify for a loan (or tennancy) with monthly payments she cannot afford?? I know her Dad helped somehow...cosign??

3) Why in the heck has the Dr not been held accountable for what he has done??

4) Is the Dr still licensed and if so where??

This is a recurring story every month on TMZ. Surely this woman qualifies for some type of gov't housing. I'd rather that just happen so I don't hear about her troubles every month. Everyone has troubles, sane people don't intentionally bring a brood of children that big into the mix!

1419 days ago


My prayers are with Nadya and her precious little ones. I hope she can gather all the money she needs to pay her mortgage in full and then some. I don't ever want to read that her children has been thrown into the streets. No one deserve that, not even Nadya.

Nadya may have made some bad choices, but she's not a bad mother, not a bad person. She's just a single mom of 14, down on her luck and having money problems. Who isn't this day in age? Cut her some slack!

1419 days ago


Who cares? Her beg-a-thons are getting boring. Same old story every couple of months. Amer kicking her out and Vivid offering her a job. She aint' gonna work anything. That was the purpose of having all the babies - the world was supposed to love her and provide her with mountains of cash.

Too bad, so sad, her scam backfired. She will eventually get what's coming to her and it ain't buckets of cash from an adoring public. I, for one, can't wait to see her downfall. LOL!

1419 days ago

Snow White    

Kimba/MsSarcia- the beotch doesn't need your prayers. She needs your welfare check, so fork it over!

1419 days ago

Snow White    

JLS- you claim to be a lawyer on the Mel/Oksana posts. You ought to be familiar with contract law. Amer isn't a "mortgage terrorist", he's the holder on her note in which she promised to get alternate funding by March of 2010. She failed and now she's not even paying the monthly nut. She's sticking him with the bill. He has every right to say "adios" to the dead-beat and reclaim HIS property. The Suleman-Doud clan is a bunch of grifters.

I've got no sympathy for the dude anymore. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. He was stupid to think she would finally honor the deal after two extensions. She needs to hope that Santa brings her and the kids lots of packing boxes instead of more plastic crappe and more false eyelashes.

1419 days ago
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