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Brad Pitt: Angelina's Booty Is Up for Grabs

12/7/2010 11:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Brad Pitt used the NYC premiere of "The Tourist" on Monday night to cop a feel of Angelina Jolie's backside.


Brad is supportive of all of Angie's parts.


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What a lovely couple! I don't care whether she was a homewrecker or she kissed her brother or she wore vials of blood or the fact that she even kissed girls(and liked it). Their personal life is not my concern. I'm fans of their work and I think they are both great actors. Cute to boot! lol!

1352 days ago


He looks annoyed, she probably told him to do it...forever trying to get her digs into Jen

1352 days ago


not a big fan of Brad/Angie/Jennifer.. first time posting here just the hate is kinda shocking.. I'm not defending her at all, yes she is really skinny and what not, but the vehemence here is just WOW.. i don't understand the psychology behind someone who would get so worked up to actually spew forth venom with glee.. just don't get it.. on any post for any celebrity.. whatever happened to common politeness and stating your case or point with some degree of decorum?

1352 days ago


Actually he looks bored to tears. She probably told him to grab her...great pr.

1352 days ago


Their attempt to be funny is too obvious.

1352 days ago

Molly's Mom    

Their attempt to be an actual loving couple is wearing thin. Its still only a matter of time before she finds more prey.

1352 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

She looks like shes wearing BUTT PAD PANTIES. Look just above his hand it's FLAT, you see it looks like hes holding the PAD part of the panty - its more on the SIDE of her LEG than her A$$!
~*~ BuBBleBuTTs, BuTT-LifTer-UpPeRs, BoOtY-BuTT-BlOoMerS ~*~
WHATEVER they are called, SHES wearing them.
SHES TOO Skinny for A REAL A$$. Fake as every other part of her!!
And if you look at the close up shot, it's NOT in the RIGHT place to even BE PART OF HER A$$.
p.s. I dont care about Jen Anniston, and I'm NOT jealous - this lady looky to be 50 SOMETHING!
She looks worse than Madonna who is 20 years older than her..
Imagine THAT face in the morning.. NUFF SAID YEAH!

1352 days ago


C'mon, there is nothing wrong with affection between a committed couple. They have been very generous to a number of worthy causes with their time and money. If you want to see something staged, read any story about Jennifer Aniston and the number of quotes from so-called friends that yes, she is really OK and happy with her life. Who's zoomin' who?

1352 days ago


Was that totally necessary? Apparently so, in order to get the attention they so crave.

1352 days ago


For someone coping a feel Brad sure doesn't look that frilled.. actually he looks rather bored.. the only person who seems to be enjoying it is Angie.. and it looks like she is enjoying the media attention and Brad is just a prop..

1352 days ago


Now that shows class....NOT. Leave the butt grabbing to the private times away from the cameras and strangers. This is the sort of thing horny teenagers do.

1352 days ago


I think they look nice in the picture and I am glad they are a happy couple and have included in their family children that would not otherwise have a home.

I am not sure why so many attack them when these two have done nothing to you personally? I find that odd. People wishing they were dead, would fall off the earth, calling them names, etc. Did your parents not teach you any manners? They have been together six years now, give it a break, and if we all knew what you did in your youths that you judge her on I am sure we could have some good laughs at your expense.

The paps chase this couple and you complain that they are publicity hounds, if they have the children with them you complain about that, if they don't have the children with them you complain about that - you all sound so silly.

Posted at 9:04 AM on Dec 7, 2010 by Danielle

Here's a reality check for you:

It's incredibly EASY to find something worth mocking with these two hypocrites. Angelina's padded undies, for one (Brad looks like he's grabbing a Nerf ball). Her Sarah Palin 'do, number two.

But most important is that these two are TOTALLY FOS, from their lies about their relationship (and it doesn't take an Aniston fan to be disgusted by that), to their using their kids as props, to their pompous but highly ignorant statements about the world's problems.

The paps don't "need to "chase" this publicity hungry duo because Angie's got them on speed-dial.

We "haters" may be silly but at least we're not blinded by these two morons like the Brangeloonies who scream in ALL CAPS about what "LOOSERS" we all are.

1352 days ago


Why is Benicio Del Toro grabbing Angeloony's butt boosting undies like that? Does Brad know about this?

Posted at 8:23 AM on Dec 7, 2010 by Treesa

Love it! Tooooo funny

1352 days ago


A total skank. She can try to clean up but those of us who have been around awhile can't get the pre-adoption Angelina out of our heads. Making out with her brother, blood in a vial around her neck, drugs...

She may have changed but I just can't get out of my head that she probably smells and has a few venereal diseases. The fame whore thing is a turn-off also.


I totally agree with you... it has nothing to do with his first wife, it has everything to do with her. I'm embarrassed that America's call her a humanitarian for the US. She is a skank and drug user!!!

1352 days ago


Like Depp says, they don't have to call the paps. Hell the pap himself said it.

So if you don't like them, don't go to their movies. A whole lot of people do like them, like their movies and are thankful for their charity work. (same for those taking the time to google a few facts to know the truth instead of what some publicists or media wants you to know to make $$$ or get hits...Huvane Brothers)
TMZ knows what they are doing, so obvious. Keep lying, Stephen-J, the world is slowly catching on.

1352 days ago
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