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'Jersey' Ronnie's Vegas Birthday -- $11,000 Booze Tab

12/8/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" is going all out for his 25th birthday party this weekend -- in fact, TMZ has learned, dude already lined up over $11,000 worth of Grey Goose and Dom Perignon ... just for starters.


Sources close to the reality star tell TMZ, as soon as Ronnie sits down at his VIP table at Jet nightclub in Vegas on Saturday ... he'll get 2 magnum bottles of GG ($950 each) and 5 magnum bottles of Dom Rose ($1,875 each).

That's a grand total of $11,275 -- but good news for Ronnie, it ain't gonna cost him a dollar ... we're told the nightclub is comping everything.

Ronnie will be joined by his on-again, off-again GF Sammi Sweetheart and his manager Matt Cohen, plus six of his best buds from NYC.

P.S. -- Nice shirt pal.


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Please. The retail value to the club is probably less than a grand and I'm probably overestimating.

1386 days ago


Truly society should be able to ban this BS. Elizabeth Edwards dies today and all America cares about is this BS? It's becoming disgusting.

1386 days ago


I can't believe this loser is only 4 years older than me

1386 days ago


14:59 time.

I wonder if they will comp him some steroids too.

1386 days ago


My adult children were staying at our home over the weekend a while back, and they wanted to watch Jersey Shore. Since I had heard so much about it, I thought I would see what all the fuss is about. After about 3 or 4 episodes (it was a marathon I presume) I was completely disgusted. I saw not one redeeming value to this mess. These people are nothing but promiscuous, attention seeking substance abusers. And this guy Ronnie was a big jerk. I can't understand at all what this girl Sammie sees in him. She obviously has no self-esteem whatsover. This program does nothing but promote and glorify horrible behavior and these impressionable young people are watching this and imitating this behavior. No wonder we have so many messed up people in this world.

1386 days ago


LOL! This dumb, d-bag will be kicking himself in 5 years when he's pissed away all his money and will actually have to work long and hard for 11 grand.

1386 days ago


Earlier tonight I saw the Situation made 3 million dollars this year. THREE MILLION for acting like a d-bag. While hard working people are struggling to just feed their children & pay their rent. It is truly disgusting that society rewards such jacka$$ behavior. 3 million it is enough to make you sick. And then this tool is spending 11 thousand on booze? DISGUSTING!!!!

1386 days ago


Can I please..Please be this 'tards finacial advisor? I would bleed him dry in half the time his current guy could even imagine.

1386 days ago


the worst thing about this is that he wears a cross like it is some piece of decoration and stylish. Does he even know the meaning of the cross?

1386 days ago


The club is comping it, he's not even paying....he is such a greasy, disgusting creature....and you shouldn't give anyone props for being a ****, yeah she is dumb for going back, but he shouldn't get props for it....he is my least fave out of all of these people

1386 days ago


Ummmm, I don't think that's the worst of it....everybody wears crosses these days and you don't know if he is religious or not...most people get it for the "bling" factor

1386 days ago


I thought they killed him off in South Park?

1386 days ago


I'm surprised they r still together

1386 days ago


Sources close to the reality star.....


How low has America fallen to entitle him a star...disgusting and really sad....where are the values of this once great is getting worse by the minute...all what counts is money grabbing gold diggers, talentless so called "stars" ( LOL) like this poor "Mr. No IQ" and to top all of this now you can "skate with the stars" boahhhhhh!



1386 days ago


Here is another one.

Nasty little integrity challenged cheater.

1386 days ago
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